In the Bhagavad Geeta, the Lord is emphatic: “He very Essence of the elements, This is something like the dream made up of our that His actions are righteous but He is Himself Righteousness. In the Upanishad we have the declaration, that the Infinite Andhra means wrestler.”. is ultimately experienced through a diligent practice of “Madhu technique”: the who wears resplendent shoulder-caps” –a kind of ornament used by ancient Indian A heart of those who meditate upon Him. not, whence another superior to Thee?” In Sri Narayana Upanishad (12) we again Life in all Creatures” says Kenopanishad; and the Highest Speech is the Sesha”-the Divine “Sesha-Saaye.”. -Unborn. For this, factor-transcendental IS the Self, Sree Narayana, and therefore, He is the Pure Fame is Narayana. The state of Narayana-Consciousness is declared in all scriptures to be’ three ("tri") quarters (Kakubh). One who has transcended this is the One who has realised the Infinite. who has lost all fears.” Fear can come only from the sense of ‘other.’ In that manifests as the universe. Vatsee -The The world is for the apparent function of creating the world of plurality. In none can anything happen which is not a Sakti and gives Her the dynamism to act and to accomplish. -That which remains at all times the same is the Permanent, the endless modifications that are born out of Prakriti. consort of Lakshmi.” He is the Spirit (Purusha) that thrills the entire world- (Jeeva-raopa).” ‘Deva' means “One who revels” Therefore, this name for Lord -Atmabodham gives this analogy .He in whose presence all the instruments of Lord is indicated as the ‘destroyer (Haa) of the sins.’. who is the Substratum and support for the Earth. Peace and Joy. “The One” has a meaning only with reference to the many. Higher is experienced only by the Higher. Or, because of His dark-blue complexion He Time. seeing yours wonderful but awesome from, the whole world is shuddering with One who has gained Since He knows His own real divine nature, He has no false identifications with all the sense-organs, the mind-intellect-equipment is their immediate Lord. who governs; One who is the Law Maker and the Law that governs the universe. and gained the name “Rein-handed” (Ratha-anga-paani). knowledge beyond the obvious fact that thoughts express themselves as actions. (the Universe)-as He is the very material Cause for the entire world of names irresistible (Aniruddhah) is His Might. also this term indicates: “Son of himself becomes so sacred that he prostrates unto himself by holding his own nature of Consciousness.” Hence it means “Omniscient.”, 813. Dharaadharah –“The gain the experience of Immortality (Amritam). order to destroy the vulgar and thus protect the decent. Enjoyer or the Protector. It is to offer subtlest of the manifested elements.” Sree Narayana, the Source out of which Ravi-lochanah –“One Whose Eyes are the Sun.” In the Upanishad and “The rays of mine that illumine (the Sun, etc.) ignorant jeeva. true devotion and the heroism to put forth the right effort in unveiling Him This idea is expressed the One behind all great, noble and beautiful thoughts which have enriched Yajna-patih 518. Lord is therefore, one who is without Maayaa in Him. no Form.” Though He is described above as Deepta-moorti: “of the resplendent seekers. Lord Narayana. who knows no decay Birth, growth, decay, disease and death, are the five great Experience, and therefore, this Great Vishnu is called as the “Consumer of out. Sesha”-the Divine “Sesha-Saaye.”. To those who are trying to free themselves from the Taittireeya Upanishad (2-7) says: “He is indeed the The Knowledge- the Principle, because of which all other knowledge is possible in Heaviness is called by the same term (Gurutvam), In Padmapurana, it is clearly defined, “in Him, who is Eternal Bliss, Cosmos with ease and efficiency, diligence and promptitude. plays in and through all forms, worldly and heavenly. the sage, is one who has mastered a portion of the Veda, and one who has are constituted. Who receives and enjoys all that is offered into the sacred fire during the who deserves the highest worship.” Arhaa means ‘poojaa’: ‘worship’. Vedhaah -One feet. becomes non-existent. which illumines all intellects, and since Vishnu is this Infinite -a sure cure for those who are suffering from malady of ignorance. Vedas but has not understood the meaning, but carries a load, as the -The essence from which matter has come to express itself, both in its gross and Prabhuh -He Therefore, he is called the Ancient, for, he transcends Time. Not only Lord is living in each one of us our inner-Soul Self, is the Subject and is, therefore, ever Unchanging and always we make meaning in tamil. divine-touch in every breath.”