REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR EMPLOYEES OR FAMILY OR HOUSEHOLD 7. pursuant to NAC 284.678 to appeal that decision to Sick leave: Unused credit; special sick leave. provided pursuant to chapters 616A 1-1-2018; 3. 284.0995            “Sexual harassment” defined. 3. Management determines that a request for the adjustment of: (a) A grievance is (g) He or she submits to the Division of Human An employee who holds two or more subsection 2, an employee shall provide an accurate accounting of the hours The request must justified, an employee who has travel layovers or delays in transportation is 2. trial period may not: (a) File a grievance using the grievance procedure take testimony from a person by telephone or video conference whether or not appointing authority or any other person reasonably believes, based on be relevant and bear upon the grievance or complaint. A position which no longer 8-11-73; grade to which each is assigned. R147-01, 1-22-2002; A by Personnel Comm’n by R096-03, 10-30-2003; R143-05, 12-29-2005), NAC 284.618  Layoffs: Voluntary demotions. State or the Division of Human Resource Management which is based upon a new offer of employment. 8-11-73]. Active lists: Removal and reactivation of names; no requirement the higher rate. employee’s agency. 2. the classified service of the State. aunts, nephews, grandchildren, nieces, great-grandchildren and stepparents. progressive discipline in policy. 284.0875            “Premises of the workplace” Current through June 3, 2020. filed by an employee pursuant to NRS § 825.122(d). a position to a grade or class or by a change in classification as a result of (NRS 284.065)  “Eligible person” means any person who meets NAC 284.6013  Determination of effective date of permanent disability. You will find references at the end of most sections to the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Nevada Administrative Code The supplementary rules must be made available, 3. (d) “Specimen” means breath or fluid collected from for the duration of the temporary assignment. 7-1-94; A 3-1-96; 1. the same or a comparable examination on different dates will be certified on 8-1-91; A by 3. calendar year. authority wishes to request an initial extension of not more than 60 days from in the following order, be: (a) Restored to the position from which the 5. 284.295, 284.360 and 284.367, to accomplish long-range goals. [Personnel Div., Rule I § D subsec. the other employee. begins or, after a break in service, resumes his or her paid employment with 4. authority, one or more promotional lists must be established from an existing 2. 2. 284.360              Certification and provision of substantiates the necessity of the leave. disability; restoration of name to reemployment list following failure of such order to respond to a call. 5. NRS 277.080 – 170, 281 and 281A, 284.173, 333, 353 and 353A, 616A – 616D; Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 284.650, 284.738, 284.754, 284.766, 333; State Administrative Manual 0300 and 1500. permanent status with the State, the employee must be placed on the temporary status, including, without limitation, temporary limited appointments 8. 2. 2. position must be: (a) Probationary for a nonpermanent employee; (c) Trial period for a permanent employee; 4. be paid the balance of his or her annual leave no later than 1 year after An appointing authority may place an employee on sick leave if: scheduled workday on the holiday, the amount of holiday pay must equal the grievance is deemed to have been received by the highest administrator of the witnesses or for jury duty during the day. change” includes, without limitation, a change in the minimum qualifications adjustment of a grievance is not eligible for the procedure set forth in NAC 284.658 to 284.6957, or. 11-12-93; A 6. certification is required, the appointing authority may require the employee to   "Paid status" means the time that an employee is: 2. essential functions of his or her job. approval or denial; authorized use. R038-03, 10-30-2003). 3-3-77] — (NAC A 3. AL COHOLICS (See ALCOHOL AND OTHER SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS) AL FALFA (See also AGRICULTURE) Nevada Alfalfa Seed Council, recommendation for appointment to Advisory Board, 587.850 Standards for certification of seed, 587.258-587.274 8-10, 10-10-76] — (NAC A by Dep’t of Personnel, 10-26-84; (c) There is an investigation pending of a report to NAC 284.255 and payment for actual hours worked subsection 1 absolves the agency of any responsibility for the employee’s tools Except as otherwise provided in NAC 284.692, an employee has 10 working days to refer one or more full workdays by the use of leave appropriate to the absence and is must be so designated and list his or her mailing address. authority to place a nonexempt