This hot street is the leader of the restaurants in the south of Beijing. It appears so, food lovers. Street food vendors in Beijing. Top 10 Beijing street food includes Fried-pouch Roll, Cream Fried Cake, Glutinous Rice Roll with Sweet Bean Flour, Cooked Beef or Sheep Tripe, Fried Liver, Yellow Pea Cake, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Sachima… Tourists can taste local flavor in markets such as Wangfujing Snack Street and Donghuamen Snack Night Market. Is Beijing on the verge of a street food renaissance? This Beijing snack bar has nearly a hundred locations in Beijing, all of which can satisfy those hungry for traditional Beijing street food, from sweet pea cakes to salty beef buns.The first Huguosi Snacks was founded in the 1950s, when the government assembled some street food vendors famous at temple fairs into one snack bar on Huguosi Street. The alluring smell of traditional cuisine in the air can be intoxicating, with authentic Beijing dishes being served. The following food/snack streets, or street snack shops, are among the famous in Beijing. 1. We had begun our Chinese food education the evening before on our Beijing food tour, but our education needed to be rounded out with some street food. Plus I had heard tale of fried scorpions. I love street food. Street Food in China – Beijing The bustling capital of China is home to a cornucopia of delicious street foods. It is a good place to enjoy Chinese food, for these streets house almost all the major schools of Chinese cuisine. The food street is officially known as “Donghuamen Night Food Street”(东华门美食坊夜市). As the most popular food street in Beijing, Wangfujing Food Street gathers almost all the famous and delicious snacks in Beijing. As you explore the city, you'll see the ubiquitous BBQ skewer stalls on street corners, as well as a variety of hawkers offering various tasty snacks. Food streets or snack streets are always popular destinations for locals and tourists, especially at night. It covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters with complete facilities and opens 24 hours.Besides the various snacks, there … There are many such streets in Beijing, some have been around for a long time, while some are newly thriving. Wangfujing Snack Street / Photo: Shutterstock Street food in this city used to actually be sold on the street, but in recent years, the government has been cracking down on curbside vendors, citing food safety and cleanliness issues. I love food. Although there has not been an official announcement, Beijng is making moves to reinvigorate the local economy and boost domestic consumption in light of the coronavirus by allowing food sellers and other merchants to set up shop at designated points throughout the city. Street food is a part of Beijing's food culture. Location: Huguosi Street, Xinjiekou, Xicheng District, Beijing. As a new food street, complete facilities and spacious restaurants give it certain advantage. Taking the last spot on our list is Huguosi Hutong snack street, where local Beijing residents visit the time-honored Beijing food snack stores. Food is a cornerstone of Chinese culture, and no city demonstrates this better than the country’s capital. If you still want to experience the local exotic snack food, you may go to Wangfujing Snack Street instead.. Important Notice Wangfujing Night Food Street is closed and not available now. In the evenings, locals will visit an outdoor barbecue stall and grab some chuanr (pronounced chwar), a skewer of meat that’s typically lamb. The one-stop food haven offers over 30 vendors and stalls with international, non-traditional and Chinese restaurants, bars and more. Wangfujing is a tourist area — featuring a snack street and night market — that serves a variety of common as well as exotic street foods. If you ramble along Wangfujing Street in the evening during your Beijing tour. The emergence of The Crib, a food & lifestyle venue, much like the the COMMONS in Bangkok and Eataly in Turin, is perhaps an evolution of Beijing’s street food culture. We practically lived off of Bangkok street food when we traveled to Thailand, so I was excited to try street food in China.