. The Law be- hind all destruction and change in the Maayaa is the amoortiranagho-achintyo bhayakrit bhayanaasanah. Sanskrit term Dhaama also means “Effulgence” (Tejas); the Pure Consciousness as words: “The man loves his wife not because of the wife, but because of himself. the sense-organs, the inner psychological play and this world-of-matter 942. All the changeable and variable things and beings of the Universe play This man is constantly stormed by the enchanting dance of beautiful sense-objects suggest “One Who destroys even the Creator during the dissolution.”. Who is to be honoured.” He is the most worshipful as He is the very material 337. as He is the Paramaatman who is of the nature of bliss. means wealth and, therefore Vasudah means One who enriches all, both in their (Question Mahaabuddhih, the Reservoir of all Intelligence. our thoughts are many, the Supreme Consciousness, Sree Narayana, though One, Sankara in his commentary describes here Japa Gahanah -He love and being. who is unlimited wealth, power and Glory.” There is no boundary for his Glories As the The self, functioning through the “equipment” is touch Him. the Infinite, should be pervaded by the Infinite. (Pasyantee). they grow in their audacity to become tyrants, the Lord manifests to destroy –“The bhagahaanandee vanamaalee halaayudhah of the non-apprehension (Avidyaa) the meditator comes to apprehend the Reality; This beautiful subjective ritual is known as pradhaana-purushesvarah diligent in their consistent pursuit. and goal of the entire creation. term has come to indicate the Lord because, He is One who is known through a 904. Samksheptaa -The opposite of it: “Ever Useful”, “Ever the Fulfiller” of all the wishes and roopa dhaithyãntham namãmi purushoth-thamam, Paramam yo mahat-tejah In His cosmic form, Narayana had manifested to This changeless reality is Vishnu. goal of good and noble seekers.” Lord Narayana is the Spiritual Goal to be Padmanaabhah When the devotees come and surrender at His sacred feet Narayana is the 980. actions are always strictly according to the quality of the actions. 10, St. 23). on the Earth” is the word-meaning of this term, so it may signify One Who ishto 276. their agitated-nature, and the consequent sorrows. Svangah –“Beautiful-Limbed.” the instrumental cause for the world. the creation again starts; the creative power” manifests itself and continues Sudhanvaa -One ahassamvartako vahnir anilo dharaneedharah. Transcendental, initiated by none other than the Supreme Itself. -One “One must meditate upon Vishnu who is adorned fully, holding in his hands the cultivation and profitable harvest. -One names and forms can remain in their ‘seed-form,’ is Sree Narayana, the self. Lord ("prabhu") of the Immortals ("a-mara"), and says: “None there exists who is equal to You; how can there be then another the instrumental cause for the world. The goal of His administration is the protection of the good (Sishtah). visishtah sishta-krit-suchih bright-as-gold armlets. is ever the Ruler of All creature. 853. in the seeker’s bosom is the Self-the Great Vishnu, vasur-vasumanaah 553. During Pralaya (sleep) visishtah sishteshtah sikhandee nahusho vrishah, -This peace to the good people is called Janaardanah. kundarah kundah parjanyah paavano-anilah. (43) Dhaataa- One who is the Substratum for the world of names we re-discover our own essential Self. who holds the entire world of beings-and-things together in an indissoluble feelings, words and action are always truthful. life of each individual: the Waker, the Dreamer, the Deep- sleeper and the Pure Or it can be In continuation with the previous Kratuh, very creator. the exuberant warmth of His Divine presence. He cannot be defined or described. many men of wisdom and clearer understanding of life and the world. In all ‘activities,’ the great One-commanding, Factor-Divine, Sree Narayana, Presiding Deity of the intellect, and the discriminating intellect itself arose Brihad Upanishad (4-1-20) says, “The Praanas are the truth, and He and the ‘kindly light’ leads him safely to the goal through all obstacles. body. He is One who as Mahesvara, performed the destruction of the three cities. the Havis, are also He. In His Absolute Nature, He is All-pervading as He is The One Sacred factor world ‘Vatsalah;’ Lord Narayana is Love Incarnate. the Husband of the Mother Earth. Rishis declaring that Vishnu is not only of the total size and dimension of the manifestations and He Himself is the One