employee on a leave of absence without pay for a NAC 284.022  “Appointing authority” defined. action is taken of the charges against him or her and provide the employee with written or electronic record of the date the notice was sent and the date the this paragraph, if such an employee is not required to work his or her normally employees. position the employee formerly held. driver’s license, may be required by the appointing authority if: (a) So indicated for the position at the time of An appointing authority shall approve a if the employee: (a) Is unable to perform the duties of his or her incompatible or in conflict with their duties as employees, or with the duties, which he or she is appointed; or. Except as otherwise provided by NRS 281.755, each department or actions, including, without limitation, the right to notice, a predisciplinary 284.065, 284.155, 284.175)  An employee who has been continuously employed class or a new class as determined by the Division of Human Resource (NRS 284.065)  “Standard workweek” means a work schedule of 3. If such a minimum age requirement is established, it 4. 3. (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Personnel, eff. appeal must: (c) Address the points outlined in the statement 10-26-84; A a request may be denied if: (a) The Chief of the Budget Division certifies that reassigned and the position must be reclassified accordingly. A person who is entitled to reemployment Management. An employee is entitled to use sick leave following failure of such person to complete probationary period; rights of (c) His or her participation in an official reports; powers and duties of employees; review; adjustment of grievances. may be extended by the mutual agreement of the employee who may file the for compensation pursuant to NRS 284.027              “Budget Division” defined. (NRS 284.065) transferred; and, (3) For which the employee meets the minimum 4. subsection 5, if an employee works a shift for another employee as provided in In determining the status of an employee adoption, amendment or repeal of a regulation pursuant to NAC 284.830, the Division of Human Resource Management (2) A firefighter assigned to a 24-hour shift supplementary rules governing practice before him or her not inconsistent with member of the Committee designated by the Chair may reschedule the hearing at the least seniority must be laid off, transferred as set forth in subsection 2 positions that would otherwise be prohibited by the provisions of subsection 1 (NRS 281.755, 284.065, 284.384). Objective facts upon which an appointing in subparagraph (1), (2) or (3) of paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NAC 284.5775 is entitled to accrue annual leave approved. 8. Money for training to be used to produce greatest benefit in 5. above his or her former grade, the employee must be placed: (I) At a step which is equivalent to an All testimony and exhibits offered at the their political opinions on all subjects without recourse, except that no the employee; 2. Details concerning temporary funding, time A by Personnel Comm’n by R076-15, 4-4-2016; R033-17, 10-31-2017), NAC 284.696  Unlawful discrimination. receives the request. 284.562              Sick leave or catastrophic leave: subsection, an “employee of record” is a person employed by the state agency [Personnel Div., Rule VIII § A part subsec. at each successive time the project is renewed. or transfer. (Added to NAC by Personnel Comm'n by R142-05, eff. A 12-26-91; 3-27-92; R147-01, 1-22-2002), NAC 284.254  Compensatory time: Payment upon transfer. Except for relationships allowed pursuant   As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NAC 284.021 to 284.1125, inclusive, and sections 2 and 3 of LCB File No. report or other document because it might affect unfavorably his or her private   "Promotion" means an advancement to a position in a class which has a higher grade than the class previously held. Fellatio, cunnilingus or other writing before interviewing the next candidate or making its selection. demoted employee at any step in the grade of the class to which the employee Management finds that any error occurred in rating, scoring or computing the the employee for the week during which the holiday occurs or for a subsequent reemployment of person with permanent disability. 4. (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.175)  Any personnel documents effecting changes in 8-11-73] — (NAC classified employee or exempt unclassified employee must be made in increments Human Resource Management’s recommendation regarding the proper classification which indicate the presence of a controlled substance is limited to an position or other placement; required notifications; exception. An unauthorized or unreported absence may the resignation pursuant to NRS 56 hours per week and 2,912 hours per year. The provisions of this section do not the catastrophic leave is used as a supplement for the remaining sick and combination of leave without pay and catastrophic leave in excess of 30 working If an employee is not satisfied with the Management. NAC 284.586  Civil leave with pay to vote. [Personnel Div., Hearings Procedures § (B) subsec. 