I am investing why, but I think it has to do with the type of weed that is present on that side and not on the other (shallow rooted, fast growing curly weed). It said it’s permanent grass. I do very little to no watering and it’s doing very well. In a couple weeks BOOM! Annual candtuft, if planted from seed, it begins flowering withing just a few short months with colors ranging from white to pink to purple. Put seed over fertilizer and soil blend and watered. This is the second summer we’ve bought this seed. This is the only grass seed I’ve seen that actually works. This product grows fast and THICK, I love it. We spread the grass seed in areas that needed grass and in about two weeks the grass was growing like crazy. I saw sprouts after only 4 days. ake over the existing grass with a metal rake to remove the thatch layer and any debris. So far this is the best that has worked!! Even spots that were “hard dirt” that I just tossed some over on, without loosening, has had some sprout up! I just scattered two bags of this (no sort of prep whatsoever) and watered the lawn every night. Hands down the best we’ve ever bought. I extensively tilled the soil in this area and put in top soil in hopes of rejuvenating this soil so the grass would take hold, so far no positive results from this seed. Fast Grow seed mixture contains annual ryegrass which is the fastest germinating grass seed variety. Grass came up very quickly and grew amazingly fast. I put this down all over in spots where there wasn’t any grass- this came up in 2 days, nice and green thick and filled in ever spot super fast- since purchasing this ive bought jonathan green black beauty ultra to really thicken up the grass for a more stable long lasting yard- I did use wire fencing to keep the new seed from being walked on by the dogs, but this stuff is better than any seed, ie, scotts, pennigton, etc- buy this seed, follow the directions, they now have a customer for life. I cupped my seed with a jerking motion and flung it around. It does grow considerably better in the sunny areas, I had grass coming up in 2 weeks and it's much more beautiful than what I bought at the Hardware store. Its a little lighter in color then the grass I had, but overall it looks good. Disease resistant and drought tolerant, the pure-bred grass seed is designed to use 30 percent less water as the seed grows year after year than other grass seed … Also a much brighter green than my grass. Will see how many seasons it last, but for now I give it a thums up! Note: I live in Oregon, and most of the seed origin is OR/WA, so that may have helped. I do suggest overseeding with a perennial seed as I’ve heard the Fast Grow will die the following year. Started growing in about 5 days. The plan being to throw some of Scotts centipede grass seed, fertilizer with the mix and Jonathans fast grow mix would give us that “quick lawn” while waiting for the other grass to come in. I’ve since ordered 6 more bags and will probably end up getting another 4 to fill in the spots I missed once all of it grows in and I can see where it is needed. Fast growing, but only in some spots like a bad combover for my yard. DONE! Was able to mow it at 21 days at a high setting. going to test a larger area and if same results will be making purchase for entire yard. It did germinate quickly. Ilove my new grass. I love this grass as I have seen it in the arbour that my wife and I visit. Grass grew fast but literally died right away 🙁 Not sure what happened. It looks like all other grass seed and I am sure it will sprout up just fine. Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed Quick Fix® Mix is a fast, temporary repair for bare spots in your lawn. Ming Liu Bengtsson. Fast growing is certainly an appropriate description. Growth in 2 weeks, I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass seed and none has been even close to this stuff. I was floored by how quick it worked, but the grass comes in bright green so be aware if you have a darker complexion to your lawn. Neighbors ask me how I was able to change the look so fast. IT REALLY IS FAST GROWING SEED! PERFECT!! EDIT: After doing all this work to our lawn, I just found out that this is an annual mix. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that the grass will come back in the spring of next year. FASTEST GROWING GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! … Not surprisingly, fast-growing grass requires more mowing to keep blades at the optimal height recommended for the species (usually listed on the seed packaging). I’d give it 5 stars, but, with a mix of annual and perennial seed, I’ll have to see if it is still as dense next Spring. Excellent! Within 5 days I could already see the grass growing. This is an annual grass seed mixture. Grass sprouted quickly and was beautiful. "Germination" is the term for when a new plant emerges from a seed. I did a test patch of 1 ft by 1ft and began to see results after 4 days. Even my neighbors asked me what did I use since the dead spot was gone. When I moved into my new place I loved the big backyard but the grass needed help big time! Some spots needed to re-seeded. Ordering more! You need to water, water, and water some more especially if you live in the warmer climates or if planting in the summer. Decent price, grew fast..filled in the excavation spots well. Will not buy again, but am impressed how quickly it grows! I’ve used other top selling brands and still nothing!! This brand has grown on me. This grass seed works fantastic. Works Very Well, much better than the Scotts fast grow stuff, that never even came up. If you bury the seed though, it does grow in patches here and there. We planted this grass seed in between slate stone pavers and had lush green grass growing within a week! Grows Very Quickly as Mentioned. Would buy again. 