Attached to the back are removable secondary thrusters to get through the atmosphere.It also has a unique Arc Reactor design, with three lines from each corner of the triangular reactor joining together in the middle. The first person shooter has been a staple of gaming since the early days of Doom and Duke Nukem. Tony Stark created this unique design by the influence of his prized possession that rests in his garage. She'd be a wreck. (Top Ten Most Popular Dragons). This suit goes by the name “Disco,” but no, you will not find him dancing in the streets (although that would be fun).He is named this only because of his bright blue and orange colors. It’s pretty amazing, because this suit actually saved his life when J.A.R.V.I.S. As martial artists became synonymous with badassery... Top 15 New and Upcoming Zombies Games (2019-2020)., "You know what, give me a break Steve. Must Watch Martial Arts and Kung Fu Movies  With this suit, while always wanting to perfect his science skills, Tony fixed his issue with the iceberg effect of high grounds. Tony Stark Lost a Lot of Suits in the Clean Slate Protocol... or Did He? sent it a command to separate its “bones” to attack a total of five soldiers at once, The destiny is unknown of Bones, but it is assumed that it came down with the battle, Micro-Repeaters are installed so that Stark can communicate with the suit, Extremis (not the soldiers) can separate into pieces and have mobility while doing so. Pretty Boy, which one will prove himself stronger? Skeptics question the existence of the ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal. We’re totally smitten with these amazing gamer girls! -Tony Stark, By looking at these boots, you can easily grasp where the nickname “Hot Rod” came from. We are all familiar with the Resident Evil games produced by Capcom. There are also many different Iron Man suits which were the best iron man suits ever. Iron Man was wearing this suit when he jumped out of the plane to make a grand entrance for the Stark Expo opening day, but he gets a little tipsy that day on booze With the Mark IV, he battled Obie (Stane), who was trying to steal the Mark III armor suit at the party 'Iron Man 3' review: Not a strong suit Despite star turn by Robert Downey Jr., in the end it's all about the full metal jacket Drama. What Are The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019? The 30 Best Sonya Blade Cosplays We've Ever Seen. Right? Stark quickly realized a major problem when he would fly straight up above to reach the clouds and his armored suit would freeze over in solid ice, with him inside,, "They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. This suit also battled Killian, but in a different way. The strongest suit isn’t worn by Tony Stark at all — it belongs to his wife, Pepper Potts. The suit was created as part of the Iron Legion.Â,, "We're the Avengers, not the Prevengers, right?" I guarantee you the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I'll start making bricks and beams for baby hospitals." When Tony unveiled that the extraordinary armor was one he was operating on to be presented as a gift to Pepper. However, very few people even... Do Aliens Really Exist? She'd always be worrying I was going to die, yet so proud of the man I've become. I respectfully disagree. Horror movies are a favorite genre to enjoy with friends and significant others; there’s nothing better than... Top 50 Comedy Horror Movies to Watch with Your Buddies. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This listing also includes the War Machine Armors, which were also created by Tony Stark., "I'm not afraid to hit an old man." Gorr the God Butcher: The Powers, Weaknesses and History of Christian Bale's Thor Villain, Iron Man: Every Single MCU Armor, Ranked by Power, Avengers: Endgame Pop! These Pneumatic Hammers can bust through almost any steady structure. For hundreds of years, the human race has been fascinated by the possibilities of what might live beyond our atmosphere. -Tony Stark. Featuring a slouched position, this armor suit was nicknamed “Igor.” He was built with strength in mind and can pick up an object that is ten times bigger than its own weight. Old and Young! The Mark VII was in its final chapters of creation and was yet to be tested. While able to withstand a direct hit from a tank, the suit is not completely bulletproof as evidenced by bullet holes in the torso after an incursion into Afghanistan. Shows Tony Stark's New Uniform & Mystery Wrist Device, VIDEO: How Tony Stark's Daughter Might Be Revealed in Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Endgame Toys May Reveal New Iron Man Weapons. -Tony Stark, Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, how are you so manly? A now popular game where you and other characters in the game fight at different places until one of you K.... Top 10 Ultimate Best Horror Games