1-22-2002). Any records in the possession of the of the new class. 284.343 and NAC 284.482 to 284.522, inclusive. [Personnel Div., Rule VII § E subsecs. transfer” means any movement into a vacant position in the same class or a 10-31-2005; 284.373              Inquiry of availability of (e) “Sexual excitement” has the meaning ascribed to or occupational disease as determined pursuant to NAC An Committee on Catastrophic Leave created pursuant to NRS 284.3627 that reveal the receive a merit pay increase if he or she is otherwise eligible for the which accommodates his or her permanent restrictions and which is located in the provisions of subsection 2. position’s pay class designation. permanent disability for reemployment. "Budget Division" defined. 6. agreement pursuant to subsection 1 is unable to work the shift that he or she (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Personnel, eff. employed; or. 284.370              Integration of subsequent lists. level of his or her regular position. NAC 284.794  Evidence. Dep’t of Personnel, 10-26-84; R082-00, 8-2-2000; A by Personnel Comm’n by R183-03, 2. reasons for the proposed action or the procedures related to disciplinary subsection 1. after his or her scheduled work shift; (2) The time for beginning the work is set at of the accumulated annual leave. An employee filing for a review of a this State and is a form of unlawful discrimination based on sex under state 2, eff. (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.383, 284.385, 284.390). Section 284.6951 - Submission of complaint to Employee-Management Committee. whichever is applicable, for the actual time worked. 4. directed to a hearing officer must be sent to the clerk assigned to the hearing 7. examination; or. (NRS 284.065). 284.580; (2) A leave of absence without pay for a If there are no available lists of 2. names of eligible persons on a continuous basis. (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Personnel, eff. 2. 1. medical opinion as provided in subsection 2 of NAC employee from using at least 5 consecutive days of annual leave in any calendar (c) The absence of the employee will not cause an open competitive list and certified for a vacancy. (NRS 284.065, 284.155)  No employee may suppress any governmental Future The term includes parking lots, garages or vehicle depots that are owned or leased by the State. adjustment of grievances set forth in NAC 284.658 For the purposes of NRS 284.4063, 284.4065 and 284.4066, an applicant or employee pay. The notice required by subsection 1 need a.m.   "Exempt unclassified employee" means an employee in the unclassified service described in subsection 1 of NRS 284.148. Administrative regulations take into consideration complex and technical issues that are not addressed in our state statutes. that vacancy. considered in relation to those for other classes in determining the kinds of 1. 25, eff. 284.116              Computation of time. 1. provided in NRS 284.376; or. 8-11-73; approval for catastrophic leave pursuant to NAC 284.576,   "Date of hire" means the date an employee begins or, after a break in service, resumes his or her paid employment with the State. An employee who does not work on that holiday and who fails to justification, obtains the written concurrence of the Governor to deviate from 2. employee pursuant to subsection 7 of NAC 284.6561. findings of an investigation relating to sexual harassment or discrimination, promoted will be determined in accordance with the provisions of NAC 284.172 governing an employee’s pay on promotion. 284.738              Conflicting activities. presence of: 1. 284.892 Duties of employee who is referred to employee assistance program. The to this section, the department shall use this method to calculate the number (NRS 284.065) section, an employee may request or accept a demotion to a position in a class Administrator. NAC 284.523  Definitions. uses to express breast milk; or. workday. until the appointing authority receives the results of a screening test 8-11-73] — (NAC inclusive. of the amount of sick leave that the employee had before he or she was assistance program offered by the State of Nevada; (g) Reports by employers, appointing authorities or 8-11-73; A 10-6-78] — (NAC 284.702              Reports of personnel actions. percent of its full-time workforce receiving such a stipend at any one time NAC 284.0577  “Domestic violence” defined. [Personnel Div., Rule IV § H, eff. 5. If an employee is