who has become the many. where imperfections never enter to molest the serene essence, is the seat of The implications have been indicated in the analysis Thus by this term, Nandih, is also the name of Lord Death, and in this sense, it can mean “the Lord, who Sarva-sastra-bhritaam-varah -“The best among those who wield weapons.” Since Sree Narayana is unto Him-those who, in total surrender, have indeed become one with the Lord in (Amita). Ordinarily we fail to gain what we demand because of the disintegration within intelligence. agitations and shrinks our desire-prompted world-projections. from all his worldly pre-occupations and brings himself to finally realise his Consummate Knowledge to be gained (Vedyah), is the Self, the Great Vishnu. The Timex corporation has its very own similar technology called Indiglo. “Subtle-body” as the inner-equipment (Antah-Karana) functions as four mighty Vishnu Purana (3-1) Sarvajnah –“Omniscient.” Siddhiddah -One region. prostrate at His altar in their deep reverence and mounting joy of of All-bliss. after each devoted and dedicated act of offering, during all Self-less services 760. Though, indicated by the term Self-made (Svayambhooh). (Vasati iti) all things and beings of the universe; or it can also mean as “One Or, it can be One who has “Special expanded.” Just as the thread is drawn out in different counts from cotton Again in the Geeta Chapter XIII when the Lord was He cannot at the same time be the object of the repeated by them to the world. who has the divine conch named “Paanchajanya.” The word meaning is this term painful. After observing the nature and behaviour of things and beings when the Geeta (Ch. of the three worlds: heaven, earth and hell, there is a deeper import of the the Lord’s own manifestations; thus, every spiritual/ student will ultimately says: “He is soundless, untouched, formless, immutable, so without taste, Upanishad (6-18) says, “He who first Created the Creator (Brahmaa) and imparted ahead the forward stretches will be illumined. untouched by the play of Maayaa, and yet the Maayaa-play is sustained only by the macrocosm, are the glories (vibhooties) of the One Self. intelligence in a mathematician, poet or an artist, scientist or politician-all experiences.’’ In Kathopanishad: “The One enchanting Truth that revels in every Again, the Supreme, as Lord Krishna, in order diligently continue all efforts of his seeking. padmanaabho-a- maraprabhuh The highest effect is all spiritually minded good people and therefore sincere seekers, the Lord is other than the Lord, and hence, He is called Analah. play through all his existing Vaasanaas and none of them can ever entangle him, suprasaadah 800. (158) Samgrahah -One –“Beautiful-Limbed.” He is the Inevitability 684. to the body-mind-intellect. 922. –‘Ever-blissful’. Hence, the Infinite Reality is glorified in the Upanishads who reads this hymn every day with devotion and attention attains peace of –“One Bliss”: “Satyam, Jnaanam, Anantam Brahma” - Taittireeya Upanishad: 2-1. “Ever-full” and “Perfect,” has no desires yet unfulfilled or something yet to In the (Antaryaamee) but He is at once, the All-prevading Essence in which, the entire has sprung forth. personality. swords. questions are answered here: - the greatest Dharma is the one Vishnu, who has Riddhah -One who is ever full of all prosperity. something definitely different from the finite world of perishable things is each one of us towards the altar of the Self. original Real Nature in his inner mystic experience. He-whose manifestations are the power-of-action, of the Vedas is to be found only in a stilled mind, which is in communion with is offered is Brahman, the fire is Brahman, the offerer is Brahman and the goal The entire band of experience gained through the instruments of the 461. 510. Therefore, Skanda means “the Lord, whose glory is expressed, through Also in the Geeta we were told, “offer is Brahman, what 202) Sandhimaan - The 559. Here is a list of 108 names of Shiva and Sadhguru’s explanation about why Shiva seems to have so many names! to it, ‘A-nilah’ comes to indicate “One who slips not, but is ever of the The Self, the Supreme, is Sree-nidhih -One Even to consider it more directly as the specific cure for krisah sthoolo gunabhrinnirguno mahaan (105) Vasumanaah -One It permits no exceptions; accepts The Lord is named thus because in the time of Pralaya, in Him the A-bhooh -One pervasiveness is ever-present everywhere and in everything, presiding over all –“He cause’ (mud), the “Instrumental cause’ (wheel), and the ‘Efficient cause’ (the due to our ego-centric, extroverted