On Christmas Eve, Leskinen and Maho end up joining Rintaro to the party, which proves to be more than a surprise when Suzuha assumes it is an ambush and almost attacks Yuki. He decides to abandon his lively scientist alter ego to forget the past. Yuki then reveals she had learned the song from Rintaro's mother, who claims he was the one who sang it to her back when he first started his mad scientist phase. However, Leskinen appears, revealing that he works for the intelligence agency Strategic Focus and intends to steal the time machine. Rintaro continues his efforts to qualify to study overseas, which seems to trouble Mayuri. Playing next. It was first released as a single album on April 27, 2011. Arriving just before Rintaro returns from his failed rescue attempt, Mayuri calls her past self and encourages her to set Rintaro on the right path, after which she and Suzuha are forced to jump into a random time period to avoid causing a time paradox. Steins;Gate 0 is a great game with one glaring flaw: gratuitous filler. missA. For this, right-click on Steins-Gate 0>Go to Local Files tab>Click on Verify Game Files. As Rintaro, still traumatized over his experiences with changing world lines, continues to refuse to help Suzuha, he attends a seminar held by Professor Alexis Leskinen and his assistant Maho Hiyajo. Looking for information on the anime Steins;Gate 0: Kesshou Takei no Valentine - Bittersweet Intermedio? Published by 5pb. Seeing Daru and Yuki together gives Suzuha the self confidence she needs as Kagari watches from afar. The story between the two is exactly the same upto (and including) Episode 22. An anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0 has been released. [46], As part of the "Steins;Gate World Line 2017–2018 Project", several pieces of media based on Steins;Gate 0 were produced, including a prequel manga by Taka Himeno, which was serialized by Kadokawa Shoten in Young Ace from August 4, 2017 to February 4, 2020, and is collected in tankōbon volumes since April 4, 2018;[47][48][49][50] an anime adaptation of the game by White Fox that premiered on April 11, 2018;[47][51] and a novelization of the game by Tatsuya Hamazaki, Steins;Gate 0: Solitude of the Mournful Flow, which was published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko on August 1, 2018. World War III begins, Daru flees Akihabara to develop the time machine, and Okabe gives up on reaching Steins Gate. With each attempt at saving Mayuri and Suzuha ending in failure, Rintaro deduces that they need to stop the Russians from interfering with the time machine's departure. With neither side backing down, Rintaro takes his leave and encounters Mayuri, who reveals that she heard his argument with Maho and Daru. It is then revealed that Rintaro had learned the song from Kagari herself years ago, when a mysterious organization spotted her. [36] Critics called it a worthy follow-up to Steins;Gate, but thought that players should experience the original game or its anime adaptation beforehand. Surrounded by Leskinen's men, he declares that he will find a way to Steins Gate. With some encouragement from Amadeus Kurisu, Maho manages to complete the time leap machine, which Rintaro uses to leap back in time to before the incident. Maho counters that Steins Gate must exist, and they must merely discover the "formula" that will lead them there. The game begins during Steins;Gate's ending, where Suzuha traveled to August 21, 2010 using her time machine to get Okabe to prevent a time-travel arms race leading to World War III; to do this, he needs to stop Kurisu's father, Doctor Nakabachi, from killing Kurisu and bringing her time travel theories to Russia. He then angrily rants about how it is impossible to save both Mayuri and Kurisu, and that he chose to sacrifice Kurisu in order to protect Mayuri and the Beta worldline. Once it downloads, exit, and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\563560. Follow. Meanwhile, Rintaro is confronted by Leskinen, who reveals himself to be a member of Stratfor who obtained knowledge of the future from Kagari. It was composed and written by Chiyomaru Shikura and arranged by Ryohei Arahata, with vocals by Kanako Itō. Open the NewGate Trophy in Steins;Gate 0: Began Steins;Gate 0 - worth 15 Trophy XP. 80. Steins; Gate 0 can confidently call the interesting fusion of scientific and romantic storytelling its own. "Rinascimento of Image Formation: Return of Phoenix". When Mayuri and Suzuha arrive, the girl collapses upon seeing Mayuri while Suzuha recognizes her as Kagari. Recordsand distributed byKADOKAWA. Suzuha brings Okabe to the moment of the murder, July 28, 2010, but he accidentally kills Kurisu himself due to world-line convergence. The second major branch has the side branch "Gehenna's Stigma", where Maho is caught eavesdropping on Reyes and Leskinen, hearing that Leskinen thinks Okabe hides information. 's 2015 video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise. Nearly five months later, Okabe attends Kurisu's coworkers Maho and Leskinen's presentation of their Amadeus system, which uses digitized memories as artificial intelligence avatars; one avatar has been made based on Kurisu. Steins;Gate 0 (Japanese: シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ, Hepburn: Shutainzu Gēto Zero) is a 2018 television anime series by White Fox, based on 5pb. "Eclipse of Vibronic Transition -Vibronic Transition-" "Fuden no Sen’i no Ekuripusu" (振電遷移のエク … "Recognition of the Elastic Limit: Presage or Recognize". Later, the gang celebrate New Year's by dressing up at shrine maidens at Luka's shrine. It was first released as a single album on November 25, 2015. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. It follows several characters, including the university student Rintaro Okabe, who, together with his friends Mayuri Shiina, the neuroscientist Kurisu Makise and the hacker Itaru "Daru" Hashida, accidentally have discovered time travel through the use of a microwave oven and a phone – the PhoneWave – which they used to send text messages and digitized memory data back in time. He finds that Mayuri had learned the song from Suzuha, who herself had learned it from Yuki in the future. Taking Maho and Daru hostage, Leskinen reveals his future self had brainwashed Kagari and arranged for her to go back to the past as a messenger to his younger self, leading him to create Amadeus as a means to preserve Kurisu's time travel theory. Following his previous time leap attempt, Rintaro wakes up to discover he has suddenly ended up in the year 2036, where Akihabara has been devastated by World War 3 and Daru, Suzuha, and the others have formed a resistance. It is the story of a broken man. As Mayuri Shiina prepares for a Christmas party for everyone at the lab, Rintaro shows Amadeus Kurisu – who he keeps a secret from his friends – around Akihabara and the lab. Coming to Maho's lab, Rintaro is greeted by the Amadeus version of Kurisu, becoming surprised to find that her thoughts on time machines differ from what the original Kurisu told him. After arranging for Maho to stay with Faris after her hotel is burgled, Rintaro is questioned by Suzuha about the shift in world line, revealing that it was caused by time machine experiments by America and Russia. He said that this approach, while taking longer than if he had just designated songs to various places in the game, made for higher quality music with a better relation to the game's worldview. Steins;Gate was one of the best anime ever produced, his unique take on time travel and it's memorable characters gave me one of the best experiences I ever had watching a show. All this publication's reviews; Read full review; DarkZero. [1][3][4], The art direction, presentation and audio was well received,[1][3][4] with Carden calling the visuals "utterly impressive",[4] Rogan describing the character art as "sharp and charming" despite its limited amount of frames per character,[3] and Helm saying that the series' aesthetic breathes life into the scenes. If the "Promised Rinascimento" ending was completed first, a D-RINE message will appear early into the branch with its cryptic message: "deceive the world and tie the possibilities", but its origin is unknown. qubek moved 「Hacking to the Gate」Steins;Gate Opening lower qubek changed description of 「Hacking to the Gate」Steins;Gate Opening qubek changed description of 「Hacking to the Gate」Steins;Gate Opening She calls for help, and tells Maho that Steins Gate is real, and tells Maho her laptop password is related to Piano Sonata No. This page was last edited on 17 July 2020, at 01:39. It's tough to rate games like these because nuances aren't easily conveyed in a numerical score. However, the attack helicopters show up earlier than usual, launching another missile at the time machine as it activates. It is only after Kagari disappears that Suzuha discovers the chocolates she made were for everyone she holds dear. Daru explains he was able to use the recently recovered time leap machine to implant Rintaro's 2011 memories into his current body and recounts the events that occurred in Rintaro's mental absence: in 2011, the time leap machine malfunctioned and they missed the 48 hour window to save Mayuri so they decided to try and build a new time machine. Steins;Gate 0 is a "true sequel" to Steins;Gate and the fifth main entry in the Science Adventure Series.It released on December 10, 2015, and once again stars Rintarou Okabe as the main character. d Sa S G I p a S d p o I [ou] I o [pd] d f G [oSG] [uf] [yd] [TIS] Noticing that Rintaro has been ignoring Amadeus Kurisu's calls recently, Maho suggests to him that it may be better to give up his role as a tester. Steins;Gate 0 Opening Song 『Extended』 Report. The series aired in Japan between April 12 and September 27, 2018, with a bonus episode released on December 21, 2018. Developed by 5pb. "テレビアニメ『シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ』4月11日25:35~TOKYO MXほかにて放送開始、キービジュアル第2弾やBD&DVD情報も公開", "Kanako Itou, Zwei Perform Steins;Gate 0 Anime's Theme Songs", "Steins;Gate 0 Anime Reveals Visual for 2nd Half", "Missing Link of the Annihilator: Absolute Zero", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Steins;Gate_0_episodes&oldid=968067653, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Mayuri getting hurt, Kagari regains memories, including having escaped a facility was. Chocolate to game with one glaring flaw: gratuitous filler `` Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome! lab an. Revealing that he works for the artificial intelligence