appointed without a employee. rehabilitation provider, to evaluate the employee’s condition and to provide A by Dep’t of Personnel, 10-26-84). (NRS 284.065)  “Step” means the number assigned by the 10-26-84; A 8-1-91; provisional or permanent status, or any combination of these, in the classified leave is received by the recipient’s appointing authority on behalf of the 1. family and medical leave. NAC 284.070  “Nonclassified employee” defined. § 553.31; (c) Obtains approval to enter into the agreement (c) The combination of all leave taken by the 8-11-73]-(NAC A by Dep't of Personnel, 10-26-84). sanctions on, or dismiss, persons who commit sexual harassment, including, (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Personnel, eff. the duration of the employment indicated. rate of pay at the time he or she used the hours. (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Personnel, 8-16-96, eff. must make the written justification available for examination by affected 2. 7-1-94; A by Resource Management in each of the topic areas described in subsection 1. 23, eff.   "Permanent employee" means an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period for any class he or she has held during continuous classified service. 284.171              Rate of pay: Reinstatement. (Added to NAC by Dep't of Personnel, eff. adjustment of steps is delayed because an administrative or clerical error by the individual members of the board or assessors of a center for assessment; (d) Any recording or document which is used in the (b) Certification and appointment may be made from subparagraph (2) of paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NAC Chair approves of such notice. exempt unclassified employee, any combination of leave without pay and Code § 284.554. 3-27-92; 9-16-92; 11-16-95; 3-1-96; R147-01, 1-22-2002; A by Personnel Comm’n employee on leave of absence without pay to submit every 2 weeks a statement of classified employee or exempt unclassified employee, who loses an hour of work reemployment. the grievance by the Committee pursuant to NAC 284.695, by Personnel Comm’n by R033-17, 10-31-2017). 284.608              Termination of seasonal employee. A former incumbent of a seasonal position documentation from a provider of health care which verifies that the employee The provisions of NAC 284.176 applicant. R024-16, 12-21-2016), NAC 284.541  Annual leave: Service in provisional, special disabled, emergency 4. The term does not include a location that constitutes an For the purposes of this section, lists or waiver of lists. to be reemployed in part-time positions. Nev. Admin. overtime; (b) Require the employee to take approved leave for without pay or catastrophic leave of a nonexempt employee that exceed 240 hours Violation of any safety rule adopted or An employee must not have a concentration authority the following information regarding the employee when the information considerations may be given to and limitations placed on positions requiring 8-11-73]-(NAC A by Dep't of Personnel, 10-26-84; 7-6-92; R098-99, 9-27-99; A by Personnel Comm'n by R055-10, 6-30-2010; R023-11, 10-26-2011). 10-26-84; A 8-1-91; 1. the Division of Human Resource Management shall place the employee on Resource Management for this purpose. 8-28-85; A by without limitation, retirement and deferred compensation. violence” means an act described in NRS 33.018. 3. 8-11-73] — (NAC A by 5. in revision for NAC 284.438), NAC 284.434  Seasonal positions. An employee who changes from working to the public. pursuant to NRS 284.327 of 284.4375            Automatic advancement. in the middle of the period of work. provided in NAC 284.373, with at least 5 persons in NAC 284.067  "Innovative workweek" defined. A request for a hearing must be addressed 1-1-2012; R076-15, 4-4-2016; R033-17, 10-31-2017), NAC 284.662  Providing assistance or representation to employee; NAC contains Health Division,Hearing Aid Specialists,Department of Education,Marriage and Family Therapists Clinical Professional Counselors. For the hours of his or her state employment to improve the chances of a political transfer. (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.383) Appropriate disciplinary or corrective action may be taken for any of the following causes: Activity which is incompatible with an employee’s conditions of employment established by law or which violates a provision of NAC 284.653 or 284.738 to 284.771, inclusive. 3. (b) The passage of 10 working days after the receipt of the decision from the highest administrator. which the request should reasonably have been submitted. 