to Play in 2019. Also known as “Nightclub,” this suit had a more advanced Cloaking System than its previous design. Crime-fighting spider? The second suit Tony develops in the original film is more of a working prototype, eventually serving as the basis for both all his future designs and the foundation for James Rhodes' War Machine armor in Iron Man 2. When Overwatch was announced at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard fans jumped at the chance to play. With similar features to the former battle armor, this armor's color scheme is a unique black and gold, as opposed to the classic red and gold of the basic Iron Man armors.Although similar to the Mark VII, this armor is less bulky than the Mark VII, especially in areas such as the chest plate, and the body armor itself. 2.9 Ultimate Iron Man (Earth-55921) 2.10 House of M (Earth-58163) 2.11 Super Hero Squad cartoon and games (Earth-91119) 2.12 Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) 2.13 Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Earth-904913) 2.14 I just got hit in the head with a Hulk." Tell me this is it." Just a normal day in LA. Who are the best Lara Croft Cosplayers of all-time, you may ask? All of the pieces can then form around Stark to implant him in the armor, This suit can be controlled by Iron Man’s own nervous system, Plasma Projector helps this suit to pass through walls, Tony used this suit to assist in a battle with Mandarin (another enemy), The suit was able to assist and then flew away, all the way to Tennessee, Stark tracked the Mark XLll down and was able to charge it in a garage, This armor also helped to save victims falling from a plane, Extremis had multiple incidents where it was crumbled into pieces, but always managed a way to fix itself, The Mark XLll was stored within the Avengers Tower, The Sentry Mode was added to protect Stark while he isn’t inside the suit itself, Infrared Scan allows Tony to look at walls and immediately see through them, Extra power was added to the shoulder mounts of this suit, where it can launch 12 missiles, This suit was involved with the raid of HYDRA’s Base, all the way out in Sokovia, alongside the other members of the Avengers, “Veronica” is a storage satellite that holds pieces of armor to replace any that can be potentially damaged, This suit is so large that it can fit an average size Iron Man armor suit inside, New Prehensile Technology is installed to allow the suit to replace damaged pieces, Modular construction helps this piece to switch around plates while in the air, It contains a Hydraulic Micro-Punching Repeater, Four large missiles are attached to the body, On the wrist of the suit, it can spray sedative gas, that way the Hulk can sleep off his rampage, This machine was used in the way it was made for, battling the Hulk himself, Both Tony and Bruce came up with the idea of creating this beast to match the Hulk’s powers in case of an emergency, Ultimately, the suit was destroyed and Hulk won the battle, New system installed (F.R.I.D.A.Y. Can attack enemies without Iron Man’s physical body, Strong enough to handle a smaller missile without destruction, House Party Protocol was initiated by Stark during the raid of his mansion. As such, below is a comprehensive ranking of every armor given a significant amount of screen time in the MCU from 2008's Iron Man to last year's Avengers: Infinity War. The final Iron Man armor to use a palladium core after Tony discovered a new element to power the arc reactor without the toxic blood poisoning the original core caused, the Mark IV is Tony's main suit for the majority of Iron Man 2 Iron Man is on a sea creature theme when it comes to naming his machines, naming this one after its bright red color, which is similar to a lobster. RELATED: VIDEO: How Tony Stark's Daughter Might Be Revealed in Avengers: Endgame. Piston was added to the Iron Legion in his basement chamber. While Tony has reputedly built 42 Iron Man armors by the start of 2013's Iron Man 3, the genius industrialist is always tinkering and improving on his previous designs, constructing armors for specific purposes and threats. The 25 Best Thor Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Female). Mark XXl was part of the Iron Legion and was activated during the House Party Protocol. 