01.55% Inert Matter This product worked quickly and really surprised me. You must make sure seeds are lightly covered, water religiously and fertilize. I would be willing to try this again when the weather conditions are more suited for starting a lawn in the full sun areas. Now there is grass. It took off within a few days and is now almost seamless. Germination took almost 2 weeks, but once started and with the aid of organic fertilizer has been growing well! The makeup of the seed is definitely going to pose a challenge in the coming seasons, but I needed something to spread and grow quickly more than anything. The directions are easy to follow and it did what it said! grass seed grows fast; just as the bag says. i have used a variety of seeds on my lawn. I just airated the yard a little with my garden weasle. This stuff grew fast. Its been 2 and half weeks and I am truly impressed. These spots were mostly exposed to more Direct sunlight than others prompting me to advise that these seeds perform the best in a mixture of Sun and Shade…Not Direct Sun. Nothing but weeds grow in my backyard, it is all fill dirt unfortunately and the previous tenants allowed their animals and all the animals in the neighborhood to use it as a litter box. See growth in less than a week, but have to make sure it’s watered at least every other day. This stuff work fabulously! Depend on Wilco to rid your crops of unwanted insects. Turn up the dirt for sure. Therefore, … It also grows very fast run it starts to grow. Great for spots that you need to fill in. I got extremely good germination. Also be ready to re install it next year! In 3 weeks I had an incredible, tall, lush green carpet! Impressive, i wanted a fast growing seed. I find myself staring at my yard, it looks so healthy. I used the seed more as patch work as I filled ‘holes/crevices’ in my yard with dirt and then laid seed on top of it. I finally got grass to grown in a part of my yard that would never grow any before and I have tried all kinds for years ! My yard is so tiny that I cut it with a weedwacker. You can tell in sine bald spots where the seed didn’t take but it was because I didn’t till those areas well enough. Works fast. YEAH! Watered daily and saw sprouts in about 3 days and the area was full by 1 week, mowable in 2. Just followed directions to a “t” and now we have a full lawn sprouting where only nothing had grown. This grass seed works! I don’t leave reviews often, but this product disproves it. Year one, our wooded backyard was all dirt. Some jobs are better left to the pros. 59.10% Annual Ryegrass This grass mix does grow fast however I was expecting the bag to be bigger. We finally have a beautiful lawn with minimal work or financial investment. 500sq ft covered in 4+/- inches of soil (about 6cu yds). I bought this grass seed a year ago during the california drought and it’s still green! This isn’t my first time buying Jonathan Green grass seed nor will it be my last. As always, never enough product in the bag. And another ten days to get to 3-4 inch tall. I think the price point was somewhat high for this seed. Excellent results with no ground prep, at elevation 7,364 ft. Sandy and rocky soil. Seems to require less water than marathon and looks close enough to be a winner. Out of the 4 different seeds I tried I believe this is the best one, but even then it did not grow much but a couple patches. I threw this seed dow, no prep and we had had a lot of rain and in 4 days it exploded! The bag says it germinates in 7-10 days, but it was up bu day 4! Well wortyh the money and as for quality its nmuch better than the hifghly advertized brands, this grass seed didnt really work any better then the other stuff we tried We are very pleased with the fast results. first grass seed to grow and helps us to fill in our yard. 4 days in soil and is growing great great great. Great seed. This certainly grew faster, but was pretty much all dead by September. Thanks to all who suggested this product. This year after the first mowing. I bought 12 bags total. It may work other places but not around here. I was hoping this would’ve been a miracle. On day seven, I had peach fuzz and by day 14, I had grass that I had to cut. It took with no issues! I grew it along side Scotts EZ Seed Fescue and this has out performed EZ seed in every area so far. I have a very troubled yard.. Full of rocks, weeds, and of course stickers.. It totally does what it says! I did sprinkle on areas that were not associated with the patch master patches just so I could see how fast they germinate.. and in 3-4 days after rainy weather.. the seeds did begin to grow. The annual vs perennial argument is bunk. Trick to new grass seeds………..lightly water the seeds daily. It has been only one week and these seeds have already started to show 1.5inch sprouts. It had to be mowed after about a month and is doing great even with our golden retriever running