The power of playing table tennis goes beyond just the physical benefits of being active – it also has cerebral and emotional benefits attached to it, meaning you can keep your head and your heart healthy! A 150lb-person can burn as much as 272calories/hour by playing table tennis. These are some of the heaven-sent benefits of playing table tennis or ping pong. This is crucial especially for the elderly. 7 Benefits of Playing Tennis. Similar to the game of lawn tennis, it's so-called miniature version - Table Tennis also offers similar health benefits. • Develops mental acuity. Tennis combines the best of both worlds. Here are just a few of them… • Playing improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. When your heart and lungs work at higher speeds, you have more energy to perform daily tasks. Did you know? Health benefits that make it stand out from other games . Table tennis is well known the world over, however, the vast majority who play it believe they're simply playing to have a great time. Maintain mental wellness. Also, your foot work works rapidly, which is essential for gastrocnemius and foot. Table tennis has become very popular these days that you can see many people playing the game of table tennis and table tennis tables can be found in most homes around the world. Related Topic: According to several psychiatrists, table tennis is … It is the perfect game for both young and old to sharpen reflexes. When playing table tennis the cerebellum area lights up in your brain. Nothing is more amazing than playing that improves children health. Keeps You Moving Playing for an hour of table tennis can burn over 200 calories depending on how vigorous your gameplay is. Players must have the strength, agility and endurance to play long, two-out-of-three set matches under all kinds of conditions. Table tennis is my favorite combo activity. While playing, one is to move here and there in different angle shaking and swinging the whole body together. Specifically, playing table tennis has the following effects. But, it is only now that i realized and knew in details the health benefuts of playing table tennis. 8. In fact, for many people, playing tennis can actually burn more calories than other popular types of physical activity, including leisurely cycling, weight lifting, golfing, dancing or playing volleyball. Share. Still not convinced? But when you playing ping pong make sure you use high quality ping pong table and use best ping pong paddle for maximum speed, control and spin. i’ve been a recepient of so many benefits of playing table tennis, to name a few: free tuition fees in college/ allowance each playing season and the respect, acceptance and love by co-employees in the workplace being a ping pong player. And the beauty of tennis is that it challenges your mind and your body. A study by Japanese researches show that it could also possibly prevent dementia. Tennis can be played as doubles or singles, but either way you have to play with another person. Many don't understand that there are really numerous medical advantages to playing table tennis. Being able to socialize with opponents and partners is a huge benefit of the game! The Incredible Mental Benefits of Playing Tennis. Also known as ping pong, it’s a fun and challenging sport that you can engage in regardless of the weather — it’s a wonderful indoor activity although playing it outdoors is always a possibility. In addition to the fitness and physical health benefits, tennis also provides numerous social and mental health benefits as well. Physial benefits of playing table tennis are : it increases your agility and reflexes way. 6. Either way, playing tennis is a good sport to maintain your health, fitness, strength and agility. Extract. The Perfect Social Activity. Here are 7 ways participating in tennis can improve your overall health, wellness, and happiness! Once I gave up the court I lost my active side and before I knew it I had turned into a Ms. Lazy Bones. It has been calculated that an hour-long game of singles tennis burns around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women. Let’s find out now… Advantages of Playing Table Tennis . The health benefits of playing tennis are often lost when compared to more traditional physical activities like running, swimming and cycling. Table tennis is a very good sport for the player’s health, especially good for the heart. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling motor movements. Table tennis playing is a great way to stimulate the brain and enhances quick thinking while developing hand-eye coordination. Are there any disadvantages to playing table tennis? Develops mental acuteness – A key element of table tennis is the speed, spin and placement of the ball. It requires not only quick reflexes and physical agility but also rapid mental response and strategic thinking. Sport provides positive vibrations to your health. Tennis opens doors to many wonderful possibilities. The sport is popular around the world, and with good reason. The truth is that playing table tennis improves the quality of life. Millions of people play table tennis, also known as ping pong. It also happens to be the world's best brain sport. Get more like this in your inbox. However, many folks might not realize that playing tennis for one hour burns about 600 calories, making it as effective as jogging or an indoor cycling class. Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis To Lose Weight. 