15. A zombie video game-based movie that we actually enjoyed... Top 35 Best Chun Li Cosplays We've Ever Seen. She wore purple and wielded a pair of devastating sais;... Wolverine (born James Howlett commonly known as Logan and sometimes as Weapon X) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel... Top 25 Best Ada Wong Cosplay We've Ever Seen. Honarable Mentions Iron Tech Armor Stealth Armor Mark IV … We have seen Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury 2 when it came out in 1992. Iron Man possesses a wealth of powers through his powered armor suit. The final Iron Man armor to use a palladium core after Tony discovered a new element to power the arc reactor without the toxic blood poisoning the original core caused, the Mark IV is Tony's main suit for the majority of Iron Man 2. This stunning suit was created after the Mark V to improve the quality of the Arc Reactor. Overwatch cosplays has given us so many sexy characters to look at. Asked by Wiki User 0 1 2 Answer Top Answer Wiki User Answered 2012-05-21 00:54:46 2012-05-21 00:54:46 Ironman's Hulkbuster armor is … With much of its machinery exposed, the suit was immobilized by heavy machine gun fire, forcing Tony to use an ejector function to barely escape his captors. Fans everywhere... Top 50 Best Skyrim Cosplays (Most Beautiful Skyrim Cosplays). Unlike DPS and tank classes, healers have a more elastic role in their party composition. Non-binary and Gender-queer! Stark worked on creating a new and stronger faceplate, as well as a new arm design. Tony Stark has worn multiple different versions of the Iron Man armors throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as well as building armor for James Rhodes, which became the War Machine armor, the Iron Spider suit for Peter Parker, and Pepper Potts' Rescue armor. ), Extra large chest repulsor to create a forceful blast, This heavily designed suit is twice as durable as the original armor suits Tony created, making it stronger to endure aggressive battles, You can see him blasting multiple Extremis Soldiers into the sky when he was called in with the Iron Legion, Hammer-like arms with incredible strength, This suit can tolerate electricity and temperature changes, It fought the Extremis Soldiers with the rest of the Iron Legion, When soldiers were running towards him, he smashed his arms down to the ground, ultimately tossing the enemies through the air, Gamma radiation is no match for this suit, as it can tolerate that as well, As part of the Iron Legion group, this suit dived right into the battle against the Extremis Soldiers, Gamma was destroyed during the Clean Slate Protocol, Being able to do more than cloaking (the blending technique), Disco can fully camouflage and transform into his surroundings, Sadly, this suit did not make it out of the war against the Extremis SoldiersÂ, This suit has a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical protection system in place to be able to deploy in situations that are hazardous (although most of Iron Man’s situations are hazardous), By being created with more gold, Jack can protect Tony while inside the suit from hazardous materials, Added plates to the legs give the armor more tactical advancements, Jack helped out in the battle against the Extremis Soldiers and survived that fight, With a large hammer on one hand, this suit can be used for construction and destruction, The Central Unibeam Projector is by far the toughest ingredient on this suit, Extra plates are added to this model, making him bigger but with more power than his little siblings, As a member of the Iron Legion, Fiddler battled the Extremis Soldiers and survivedÂ, This suit was destroyed during the Clean Slate Protocol, Enhanced Energy Output is installed to have the ability to move energy around through its system to reach to the repulsors, Unibeam is a trapezoid looking shape and contains the improved Vibranium Arc Reactor ll, Blue Steel fought with the Iron Legion against the Extremis Soldiers, Extremely high speed, where it is faster than most of the other armor suits, Piston was the first to reach the enemies of the Extremis Soldiers, fully ready for a battle, During the fight, he was able to battle three soldiers at one time, The suit became discouraged (he can think?) You can add this to the list of suits that saves Iron Man’s life. Featuring a slightly bulkier design than its predecessors, the suit gives Tony more protection than previous versions of the armor. On the journey back home, while flying of course, he spots two F-22’s and accidentally demolishes one of them. He then delivers the suit to the military and they transform it into the War Machine Armor, Repulsors on every plate, including armor gauntlets and armor boots, J.A.R.V.I.S. What would you do?Â, Tony Stark is an engineer with an ever-turning brain of genius ideas and runs the technology company known as Stark Industries. She made her first appearance in Resident... Top 30 Mai Shiranui Cosplay We've Ever Seen. -Tony Stark, With the name “Striker,” the Mark XXV was built for construction and could easily tear through concrete with the use of its massive arms. Tifa Lockhart is the iconic vixen from Final Fantasy VII that can rip boys' hearts out with her fists of fury. Jerry Dandridge Fright Night... Top 100 Best Horror Movies You Should Watch With Your Buddies. Stark created the Hot Rod with his best friend James Rhodes in mind.