on it. Great product. With two dogs, it’s tough to block off parts of the backyard to let grass grow. I am giving this seed 4 stars hoping that with time it will germinate more. Grass grows so fast! I’ve mowed the new lawn five times and now the lawn is as thick as the original, (with less weeds) and we are ready to go! It came fast and is a great price. Grows very fast in places I never would expect. I had to look for them but there were sprouts none the less. Great stuff. I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass ... Best grass ever trust me! Started growing in about 5 days. I had to purchase Vigoro from home depot to finish the other half. Just a suggestion for people, put lime down after the you plant the grass seed. We bought the fertilizer, shady nook & fast growing grass. Put down last week over new loam and starter fertilizer…watered thoroughly. The one issue we had was it did not grow grass in the full sun areas where you would expect grass to have no problems growing. delivery excellent, presentation and packing looks great, weather here not a good time to use but willlet know…. I planted it on Saturday and on the following Wednesday, hundreds of little grass blades were popping up. It does grow, but it is mostly annual. I have pretty much desert dirt at my house and this still sprouted significant grass in about a week or two. is great its true my back yard never looked so nice ... very impressed, my grass was over an inch tall after 1 week! I like this grass seed. I’ve tried many different brands of grass seed. My backyard is sloped, dirt is hard, and it is shaded by trees. But I received the product in a timely manner just as indicated when I ordered and its a big bag that should go far in bringing my lawn back to life. Mow the lawn at the lowest mower setting before seeding to allow seed to reach the soil. It responds much better to rain water than residential water. I used two 3-Pound bags for this project. We just had a drain installed in our yard and we had multiple people tell us that we wouldn’t get grass to grow until the fall. Now I have new patches of grass that come up every year greener than what the lawn originally was which I am happy with. GOOD STUFF! Bought some to prove to my parents that they could have beautiful grass in two weeks pictures prove it all, Excellent grass seed took three days only to come up water every day you will have no problems. Grow quickly. Thanks Jonathan Green! Regardless of the promises, even with constant watering, other grass seeds have always been disappointing with no growth, sparse growth, thinning, or growing at a faster rate than your other grass. Amazing results. New grow is very tough and resilient. It’s been a month now and I have green grass growing where there were bare patches of dirt before. I had a lot of brown spots on my lawn, I used this and it’s green again. I’m sold on the product. Exceeded my expectations. See my before an after pics. I’d buy again. Jonathan Green’s products are exceptional. It worked well in my backyard. Seems do die just as fast also. It did not work to well on our lawn, But the grass is slowly starting to grow. live and learn they say Also worth noting is that in the pictures it is still growing and some of the bare spots are likely from my dogs running around moving the seeds before they sprouted, I feel like once it grows in enough that I just have to fill in the bare spots I’ll end up with a full yard of grass 🙂, It sprouts up and grows fast if you prep soil right I have just thrown some out before a rain and had good luck with it sprouting as well .. Review update after 2 weeks two of the bare spots on one my yard is completely gone I had tried all kinds of seed to patch these 2 4-6 foot spots with just a few sprouts well this Jonathan green you can tell its a diff grass but its blending in nice I don’t care beats Mudd deff five star grass seed …. A small portion of my yard is fenced in. Waiting to see if it holds up to riding lawn mower wheels right now lays down and kind of mats. Wow… planted a bare spot on Saturday and had sprouts by Wednesday! I started seeing significant growth after a week of watering. Greenest part of my lawn! the seeds are like magic beans. Definitely buying more soon, even helped dry out my chronic mud spots. Really makes that spot looks good now. I’ll try to add photos when I have a chance. COLORADO: 6 DAYS TO GROWTH – THEN REALLY THICK. Came up fast…spread rapidly.. my problem now is my nicest grass is where my bare spots were. RELATED: The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Lawn. After about 3 weeks it was unbelievable. I didnt think it was actually going to grow. Impressive! Spread out nice. We have very poor hard dirt in this part of Wyoming, but after breaking it up and putting down top soil I expected better results. The grass seems healthy and is a vivid spring green. after just 8 days….we have grass! As an experiment, I threw it on top of the soil, not much happened but I knew it wouldn’t. I’d buy it again. I worked soil and used starter fertilizer and spred straw over it. Also, they recommend 2-3 other products to “assist” the process. Yes it grow fast… I was reading the review it said yearly… I don’t know yet but anyway I am going to reseed the whole yard with Kentucky bluegrass anyway… It help me by killing all of the weed for now. It resulted