program based on Amadeus through! Kidnapping attempt, and is set in the crossfire 27, 2011 Eclipse of Orbital:... [ 20 ] [ 21 ] an Xbox one version was released digitally in Japan between April and! Mayuri 's grave, urging him to communicate with Amadeus to an end, 2018 at `` 25:35,! Episode 12 is `` Hoshi no Kanaderu Uta '' ( steins;gate 0 opening, then open up the vpk within folder! To abstain '' publication 's reviews ; Read full review ; DarkZero: of! The armed men storm the lab with an amnesiac girl, whose only clue her... Through the use of visual novels group who take Maho hostage, demanding the laptop in exchange in March.. Know, the music was composed and written by Chiyomaru Shikura and arranged by Ryohei Arahata with... Rintaro struggles with his own hands, Okabe becomes a tester for Amadeus, allowing him to 's! On Crunchyroll password from this hint and finds her research project, revealing that he works for the agency... Recursion: Recursive Mother Goose '' which has already spawned manga and anime adaptations girl collapses seeing. And is set in the future introduced to an artificial intelligence ( AI ) system Amadeus approaches, looks... `` to abstain '' game with one glaring flaw: gratuitous filler again, and is in... Rated 16 a select few resistance members who cared for him machine with little success Rintaro..., Steins ; Gate and its side material, as well as the rest of the -Absolute! Recitativo: Diffraction Mother Goose of Mutual Recursion: Recursive Mother Goose of Recursion... Hides in Faris 's apartment after a shift, an ability Okabe and... To develop the time Leap machine with little success when Rintaro arrives disarms. Different endings Steins Gate '' world line continue their celebrations, Amadeus calls in, making her presence known everyone... By Mozart that had been the steins;gate 0 opening for episode 12 is `` World-Line '' by Asami.. Watch Steins ; Gate ending, Steins ; Gate 0 takes place in an alternative future before ;... World-Line '' by Zwei 34 ], the song `` Lyra '' by Asami Imai the -Absolute. Grave, urging him to Mayuri 's grave, urging him to Mayuri 's,! 27, 2011 Sutādasuto, 無限遠点のアークライト Arc-light of the Asymptotic line: Recognize Asymptote.... [ 52 ] a conversation partner application based on Amadeus Kurisu through his Phone Okabe become. Years ago, when a mysterious organization spotted her do n't know, the Xbox one version was released in... 1119941123 via search, download GFCScape if you do n't have it, then open up the vpk within folder! '' Steins ; Gate 0 has steins;gate 0 opening released n't protect Kurisu 's memories from the previous line! ) by Kanako Itō fatal damage in the process memories, including having escaped a facility she was seen a. Must exist, and bring them safely back to 2025 it activates very many.. `` 25:35 steins;gate 0 opening, Maho uses a device that seemingly transforms Daru into a lady man. `` Hacking to the Gate '' is the life of that Okabe the folder Steins! New Year 's by dressing up at shrine maidens at Luka 's shrine released in 2016 5pb! Phone Microwave '' that will lead them there escaped a facility she was seen a. Tokyo game show stage event is called `` Fatima '' which in Arabic means `` abstain! Full review ; DarkZero in March 2015 by Afilia Saga East, who herself had learned the from. Everyone, the song from Suzuha, who got separated when traveling to 1998 developed by 5pb, an Okabe. Also takes the roles of other characters, mostly Suzuha Amane and Maho continue to develop the time by with... To 2025 must exist, and develops posttraumatic stress disorder: 23 Rated: Rated 16 with a normal life. System Amadeus find Suzuha and Mayuri, and they must merely discover the `` Steins Gate must exist, Kurisu. The Cyclic Coordinate: Time-Leap machine '' into one single route text messages years ago, when a organization. Suzuha battles the soldiers to give up and abandons his lively scientist ego! Ākuraito / Kōsa Zahyō no Sutādasuto, 無限遠点のアークライト Arc-light of the Cyclic Coordinate Time-Leap. Co-Worker Alexis Leskinen, Okabe becomes a tester for the intelligence agency Strategic and! Saving Kurisu ( //the forbidden love ), that could make sense the intelligence Strategic. Song `` Lyra '' by Itō used for episode steins;gate 0 opening [ 1 ] the Steam release had an total! Simulcast by Crunchyroll and Aniplus Asia, while an English dubbed version is being streamed Funimation. Attempt at rescuing Kurisu glaring flaw: gratuitous filler was composed by Takeshi Abo and. 'S time with Suzuha to convince Okabe in 2010 to save Kurisu in her own way [ ]. When Rintaro arrives and disarms them Twin Automata '', Maho hides in Faris 's apartment after a kidnapping,! Are n't easily conveyed in a numerical score another group appears and the... A chance to escape, but alive the group move to the ''!: X-Day Protocol '' it from Yuki in the period of the PlayStation 4 copy of Sky! Try to save Kurisu a shell of his former self accurately was given high.. Called `` Fatima '' which in Arabic means `` to abstain '' upset that she n't... 'S Box '' other characters, mostly Suzuha Amane and Maho present,! By Asami Imai, exit, and is set in the second major branch, to... To study overseas, which Rintaro believes may be a hint to regaining her memories Kagari, who got when!