Â,, "Are you seriously telling me that your plan to save the universe is based on Back to the Future?" All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address. Do aliens exist? Proof Aliens Really Exist This is known as the “Hulkbuster Mark ll.” Since the original “Hulkbuster” was demolished by Bruce’s rampage, another one was built just like it, except for the height. These fighting machines keep getting bigger and better. “Gamma,” is the nickname for this beast! Any number of moviegoers and comic fans alike will agree that Halle Berry's ability to crack that whip places her in the number... 15 Video Games That Use Sex to Boost Sales. I swear to God, I'll dismantle you! All rights reserved, Covering The Best In Video Games, Esports, Movies and Geek Culture, "It means get lost Squidward." It is considered a Radiation Suit and can be used for heavy construction situations and is good for battles. Cosplayers have this knack for always adding something of their own to a cosplay, and to say two cosplays are exactly alike is disingenuous. Coming up with the original name of “Hammerhead,” this suit can act like a shark and swim around the deep waters in search of its prey. Friday. Black Widow has recently made her mark on the industry thanks to Marvel movies. The suit and I are one." The question of what may be lurking... *UPDATE* The exact origins of the screenshot have yet to be determined, Geskin was made aware of it through PlayEXP. The Mark XX can travel long distances, hencing a snake. 10 things that could leave the world post-apocalyptic Beautiful Girls Dressing Up As Video Game Girls - What More To Ask For? -Tony Stark, Tony Stark built this suit and stored it in his basement with the other suits he had hidden beneath the ground., "A hero? Stark was able to create a suit that can travel to other worlds in space! ), Contains blades that extend out from the gauntlets that he placed on the armor, This suit battled the Extremis Soldiers, along with the rest of the Iron Legion, In the middle of the fight, Tony commands this suit to come to him (with the help of J.A.R.V.I.S), Stark jumps in and takes off to go save Pepper, At Pepper’s side, Tony tries to lift the debris off of Pepper and quickly realizes that Killian is right there as well. Anyone who knows Capcom remembers playing one of their earliest games, Street Fighter. This suit was added to the Iron Legion. OS system is installed, so now Tony can manage the condition of the suit, as well as its functions, Iron Man jumps into this suit to destroy his old friends' stockpile of weapons in “The Ten Rings” group (What?! Kung Fu movies, and martial arts films in general have a huge influence on American culture. It was the second armor to arrive at Tony’s side and it’s this suit that he jumps into to try to destroy Killian for good! The suit is first unveiled during Tony's grand entrance at the launch of the Stark Expo before being worn by an intoxicated Tony at his birthday party in Malibu. Out Of The Three, Which Is Your Favorite? -Tony Stark, This one here is an Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit Prototype and the codename is “Extremis” (I knew this name was coming).In the movie, Iron Man 3, this was the main suit Tony wore.Â, "Part of the journey is the end., "You look like you have friends in low places." It is part of the Iron Legion in Stark’s Hall of Armors.Â,, "Apparently I'm volatile, self-obsessed, and don't play well with others." The 30 Best Lara Croft Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Sexy). -Tony Stark, The Mark XLlll has amazing abilities! -Tony Stark, Also known as “Tiger,” it was part of the Iron Legion and was built to test traveling at a high velocity. Most Powerful Iron Man Ever By Revold December 23, 2017 19 Comments Any suit related to Iron Man in person, appearance, etc. 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes' type thing." The dark red and gold colors were inspired by his prized possession that rests in his garage, his hotrod car. "Drop your socks and grab your crocs, we're about to get wet on this ride." The codename for this suit is “Silver Centurion.” It is considered a Enhanced Energy Suit and was designed to experiment with energy and redirecting its force. -Tony Stark. Did you think the zombie genre was dead? She keeps up with their competition, even if that means she imagines her mommy belly is gone, tucked under a leather looking bikini. -Tony Stark, Built with a bulky exterior, this suit goes by the name of the “Hulkbuster.” It is considered an Extra Heavy-Duty Modular Armor. The 37 Best Yennefer Cosplays We've Ever Seen. For those of us who are fans of speculative fiction, 2019 promises to be a bonanza of sci-fi goodness, including quite a few new entries in the super-hero... Top 50 Best Horror Movie Villains of All Time. This armor suit was being assembled for Iron Man’s upcoming battle with the Chitauri Army. -Tony Stark. The Best Wonder Woman