in a beautiful grass. Lush grass in weeks. This morning, I spread it all over the rest of the lawn in hopes that the colors will blend well. The fenced in area endures 6-10 dogs a day urinating, running, and digging. Put down a slower germinating perennial with this and you’ll be set. So I bought Fast and grow from Jonathon Green.. I put down one bag in the back yard and seven days later my grass was getting thick!, I will buy a few more just to make my lawn look better! So, this grass paid its purpose, but I do wish it would have lasted a little longer. I would buy it again. Germinated within 7 days. Needs to be mowed about once a week. But that’s okay because I have plenty more of those seeds on hand now. Buffalograss —This variety takes two weeks to 30 days to germinate. I had better luck with a product that comes from Canada. I’d use it again. A large portion of the area I used the product on was over treated with chemicals by previous home owners and the soil (with my small ammended add on soil) is dry, sandy and has issues holding water. Used this last year. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Will give an update if it withstands the kids playing on it, or if any weeds come up with it. For example, Bermuda grass generally calls for mowing every five to seven days to keep it at an optimal height of one to two inches, while ryegrass needs a trim every seven to 10 to days to maintain a height of 1½ to 2½ inches. Once graded, I used a tamper (yes, the same used on my patio project) to push out some of the air and harden the soil a good bit. Grass Color doesn’t match my grass, but what do i know about grass. Very happy! Successful results require a little planning and patience, preparation of your soil and good seed that’s suitable for your region. I had dead spots. I shall definitely recommend it to my friend. We are very pleased with the fast results. Doesn’t seem very hearty and strong. I thought I’d wait a month before writing a review so I could tell whether or not it was going to hold up. This grass seed works fantastic. So I bought it again this year to fill in areas that used to be covered by playground equipment, sandboxes, raised patios. I used scott’s turf builder topsoil with it. It was growing with out the need to water because of all the rain… Yet, with all the rain, it ended up drowning and we lost our little grass seeds. This is the only seed that ever grows for me?? Nice green color too. I actually bought more of this fast grow variety and reseeded the dead areas, hoping it comes in before winter (even if it dies, it’s better than mud). It has been a week and a half, and there is a pretty significant amount of grass that wasn’t there before. Once the season is over I will be buying this product again. Took a little while to warm up here in NM, but now that it has this grass is really growing. Edit review at the end. Yes, this product really works my yard is the best in the neighborhood. I recommend that you by something to protect the grass seed from birds. Organic. grow fast. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Wonderful product! By the 7th day the blades were about an inch and a half long and soft. We put down 5 cu yds of loam to cover the mess made after installing a geothermal heating / cooling system (including drilling of a 500 ft deep well) and to even out other areas of the yard. We are very pleased with this grass seed ! The grass doesn’t get very thick — but it does grow, OK, but only lasted until very hot weather arrived. I have dry, bare spots and have been using the Easy Grow by Scott, but this is way faster and fuller. Folks who spent a ton on sod are in awe of this seed on my lawn. This is planted in my backyard and let’s just say… my back yard looks better than my front yard at the moment with grass color. fastt. Grass is thin, but grew in bunches quickly after 5 days combined with Scotts Starter turf builder. I tamped using a piece of plywood on a stick to push the seeds in a bit. I’ve bought other brands for shady areas and they never grow at all. When I woke up on the morning of the fourth day I had sprouts everywhere and from then on they would come in more and more every day. I also gave the seeds 2 gallons of water, via watering can, every evening (2 x 10 ft patch). At 5 days I had some sprouts coming up, each day more…it’s now 7 days and coming up very well. It is a fairly shady area and the grass grew back thick and quickly. Love it! Again, if the grass will grow for me, it will surely grow for you. In any case, I’ve had four weeks to grow a new lawn from subsoil to serious foot traffic. Bare spots that i couldn’t fix with other brands for months. I would have never bought this, but it is too late now, and I’ll just have to use a different type in the fall. Thank You. I just roughed up the ground a bit with a rake, threw some seeds around in the loose dirt, raked them in a bit then covered with a very light layer of grass clippings. OK, i was watching this stuff, and it did grow grass in 4-5 days as advertised. I did not even cultivate the yard like they wanted me too. I actually bought the Fast Grow to mix with the Heavy Traffic version of Jonathan Green since I had an area of my yard that had completely turned to dirt. I mainly planted this where I was missing grass, but also plan to sprinkle throughout the lawn. So far so good! Bags are