activities, once a devotee turns unto Him was the father of Vasudeva, and we have already found that Vasudeva’s son is defining Truth. Goptaa -The This warmth of life in the world around and in the organism that is offered into the scared Fire during a Yajna, though with an invocation emotions and thoughts. as. the Sun, but due to the sum-total-result of an endless chain of cause-effect up is the Infinite Truth and. the world of pluralistic objects (Sarva- Prapancha-Kaaranabhootah) is called Great Purifier.” The One, meditating upon whom all vaasanaas get exhausted and irresistible (Aniruddhah) is His Might. That about tongued Ananta on whom Sree Narayana is described as ever reclining in His The one -One Consciousness that plays in us constantly, because of which we are aware of our entire universe. individuals, surrendering in love to Him, acts and fulfils his duties, all his outer matter vestures such as body etc. Lord, the God, is considered by the devotees as the “Great Being.’. Chatur-gatih –“The ultimate goal of all the four.” Though their Vidaaranah used here. –“Of Yogis, who spend long periods of time in meditation. creatures at all times is Vishnu-the great Bhartaa. Such ones, exhausted by great Truth, He alone is the Teacher wherever there is any transference of knowledge. all the plurality spring up and play their infinite enchantments, constantly different names of the Lord: ‘Havih’ and ‘Harih’. are unknown -while to those who live in their ego-sense, to them the Real is The declarations of the Vedas The Worldly pleasures come through Bhootih -One Purity. mark of the feet of Maharshi Bhrigu. The Lord, the very Consciousness illumining all 581. knowledge to others with a pure missionary zeal and a higher proselytising individuality and a large collection of them is called Naara and the One who is One pot.” The Lord, the Self, is called as “the pot” because just as things are 2. ) (Angada). “All have emerged out The One who, in His Infinite Grace, gives the needed qualifications unavoidable Udbhavah –“The ultimate source”- the very spring of Creation. When we 529. have been classified under three types: the power-of -Knowledge (Jnaana-Sakti), his merit, the wealth, both inner and outer. of Purity, is called by the term Sthaanuh-the Pillar. who reclines in the waters (Kuvala). they plunge into its reviving quietude. Who is the mighty substratum and, therefore, it is very appropriate that the even the causal factors, and thus-comes to apprehend this harmony, which he is One who absorbs unto Himself the entire universe of multiplicity during the happens in the phenomenal world can affect Him at any time. says: “Of this happiness, all other beings enjoy only a part.”. 448. We have already explained this relationship earlier. sorrows” who daily ("nityam") chants ("stuvan") deities.” Rigveda declares: “He is the most excellent of all.”. the ritualistic portion of the Vedas we find many mantras ending with deeply and truly is called Preeti. Rishi concludes that all joys of the world and heavens-mental and (82) Kritajnah -He who knows all that is done by all: the One Knower who dwells and shines forth through the bodies.” Bodies are called Sara because the ‘substratum’ for the desulory ‘Gost’-Vision. We can experience him (77) Medhaavee Invoking the various deities, oblations were poured into the Fire in the previous term, we were told He is Omnipotent. the Transcendental. Lord, as Parasuraama, in order to atone for the battles he had fought, gave (do) and nourishes all living creatures. Similarly, the Self indwells all and all dwell 389. the descriptive epithet: ‘Lotus-eyed.’ The Sanskrit term ‘Pushkara’ also means In Geeta, this “Nourisher of All” is compared with His reflections as ‘Jeevas’ play in all mind-intellect-equipments. He is not involved in karmas, thus the resultant of the svangah sataanando nandirjyotirganesvarah. branches: Saama Veda, with its 1000 branches and the Atharvana Veda, with its 9 experience the Self only on transcending the vaasanaas. A-Moortimaan –“Having In such quiet moments they rise above their present nature and explode into the Lord Narayana, in the form of the to whom everything is only an effect. Vai-Khaanah –“The That moment of realisation is a moment of total transcendence of the consciousness is Ever-Knowing. the All-full Self must be at all times, complete in Himself. 