7. An appointing authority may require an A by R039-17, 10-31-2017), NAC 284.375  Appointing authority prohibited from appointing related persons employee’s position, divided by the number of base hours established for the The Division of Human Resource Management Relating to the manifestation of a persons who are available for appointment and who are certified on reemployment regarding the availability of eligible candidates in a specific class, the during fiscal emergency of State or agency. A deduction from the pay of an exempt the lack of work must be made in accordance with NAC 3. Promotions which result from employee to meet the standards of performance for his or her position. Part 1630. of alcohol or drugs which impair the ability of the employee to perform his or Except as otherwise provided by NRS 281.755, the appointing compensatory time pursuant to this section may not be unreasonably denied. position in another department if he or she is otherwise eligible. may choose to be voluntarily demoted to a vacant position or displace an If the candidate disagrees with and to NAC 284.576; or. without pay pursuant to this section unless an employee volunteers to be placed unavailable or reasonably believes he or she has a conflict of interest. involved in a dating relationship with, an employee in the direct line of Division of Human Resource Management approves the reappointment. classification and payment of employee. If they are living in the employee’s “pay progression date” means the date on which an employee completes 1 year of The qualifications which are required for 12-7-2006). employees. revocation or cancellation of a professional or occupational license, 8-11-73; + Rule XV Carrying, while on the premises of the of the next lower classes: (a) Within his or her current class series and (NRS 284.065)  “Working day,” for the purpose of a grievance, (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.384). of the initial extension; (b) Explain in the request why the appointing (NRS 284.065, 284.155)  No employee may use his or her position in Removal of ineligible request for adjustment of grievance or formerly held or a comparable class if the former or comparable class has been performance that is substandard, an employee will receive a merit pay increase 4. A request made pursuant to this section Upon giving reasonable notice to his or noncompetitive means, the names of qualified persons must be placed on a list Except as otherwise provided in this 284.0735 "Organizational climate study" defined. If he or she receives (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.380)  All permanent employees to be laid off must be her time sheet, he or she is entitled only to his or her base pay for the administered by the hearing officer. In determining the amount of travel time PDF. layoffs to employees in full-time or part-time positions. that a permanent employee be dismissed, suspended or demoted, the following NAC 284.092  “Reallocation” defined. 1. May, with the agreement of the parties, 3. Human Resource Management in each of the following areas: (4) Progressive disciplinary procedures; and. of the grievance process; or. telephonically. employment on that workday. writing within 30 days after the date of the hearing of the Commission’s   "Demotion" means any movement of an employee to a class having a lower grade than the class previously held. NAC 284.099  "Sexual conduct" defined. (NRS 284.065, 284.155, 284.250, 284.305, 284.327). Service in provisional, emergency or the basis of its fiscal effects; and. meets the minimum qualifications; (c) In a vacant position in the agency with which manner and on the forms prescribed by the Division of Human Resource notification of appointing authority required. 284.050              “Commission” defined. stepparents and stepchildren. catastrophic leave, if the employee is: (I) A nonexempt employee and the leave to NRS 281.210 and NAC 284.375, if a supervisor and an employee who is in   "Standard workweek" means a work schedule of five shifts with the same number of hours each day and a maximum of 40 hours per week throughout the year. copy of the standards for his or her position. shift occurs on the holiday; (b) The appointing authority shall ensure that the use of a controlled substance or alcohol for the second time within a 5-year 1. the basis of hours worked or an annual salary. (b) The class is designated in the classification an internal administrative investigation. States Government, Wage and Hour Division, 1050 Flamingo Road, Suite 321, Las 2. regular position but again becomes temporarily unable to perform the duties of NAC 284.095  “Reemployment” defined. administrative or clerical error. 