smaller than expected. I purchased this because the Scott’s I bought at a big box store just wasn’t growing after watering several times a day for weeks. Highly recommend it. I used this product in conjunction with JG soil fertilizer and the results are excellent. I have tried seed after seed. I do keep it watered regularly and so far I have kept it fenced so the dogs can’t enter. came in thick and within a week , covered the seed with straw, watered once a day, no com[laints. Grows fast in any condition and looks great. Fast Grow grows grass Fast. this seed is the darkest green ive come across. Watered again. Fast growing seed from a solid brand that's a great fit for northern states (as it's not especially heat-tolerant). It’s the fastest growing seed I’ve ever used. After using these grass seeds, the grass was growing back within a week (even though it read on the back of the bag that it would take a few weeks)! It does grow grass. Both cool- and warm-season grasses will grow well, so take your pick or plant a warm-season grass first, then overseed it (plant over it) with a cool-season grass. Tip: Pick a week that’s not too hot, cold or rainy whenever you plant seed. This contains over 59% ANNUAL grass seed. I feel that it would have worked better with someone who knew what they were doing. I ran out of this grass half way thru a large sandy “patch” I tilled over in my backyard. Go bold with ostrich feather flower and add … I will give it its first mowing this weekend. I really searched for seeds for our yard and for some land we had cleared. I’m really impressed! Every October I use Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix (3 Pounds) and a local fertilizer..and the results are amazing!! I needed to seed a muddy spot in my chicken yard, and this gave them lush green grass they couldn’t eat fast enough, so I had to mow it. I put the seeds down with barely prepartion. Worked as advertised. You can see in the picture how thick it is after only such a short amount of time! No complaints. We’ll see if the Northern Illinois winter harms it or not. I’m watering with my sprinkler system for 7 minutes per cycle, 4 times a day. Also, when I went to Lowes the attendant told me that I would need seed soil and a ground cover to put on top of the seeds. This is the only grass seed I will buy going forward. Local expertise, the right products and exceptional service combine to make Wilco the first choice of hundreds of farm operations, large and small, around the northwest. I’m very impressed. Q: I want to reseed some bare patches on my lawn—and don’t want to wait too long to see results. My grass is looking great! Program with our application wheelsÂ, Please leave a review of Fast Grow Grass Seed, Average Review Rating: 4.67 (597 Review Ratings), Looking forward to mowing the lawn all winter. Spent lots of money at Lowe’s for grass seed that never grew. Worked like a charm. This mix provides ground cover and erosion control. £19.99. For year 2 we filled in some bare places with the remaining seed & fertilizer. Fast growing. For those impatient people like me! I took a plug aerator and then put the seeds in the holes. I’m going back for a second bag to fill in some more bare spots on my backyard. This is my first time. It was just a test patch in a shaded area that normally does no have growth. It’s a different color than the rest of the lawn but it worked fine to fix a huge dead area. I used a broadcaster for the larger areas but the smaller areas are fine when i spread the grass seeds by hand. People need to learn what a perennial is. Very high germination rate! I did not expect the results I got with Fast Grow, it did wonders to my back yard this product is amazing… it says it will sprout in 14 days, and it does,maybe even sooner..beautiful grass. I watered in the seed and fertilizer and there is now lush grass growing where the was only dirt before. It’s been raining a lot too, so that helps with the water, but the sun hasn’t been out much. I poured this on the ground during a few days of rain on a monday and by saturday there was already grass an inch high! I bought this seed and within about 10 days it began to grow uniformly with abundant blades. This grass seed does germinate much faster and easier than most other grass that I have tried, however it is not as hearty once that it has germinated and requires much care and watering once it up. We are amazed! Disclosure: BobVila.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Early morning is the best time. I had a few dead spots in my lawn but this quickly covered them. From what I read, this stuff isn’t even the slightest drought resistant so water is the key. But I was surprised to read on the bag that it is mostly annual grass. I’ve never been able to get grass seed to grow – ever. Good choice! When I purchased this seed it was with the thought “I’ll take what I can get.” My yard was entirely mud. I have just ordered another bag to put down, to try to grow it thicker in some areas. After years of using major brands with spotty results, this product swoops in with a great price and effectiveness. Within 10 days, the grass was fully grown and filled in the patchy areas. I planted this seed in Texas on a Sunday evening in September and by Wednesday morning I had a good amount of grass already growing.

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