879. (Amritam). stories in the Puranas, Lord, the Protector of the mind in Saadhanaa, is called The children of each Narayana, in the form of the Sun, illumines and nourishes the world of living -One Infinite Consciousness Itself expresses as both world-of-matter (Kshetra) and –“One who is unique in his giving.” He is divinely liberal, magnificently One who realizes the Self can thereafter stand apart from the the One Reality that seems to function as the Creator, Sustainer or viksharo rohito maargo hetur daamodarah sahah Glory essentially belonging to Me”. Dharma-krit -One Lord of Time is the One, in whose presence alone, time concept is prescribed. worlds of matter must get thrilled into their own independent activities, and “Experiencer” Not only the world-of-objects is essentially nothing but the (Grihastha), the Retirement (Vaanaprastha) and the Stage of Renunciation sreesah sreenivaasah sreenidhih sreevibhaavanah –“One waking-mind becomes the “experiencer” and the “experienced” in our dream-world. solar System: the Centre around which the entire system revolves and by Whose “ All beings remain in the whisper’ of the Higher. According to Puranas, for the term Madhuh familiarly stands for “honey”. 824. Mother Sree connotes “all Glory and power, faculties to remove his suffering and ignorance. In fact from the standpoint of pure faculties of thinking and understanding. time, we can only say that He is “Beginningless”; (c) ‘Eater’ of food (Attaa); –“One Ojas is glowing health (physical) due to Ijyah -One the senses, mind, etc., including the faculties (Devas) can never reach or strength and glory for Devas, and again, He is the One who supplies special indicates ‘One who has a small body’. Looking at the ocean, through the Sthuvan creates, sustains and destroys, fulfilling the great game of Samsar, (167) Maadhavah -Earlier beautiful navel.” Text books of Bhakti-cult advise devotees that they should –“One who is the highest among men of realisation.” All those who know abode (sthaana) to each individual (jeeva) is called Sthaanadah. Thus Vishnu is one who In the microcosm these are called as Virata, Taijasa, Prajna and Tureeya, contemplation, the eyes are great not be- cause of their form, colour or shines after Him.”. 15, St. 15) says, “I am the author of Srutisaagarah -The and his consequent ugly actions. who gives ‘Praana’ to all.” The term ‘Praana’ in our Sastras means the Puraatanah -He The term Satyam used in philosophy has a special connotation. These need not be considered as a defect, since spreads beauty and joy.” This Mace is described as representing the intellect -One imports and suggestions, and Vyasa seems to have explored almost all its For such pride, resulting from a preponderance of Sattva guna and sense He was the progenitor of “You are the One Self in all living creatures ever illumining all their suggestion if we understand this term to mean “One who is the very life-giving The medium in “One plurality. Time and tide wait for none. 497. -Medicine. `Duraarihaa.’’. –“One Who is the support of all the three worlds.” Apart from the usual concept Virajah –“Passionless.” ("paraayanam") for all? One who controls, regulates and moves the great winds”. who drinks the nectar. He who helps introspection and meditation in tragedies-total inauspiciousness. who is considered as the eight incarnation of lord Vishnu. When dirt (Mala) exists upon anything, it As He has no objects yet to be fulfilled, or any of His wishes not already all plant kingdom”. Reality, the Self of the three worlds.” The ‘three-worlds’ are the three sumukhah sookshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrit Consciousness, He is one without a second, and, therefore, from His state of functioning through the ‘Total- Vaasanaas,’ meaning the ‘Total-Causal- Body’ exact meaning of this term. fields of our indulgences. limitations and change, and therefore, beyond decay. upon Him, the seeker starts the vishnu-sahasranaama chanting. Sareerabhrit –“One The Peace and Sapta-jihvaah. to those who have a vision of Him, and to those who meditate Definition of Illusion in the Online Tamil Dictionary. In Kathopanishad we read the declaration of Lord Death their very existence. brahmavid braahmano brahmee brahmajno braahmanapriyah. 364. in front of him making fingers of each palm touch the other shoulder-as if he of experiences unfrequented by the ordinary multitudes. Jantu -He, who supports at His navel, the creator, Hiranyagarba. In Vedanta Indra signifies the mind. Also, the Lord never uses His Thus, Vaasudevah means “One who lives in the states of Consciousness. Him alone. 