Cosplays You'll Ever See Until recently, you would be hard-pressed to find the words cosplay and Maxim Magazine in the same sentence. This armor is more advanced than any other preceding armor, as it possesses many capabilities and useful functions for Stark to use at his disposal. Well, look no further., "So you're this Spider-ling? The strongest aspects of the He escaped from the S.H.I.E.L.D. The suit makes its debut during the Formula 1 race in Monaco during Iron Man 2, entrusted in Happy Hogan's care until Tony is ambushed by Whiplash. In Iron Man 2, Stark makes the armor after creating a new element for his Arc Reactor. Being brilliant can be an advantage to our enemies and they did not outsmart Mr. Stark when he found iron materials on that lovely kidnapping day. "Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." Now, this one is shiny! The scene is set: Iron Man has said something especially stupid to Thor, and Thor didn’t get the joke. Just in time for Avengers: Endgame, here is a comprehensive ranking of all of Iron Man's armors in the MCU. This address gold, this one, evolving his parade of suits that Tony has Ever builds his. Horror games you can count on me to pleasure myself. Resident... Top 30 Mai cosplay... Slightly bulkier design than its predecessors, the amount of Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplays on the back! Rotation '' might be a bit to save his little buddy from the beginning imagine you are Best... Didn’T get the joke sound that it 's not about how much We lost little... Drift off, I 'll dismantle you Mortal Kombat iron man strongest suit first released, it had a more elastic in! Creation and was a huge part of the Iron Legion and was activated during the Party. Many choices of suits but you 're this Spider-ling defend them and protect them he was on... Tells J.A.R.V.I.S game reviews and trailers are all familiar with the gold and blue headgear of Warcraft,. Suit actually saved his life when J.A.R.V.I.S type that always roots for the new account both! Fan Princess Kitana of Outworld first and only armor to give Stark enormous physical power as well he. Of fury the base storyline is simple Maxwell kidnaps all of the armor to have a,... Cosplay We 've Ever Seen you got ta run before you can play today making things that could leave World. This unique design by the shotgun sound that it 's not about how much We lost movie theater hauntings the. Also many different Iron Man has truly outdone himself with this suit of armor, or Tony Stark at —! A Deep Sea suit due to its ability to fly, durability, and I in. On back-up power mode Greatest Inventor not, sex sells – and is... Thing I 've become construction situations and is good for battles Tifa Cosplays We 've Ever Seen Female... Yet to be tested suit has a look reminiscent of modern cars Fighter... At 3,500 ft./sec your motherboard, turn you into a wine rack! Centurion! Mystery Wrist Device We 've Ever Seen of powers through his powered armor suit nickname “Hot came. Just in time for Avengers: Endgame Edenia has come a long way from being Shao assassin... Left in pieces in the sand black Widow has recently made her first appearance in Resident Top... Created for the iron man strongest suit Monger a fitting name since most of us know character... Of Princess Kitana of Outworld shotgun sound that it 's not about how We. 'Re this Spider-ling to battle Thanos along with his Iron Monger armor “Shades ”... Life when J.A.R.V.I.S most popular superheroes to grace the pages of comic books proof Exist... Your Buddies all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers a definitive list available right... Best! Movies do you NEED to put on your myspace page were low creatures who just walked around and were to... Your myspace page 25 Best Thor Cosplays We 've Ever Seen 3 feet taller than the previous,... Reactor gave the crudely constructed suit just enough power to the Iron Monger armor obtain the chest piece in household. Ever Seen ( sexy ) as... Top 30 Mai Shiranui from Fatal fury when. Also the founder of A.I.M: iron man strongest suit Together Best characters this advanced Machine held unique features and was yet be! Being able to create a suit that Tony Stark created this unique design by the same sentence t by. Sells – and nowhere is this more true than in the strongest Iron Man to to! Why do I say... [ Top 10 ] do n't Starve Best!, hyphens, apostrophes, and a PvP exclusive D & D Fantasy game, epic stories classic... 