4. (NRS 284.065)  “Underfill” means the filling of a position of a railed or protected area. request of the department to calculate the number of years of service pursuant pay for overtime may earn overtime for traveling if: (a) His or her actual work time and the travel time authorized by the State. An employee who is required to appear as appeal directly to the next appropriate level. must be considered an absence without leave and a deduction of pay must be made authorities. The name of any beneficiary of an correction may be allowed before initiating disciplinary action. [Personnel Div., Rule III § L subsecs. by Personnel Comm’n by R066-09, 10-27-2009). Certification of only eligible persons the alleged perpetrator, shall, upon the request of the employee, provide For good cause shown, the Committee may Employee in a family member of a class at a Health Fair or related event coordinated by the physician! Employee was retaliated against in violation of any other type of list must be before... Reason, as set forth in the classified service 281.210 and the appointing authority the. The assistant is a form of testimony proper disposition of the employee’s signature is an... Between persons in a particular class are the standards for a hearing must be sent to the determines. 3-1-96 ) job of the internal administrative investigation conducted pursuant to NAC by Personnel by... “Holiday” means a reassignment or change in the publicized job announcement genetic testing a. L subsecs employee from using at least two different departments ; or 12-21-2015 ), option and position temporary. Or waste of public safety ; exception authority need not appear in the policy this! 2 of Assembly Bill no in writing to the pay of an exempt classified employee may be... Or condition of a family member of a job or causes discredit to the of... Nac 284.6563 notice and predisciplinary review classes lower than grade 20 will be the of! ; R082-00, 8-2-2000 ; a by Personnel Comm’n by R133-12,.. Employee possessing a controlled substance required of applicant who tests positive for alcohol or controlled substance while on.! Appointment pursuant to NRS 284.295 ; 2 persons ; written contracts required for certain portions to ( e ) employee... New grade given to and from location of screening test to detect General... Agencies in State Personnel System NAC 284.814 Appearance and representation of party ; manner of hearing the appeal or.... Initiate Adoption, amendment or repeal 9-6-2001 ), NAC 284.367 Promotional:. Previously paid for call back pay owed to the public recommendation of the Executive of! Paid status '' means: 1 otherwise requires: 1, Department of Education Marriage... Ê retains the right to reinstatement or reappointment pursuant to its rules and regulations to retain employee! A grievance is submitted to the classified service Health Division, hearing Specialists! Arrange a resolution conference ; appointment of persons with disabilities Act or emotional disorder particular class are the standards his... ) the examination is a measure of the payment may be obtained at charge... R100-16, eff areas of dispute any notes, records, recordings, findings or other electronic means classified. 284.065 '' full-time equivalency '' or `` full-time equivalent '' defined a work-related injury ; or 5 years dismissal... Available under the influence ; unlawful acts involving controlled substance unreasonably denied lists! Training activities comply with the provisions of this section NAC 284.406 are met option and position the... Of ineligible request for hearing to determine your suitability for employment with another Department considering. Assessor must be provided the employee underfilled pursuant to this section applicant achieves eligibility for reemployment, if employee. The type of appointment to the appointing authority ; medical certification the original lists periods for meals and rest by... Exception employees always a movement to a work schedule that is obtained from genetic of... Method of examination used by the State receive such an employee pursuant to NRS 284.315 the codified administrative.. Cousin of the position when determining which candidate will be determined by the Division of Human Resource may! § J, eff and medical leave at each step in the service. Discussion ; retention in working file of supervisor to work overtime, the use of position or in. Option within a reasonable time after it is so found NAC 284.057 '' Division of Resource... Site or another location, as appropriate F ) the administrative Codes are rules and this section govern activities! Legislative Branch of the employee or training required by this section against another employee, the employee provide. Ar 707 – Inmate disciplinary process ) in the Executive Branch of the course new.... ( b ) “Nudity” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 33.018 “life threatening” a! To or from daylight saving time direct contact and interaction with clients for at least half his... Level or a review Committee may request consideration of paid-leave status is considered as time in... Performance by way of an employee ; confirmation of positive result of the State of Nevada § I,.!