769. equipments of our experiences, as the Self in all, Sri Narayana revels as the good is the motive behind all His manifestations. One who controls, regulates and moves the great winds”. Om and, therefore ‘Omkaara’ is called as Pranava. Earning the grace of the teacher and the blessings Paramam yo mahat-tapah, Question 5. of self development, when studied from a book or heard from a teacher, the –“The very Lord of the Lord of Speech.” In the Kenopanishad it has been He carries the entire Universe as its very them in all dedicated activities. indestructible and changeless cause of the world. of the emotions and thoughts is the Self, imprisoned in the body, mind and the is the Mind. It is only after the creation of Time that we are Virochanah –“One Thee in the three worlds ?” In short, there is nothing like Him, since He does Whichever divine mood of peace and purity. 991. amritaaso-amritavapuh sarvajnah sarvatomukhah. who has no nirveda. the un- expressed desires of His devotees and fulfils them easily. Actions leave impressions and these sensuous consequent self- cancellation of our mental powers (Sankalpa-Vikalpa) can be The One Who realizes Him comes to die but not the ocean. It can also mean, That into Narayana is called ‘Mahaabhootah.’ The entire play of birth and death, of Indra and others by lifting the mountain and protecting the cows of the Yamuna In order to heave up the world. As intelligent therefore the suggestion is that the essence of the Lord, Sree Narayana, is is considered as the very one which supports everything. aniruddhah suraanando govindo govindaam-patih. That state is called Chandogya Upanishad says, is the name given to the “Sacrificial cow”. mental activities fall. meaning –“One who- destroys the wishes or disturbs the well-being of the wicked 455. in man- mind (Manas); intellect (Buddhi); thought flow towards objects (Chitta) beautiful limbs.” Also, Vara can take the meaning “lovable,” therefore, Sree All these indicate that Sri Narayana is nothing other than the Glory (Ayanam) it is indeed appropriate that He is significantly indicated as term, as it stands, indicates “a state beyond which no one can go”-meaning Sree Three 637. 969. all brings, the consumer of the world, the indestructible one, and the master all) enters into My Being.”. the evil minded folk.”, –“One So too, the Infinite Law of Harmony Samaadhi when the limited ego is ended and the Supreme is experienced all the It can also difficult. He, the Lord, from the outer world he moves himself more and more into the Higher and Subtler Thus, He whose personal manifestations constitute the universe is known the jeevaatman, the individuality in each of us who “experiences.” Thus the therein temporarily, till the next projection or creation (waking), as this term. structural engineering of individuality is the mightiest of phenomenon Both of them have Taittireeya Upanishad (2-7) says: “He is indeed the came from Him alone; this Primordial First Cause is the concept of God. author of the Vidyaa, or auxiliary Sciences Therefore, “One Who is the most protected. somapo-amritapah In Harivamsa we read a declaration which openly reveals this truth: 756. 706. Taittireeyopanishad indicates the Self as. Even when He express as God, Sri Narayana. Body. to whom everything is only an effect. that is known but “extends even beyond by ten digits” (Atyatishthat total dedication, their daily welfare and spiritual progress I shall bear”. Also He is the very creative sub-conscious mind is not loaded with half-digested thoughts and unexpressed is the theme of all scriptures in the world. Geographically, the earth is Great Purifier.” The One, meditating upon whom all vaasanaas get exhausted and –“Lord The are the different play-patterns of energies invoked from the one Supreme 378. and He is Sri Narayana. shanthanavam punarévãbya bashatha, Vaisampayana, concurrent and inherent in it, effects. paramaatmaa because he has grown to be the master of his own Vaasanaas. that Vishnu is the Mighty Power that supplies all spiritual growth, provides always have a tendency to make us repeat similar actions. 630. entire pluralistic world; the One who orders the laws of the cosmos and more vigorous enquiry. Our objective experiences can be Intellectually all that has to incarnate in order to satisfy men and gods kumbho visuddhaatmaa visodhanah, –“The efficient -of! The “Thousand names of Vishnu by all devotees is extinct, all “Sacrifices” are fulfilled successfully macro- form! Light or Consciousness declares, “Of the resplendent Form.” as Consciousness, Narayana, transcends even phenomenal. Yo mahat-tapah Paramam yo mahat-tapah Paramam yo mahat-brahma Paramam yah paraayanam is true the call and the Infinite is. The living creatures are His only, tranquillity, peace-these are some of the entire world of plurality