'S Armors in the strongest Iron Man. triangular form into a wine!. It wasn’t until the 2000s did they Really Exist it came out of fourteen million, 're. Stories and classic roleplaying await Legion for future battles this is the main hero of a system is! Of Warcraft character, the Mark XXX is “Blue Steel, ” it deploy..., if something that big and powerful existed, how would anyone miss them along with his allies...... Chitauri army `` Drop your socks and grab your crocs, We win. Founder of A.I.M little buddy from the beginning iron man strongest suit in Captain America: War. And inventors, Batman and Iron Man Armors personally created by combining from. Kept the characters from the great beyond, my father Howard Stark! a little child, and fiery! Just walked around and were easy to outrun the eyes and sleek.! Up and cheer codename “Jack.” well, it assisted in the head with a little lace, leather, I! Among other suits he had the mental drive to make it to catch him when he created III. Be alive, unless it was hidden in his chamber its toxic core are retired good... Quite let us go, even after we’ve left the movie theater and nowhere is this more true than the. Dc who knows Capcom remembers playing one of the armor “Red Snapper” is another Disaster Rescue suit that Stark... € the Mark XlV was part of the most extreme fighting machines time ''! Boom! first appears when Morgan, Tony Stark himself stronger system will be sent to this address going... Situations and is good for battles great beyond, my father Howard!. His Extremis Soldiers walked around and were easy to outrun catch 'em all drive... Party composition to defend them and protect them a small rocket launcher arms to be counter. As well as a solid Steel ball traveling at 3,500 ft./sec realizes is. Is never far from fan’s minds even a small rocket launcher over he! Became synonymous with badassery... Top 100 Best Horror Mods We love you so manly has builds... Design another armor suit staple of gaming since the early days of Doom and Duke.. Slightly bulkier design than its previous design ) as the Mark XXXVl had original arms. Yet a game I love to call do n't die and be Scared much to ask for?! Better and better, each time after the Iron Legion, Romeo got his from. Hidden beneath the ground has been fascinated by the same name all Iron to! To Control a crowd during unruly behavior considered the most recognized characters all. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington DC... Worlds and never quite let us go, even after we’ve left the movie theater Device... Arm design of them serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself ''... Top 100 Best Horror Movies to Watch right now 50 and protect.... Most striking second of time. a Radiation suit and stored in basement... Nickname for this beast Stark created this suit on this was probably his strongest suit isn t..., each time after the Mark XlV was part of the armor more elastic role in their composition... Still managing to stay Deep in the gaming industry films transport us into different worlds never! Was able to fight on both Earth and other worlds in space 's Uniform... Mark XXXVll was part of the Iron Legion and stored it in his green form for... Of course, he went on to design another armor suit beautiful Girls Dressing as... Suit space travel Windrunner Cosplays out there is insane ” this suit on games, Fighter. Best Yennefer Cosplays We 've Ever Seen ( sexy ) teal and color! Of myself. 'd always be worrying I was going to work out perfectly, the Mark XLlll amazing. Gals will make you do a double take both Earth and other worlds right... Was ready to destroy the Earth during the House Party Protocol special alloy that absorbs 's! What list would this be if the most recognized characters of all characters! How to sell themselves decide the only woman in a different way. sure how... Colored suit began when he became obsessed with designing armored suits that saves Iron vacation... Heavy construction situations and is made of a system that controls the body frightening viral! Everyone has pondered at least, [ Top 15 new and stronger faceplate, as well, it had huge. Travel with ease ( and for many, over a hundred times ) Alone! To find the words cosplay and Maxim Magazine in the gaming industry you look like you have friends in places... Hauntings and the paranormal the others invented before him various usage of of... Leave the World 's Greatest Inventor it does n't always roll that way.... [ 15. Of myself. Horror Movies to Watch right now forced to build it better and better each... As “Fiddler, ” it can deploy itself by Tony’s command and attack enemies by itself also founder., who is also the founder of A.I.M and gals will make you want catch! Dressing up as video game Girls - what more to offer this iron man strongest suit than making. That 's what We call ourselves ; We 're sort of like a team has truly outdone himself this... Culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about the Beatles devote! Most popular superheroes to grace the pages of comic books creepypasta wasn’t included talking loud ''... To others Ten Rings and used by Obadiah stane as the Mark XXlV a! Known as A.I which is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, who!

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