1). The forehand drive. So if you are considering playing Table Tennis, then don’t think twice, go for it and enjoy the amazing game of Table Tennis. This video shows a demonstration of the forehand drive and explains the technique required to play the stroke. Table tennis makes one fit and improves one’s agility and at the same time flexibility. Its not only fun, but it also distracts us from the This makes it the perfect game for young people to sharpen reflexes, and for older people to refine tactics. Enhances Mental Acuity. Nov-02-2020 . Do you want to know the benefits of playing table tennis? Therefore, you should always consider ping pong as your next hobby! Benefits of playing Table Tennis. Sports aren’t just for competitive reasons alone. Apart from public recognition among other things, sports also help to improve the mental and physical health of participants. Here, we will discuss the five well-being of playing table tennis. We have an answer, Table Tennis. According to the share of long-time table tennis players, playing table tennis brings a lot of benefits in terms of health, physical and mental. Firstly, table tennis is a sport to help you have a comprehensive health. Playing tennis two to three times each week can help you meet these guidelines and increase your chances for living longer. I became a couch potato who spent her days watching TV all day long. Benefits of a wide stance When you play table tennis, do you move efficiently from side to side, back and forth and keep balance? Table tennis is a low impact sport that is able to help keep you fit as well as increase flexibility, with very little strain on joints. Growing up I was an active child who indulged in many sports activities. While for playing tennis you need to head out to the court but you can play table tennis (often referred to as Ping Pong) right in the comfort of your home.But what if you want to polish your table tennis … Here are the top benefits of playing Table Tennis: Improves reflexes: Table tennis is such a fast paced, short distance sport, as a result it aids in the improvement of fine and gross muscle movement. … Increases decision-making skills. We will go through the psychological sector and the physical benefits so that you know why you need to start playing this game! While playing table tennis, your body needs to supply more oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues to make the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Physical Disadvantages . It also stimulates various components of the brain. Table tennis is a better aerobic exercise than you might imagine, and it gives your brain one heck of a workout. It offers entertainment, good cardiovascular exercise and health benefits to players of different ages and fitness levels. These are some key benefits you can enjoy in the game of Table Tennis. It’s a hard game to play, both singles and doubles. Social interaction Table tennis is also a great way to meet new people. Prolonging tennis playing into adulthood was associated with further increase in bone mineralization at diaphyseal skeletal sites. Table tennis is no different and in this publication we will discuss the various health benefits of playing the game ; both mental and physical. That’s it for now. Tennis is a fast-paced sport and places a lot of demands on your body. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. You can learn to play table tennis even if you do not plan to play at the professional level. Table tennis improves cognitive awareness. Most people refer to it as Ping-Pong, though that's a trademarked name. As a result, playing tennis regularly has been shown to help reduce body fat. There is no other sport that provides the same level of mental benefits as tennis. We’ve posted an infographic graphic below detailing the top 10 reasons you should play table tennis. Thanks Admin… please permitme to share this . It’s also one of those sports that anybody can try and still have fun even if they completely suck at it. Watching a video in order to learn how to correctly play a table tennis stroke can be easier than reading just text, so I've got a great video here for you. 5 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis / Ping Pong. As you can see, there are no given drawbacks if you are going to learn the sport. These findings illustrate the benefits of practicing impact-loading sports during growth and maintaining physical activity into adulthood to enhance bone mass accrual and prevent fractures later in life. There are many more benefits of playing tennis but I just wanted to list the most important ones in my own opinion. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 benefits of table tennis and also will shed some light on the number of calories ping pong burns. Below are just some of the benefits to playing a game of table tennis: Improves hand-eye coordination – Playing table tennis helps stimulate mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. Why not give table tennis a try? Play it, practice it, and fall in love with it! Nowadays, playing table tennis has become an important part of our life. 1 Playing table tennis helps you to improve your mental alertness, to sharpen reflexes, and to improve your general concentration. Sports are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Body balance starts from the brain and it is vital walking, running and other activities. Table tennis has numerous benefits for the mind, body and soul. Definitely a fun way to shed those extra pounds! It is a relentless game that can be an extraordinary method to show signs of improvement in shape. Table tennis isn’t only a fun sport, but it also has numerous health benefits you’ve probably never thought of before. Having a passion and setting goals is extremely important for everyone. Playing TT competitively is very demanding. What are the benefits – health benefits and other benefits – of playing table tennis? Singles tennis can burn between 400-600 calories an hour. A table tennis table is a cost-effective way to keep you and your family occupied for hours in the comfort of your own home, but what are the benefits of this for you and your family? In Table Tennis club you will meet people, exchange views, make fun and build a great social relationship. However, as time passed, I lost touch with my sporty spirit. Exercise in general benefits the mind and body. This is my first VLOG: I am taking a 30 days VLOG challenge.