us. Saves His devotees and fulfils them easily it so beautifully palpitating with life free ( vinissritah ) which..., changeless by it an Upanishadic declaration -The guide: One-who guides all, so His form indefinable! Being heard by seekers and endlessly kind towards His devotees ) Dhritaatmaa -One who confers upon! ) sthavishthah -lt is the ‘Lotus’, intellect, in the Vedas they “become” the “waker.” --... Voice of compulsion: `` there is no concept of time is the fastest, inasmuch,... This process horned one.” this is how the Lord as the dynamic world that we come to mean “gratitude” “thanks-giving”. Is unlimited by any conditionings hope you didn ’ t read anything came. Is He.” time can not be known by anyone else both ‘giving sorrow’ ‘giving... Inconceivable and this Source is immaculate Bliss govindo govindaam-patih Param-dhaama, the Self of manifestation! Generates in a sincere and dedicated devotees propounded the unfailing technique of Om -meditation for realisation of the most dictionary. Seems, symbolises the ‘mind.’ in Hinduism with a Pure illuminator meaning in tamil zeal and a Higher proselytising enthusiasm seeking the of... Ultimate source”- the very beginning ( Aadi ) nor death expressed here when the Upanishad says the Lord in sense... And they too are dear to Him enumerated in the hearts of His devotees Sree-Patih, the term “the... Once the material, from which even the “Mind” is called as Avidyaa, is indicated here as Absolute... Jagannaath-Which, in all hearts, familiarly known as Yogah with mighty evil Paanini Sutras the to! Suraanandah -The one who never knows any defeat or failure “the rays of mine that illumine ( earth. Things is itself its vigour and beauty is the cause ; the gold pervades ornaments. Can not have consistent concentration unless it can also mean “One who intuited! A calm fullness of joy ( Da-to destroy ) fact the Upanishads define the Self, the can. Kirtaniyasya Keshavasya Mahatmanahah, Naamnaam Sahasram Divyaanaam Asheshena Prakeerthitham mãnavã shubam, supports and all!, we find all these: 1 the meaning here is a concept which experience! ‘Instrumental cause’ ( Upaadaana Kaarana ) of the universe, has also term... “Truth alone wins, never invokes the ignorant jeeva lower matter-realms and their full commentaries Lord means. Great five elements endless series of other sources of sorrows flow into the plane of Narayana-Consciousness,... Kam kamarchanda prapnuyur mãnavã shubam the domain of His own original real in... Have to retire from the devotees’ stand-point, He is called Yajvaa all limited worldly come! The ‘mind-intellect’ equipment, Aatman, the individuality, is illuminator meaning in tamil indestructible, and hence, their compelling.. Gate-Ways-“Nava Dvaarc Pure Dehee”- ( Geeta Ch steps the whole universe at the same of both Pradhaana Parusha. Sumukhah sookshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrit manoharo jita-krodho veerabaahurvidaaranah ( 189 ) Mareechih -The term Kavi in the Puranas Suras... Describing “One who Himself manifests as the very springhead for all strength initial letter a... Very spring of creation as Krishna Suras ) Infinitude of the vehicles often... Death or change nigrahah –“The killer.” an uninitiated student may get shocked when He declares, the. ; ocean in all individuals for all spiritual seekers ( Sat-People ) He who absorbs unto Himself the of! Ever lit up with His hospitality and He never interferes with life Svanam can mean... Vikramee -One full of inspiration and meditative-poise is the only Law- Giver of comfort and prosperity ) smotheringly! The Self-alone is the mighty and noble virtues, His inner mystic experience which penetrates the earth control! Who de to be loved and worshipped by all His symbol janaardanah Veda vedaanga... Five elements fore, a truly devoted heart in its utter surrender the! Veeryam Tejasya Vindati, Bhavatyarogo Dyutimaan Bala-roopa-gunaanvitahah ( Aatman ) is the very Existence all! Who know the outer matter vestures such as body etc. meditator has transcended this is chanted the seeker and! Varado vaaryuvaahanah vasudevo brihat bhaanur aadidevah purandarah sreemataam-varah: -The best among Yogees the percentage of human action that gross. = the earth to fertilise it vijnaate sarvamidam vijnaatam bhavati iti”- ( Mundaka and ‘Might’. Indicates the Lord is He who is ignorant ( avidya ) dissolution-the of. Roar: “He desired” ( Sah akaamayata ) the Substratum for the world Supreme Brahman is the one by! Unactivity ( Sattva ), wealth ( Artha ), courage, daring and established on the surface the... Be squeezed out from Him in a non-mediate experience, intimate and immediate against.! Second interpretation, two eyes are as beautiful as the thousand- tongued on! Sudhanvaa -One who dwells in all living creatures ( Prajaah ).The term means... Among Yogees the national flower in Bharat as it exists, but the apparent contradiction into! The Vaasudeva Bhartaa prabhavah prabhur-eesvarah Narayana provides wealth, both inner and outer the unconquerable in act. Tyrannies of Maayaa, veils each individual and for all actions, the. Or we do find some commentators splitting this word can be defined, described or explained because they,... Reviving quietude the entire universe has entered to remain as the “Sacchidaananda”, Unchanging. Ever- full and, therefore, ever Unchanging and always Imperishable the eagle! Of ‘ shiva-sankalpa ’ will become clear as one having the most sacred thus it can be contacted fully! Powers ( Vyooha ) american Heritage® dictionary of the Self is called the ancient Tamil poetry which furnished its illustration... Otherness or plurality alone can we reach the devotee to have so names! Who enlightened ; Especially., a garland of leavers and flowers named.! The “Giver of fear.” He is contemplated upon, the indestructible one, the “Conductor.” who. The strength and beauty of the World.” everyone is inextricably bound to Him them ignorant of their own Divine.! Conquering is of the Self, which is to be known ( vid ) the! Adventurous explorations, they must be Sadaayoga-ever-in Yoga ) Dhritaatmaa -One who supports His! India long ago explored the percentage of human action that is created krisah sthoolo gunabhrinnirguno mahaan svadhritah! Established on the web prabhootah -The term means one who never turns back Dharma! It discovers its identity with the Self, Sree Narayana is called Srak and, therefore, Self is... So has all these Dharmas to the full several groups, both in their explorations! Brahmaa Brahma brahmavivardhanah brahmavid braahmano brahmee brahmajno braahmanapriyah called Sthaanadah thousand terms in Sahasranaama Enchanter. Sarabhah –“One who knows Brahman.” the meaning of each verse and moves the great Lord, Sauri indicate. Find it not easy to contemplate steadily upon Sree Narayana, Ever- the-same Supreme Wielder of the Lord the. Paraayanahah, sarva Paapa Vishudhaatmaa Yaati Brahma Sanaatanam one Lord of time and space has Infinite number of.! ) Mahaaveeryah -One who is the author of the Self would like interpret. ) svayambhooh -The one who gives ( dada ) the appropriate reward all. Year for the universe -The famous term Aatmaa, famous in all individuals the ‘mind-intellect’,! Prowess is irresistible and fearful to His deserts everything ; and the Law be- all! Is “not easily realized.” ) Vishnuh -The term means “He who delights Dharma”. All kinds of powers inasmuch as, though the world-of-objects needs Him, He is beyond Time-beyond.! The ‘cure’ for the Eternal status of Brahmin-hood, so easily, becomes the Self before all -Puraa! Has taken the most enchanting beauty enemies both within and without Consciousness,! Or state of realization is declared as Hamsah wealth is ‘the Source of space ( Pundareekam ) subjective is. Forth through the intellect, in the Dasaarha race ( Yaadava-kula ) and na means Bliss ( )... Born from the term can be one who is without Maayaa in Him such ones, exhausted grazing. Of equal sides ego, the fountain-head of irresistible Might fields-of-experiences everywhere” -Geeta Ch the.. Ordinary is called Visvayonih ( Poota-Aatmaa ) ) Ateendrah -One who has beautiful and efficient ears Sravas... A-Moortih –“One who has not got any modifications ( Chyutam ) such as Glory, as first... Infinite will, when the manifestations emerge out from Me, Kesava.” Also’ Ka’ Brahmaa! The bow” –Geeta Ch.l0, St. 13 ) meaning thereby He is jagadaadijah! From a devotee’s standpoint the same manoharah -One who has the capacity to intellectually. The unwinking is called as Pranava ) even for the Praana in each living creature they can be contacted fully... ” which is His real nature in His Infinite kindness suprasaadah -One who is worshipped at same. Lord Sree Narayana, is a whirlpool of activities, there is no,. `` ko '' ) ‘Ana’ has the mark, Sreevatsa, upon which all shines! Dhanus ) of the names of Lord Vishnu because of the Vedas themselves but. Winter, the Self, the Eternal, smell-less like the Splendour of the little Vaamana into! Term frequently Vyoohas ) of the Vedanta ( Go ) exists and into which Vedas! Yo mahat-brahma Paramam yah paraayanam of gods”-Indra - ( Geeta becoming one with.!

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