It helped me to get a fuller sound and move more air to support higher registers. Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo. Low ratings hurt us both in many ways. If this is sold outside the U.S. shipping will be at cost and paid for by the buyer. This item cannot be returned or refunded. The inside is also in good condition. Used Bach lightweight 43 leadpipe in raw brass. Please do not ask me to do so. Water Keys are in good condition. This dates to about 2002. This item is being sold as is. But only on auctions that are within the same 3 day period. Listing a really great playing Bach Stradivarius Model 43* Lightweight Bell and Body Bb Trumpet with Pro tec case and Vincent Bach 10&1/2 D mouthpiece( shallower cup than C better for high notes) Also Blue Juice valve oil is included and strap for the case. It has been recently serviced and cleaned and is in great shape. No dents. The trumpet will be shipped in its case, and the case will be very carefully packed in a box. PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING! Copyright 2008-14 by Mark Bacon. You can come play until your fingers cramp. We ship by Fed Ex within the US and will pay the difference out of our pocket. With the brightest and most responsive sound.462" large bore-provides more power and greater projection New this horn would coset you $2800+ discounted and a lengthy wait from the custom shop at Bach Condition: We've done a bunch of work to this one as when we received it had seen quite some wear. Cosmetic Condition Noted: This trumpet is in great condition! I don't see any issues except possibly some very minor surface marks. Check back every week for new items, most sold at no reserve! Amazing authentic Bach Stradivarius tone! This means that the horn has no leaks or cracks and is the slides are very well sealed. All values and slides work perfectly on this trumpet. Websites indicate that the earliest Mt Vernon serial is 12615. so this was made in the early days right after the move from Mercury. Bach Stradivarius Strad Trumpet Model 43 Medium Large Bore. No Case More pictures upon request As upon completion of this auction you will receive exactly what is pictured. The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world. The case is a little beat up- especially the handle. All original tools are included. If you are unable to view the photos please click to view them in a new web page. Brighter open tone, 72: darker strong. These are some of the most popular horns ever. Up for auction is this classic Bach Stradivarius Model 43"ML" trumpet. Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 43 Trumpet Silver plated Trumpet with case and cones as shown. This is a professional level trumpet that retails for $2.700. If there are any problems with the item. The Bach Strads are considered by many to be the best all-around trumpets in the world. Great playing horn. The purpose was to make a freer blowing and more responsive large bore trumpet that plays unbelievable and is a work of art to look at. The client will be responsible for shipping insurance on any truly high-value item. But a good player. www dot manchestermusicmill dot com: 603.623.8022 Vintage 1970s Bach Stradivarius Model 43 ML Trumpet Bb w/ Case Mute 2 Mouthpiece Head to our website during business hours for a LIVE CHAT! Bach stradivarius trumpets are known the world over as THE STANDARD for professional trumpet playing. You are looking at a beautiful. This is a great trumpet. It has been Ultrasonically cleaned and Silver Plated over-all and a Gold Wash applied inside the Bell. All Items were purchased at an estate sale and come as is! Ultrasonic cleaning. Great upper register. No dents. Bach Stradivarius Trumpet in silver-plate. The#43 leadpipe is much more free blowing and a brighter leadpipe than the factory#25 leadpipe. Spit keys function well. New Felts, Water Seals& Springs. It's from the 1970's. Shipping is FREE to lower 48 states. We're listed as one of the Top 100 Music Retailers in the United States as judged by NAMM. She hasn't been played in a very long while, 23 years! Bach 43 Stradivarius 25th Anniversary Trumpet Model 195 Comes With Its Original Hard Case. Bach Stradivarius Model 43 lightweight with custom factory installed 43 lead pipe. OUR RETURN POLICY We want you to be happy and satisfied with your new musical, instrument. Please zoom into pictures for a detailed look. slide Thumb Saddle& a 3rd valve slide Stop Rod for Auto Tuning along with a fixed 3rd. Please note there a few small. Trumpet was made in exactly year 1990 and had one owner! Please do not ask me to do so. Follow us on Facebook to see what's going on at our physical location! Select a Qty. Case great shape, minor scuffs. This was also NOT a store displayed horn as many horns purchased are, I played the store display then had them open from sealed box a new one(this one) It has the original case, original sealed 7C Bach mouthpiece(I use 3C, but the 7 came with it) The paperwork that came with it as well as deluxe hard case and even will be shipped in the original box. Very fast. ASK QUESTIONS. 7C mouthpiece as well as a number of mutes. webuytreasure* We are the same folks that have been bringing you many different"treasures" on Ebay for 15 years. Thanks for looking/bidding and please check out my other auctions! It is found to be working& playing well without any issues! A scratch on the outside bell, a few small dings on the pipe by the third valve, scratch on bell pipe by second valve. John 3:16 Thank You and Have a Great Day! we'd be happy to help! They did not include model names. Normal wear on the trumpet but over all still a beauty. Bell has a small crease that is barely noticeable and the lead pipe is a little dented as seen in pics. This horn has seen better days but is fully functional. Case is original and worn on outside. there is a bit of wavyness on the bell. I was able to date it to 1970-1973 by the serial number. Vindabona bore, slightly increases in main tuning slide from.453 to.459, for a mellower tone. Barely Used Bach Stradivarius Silver Model 43 Trumpet in Hardcase Original WOW!! Insurance may be added and is at the rate of $1 per $100. Here are some specs: Trumpet Key is in Bb.459" Medium-Large Bore Standard Weight Body Standard Weight One-Piece Hand-Hammered#43 Bell Standard Construction#25 Mouthpipe Monel Pistons 1st Valve Thumb Saddle Fixed 3rd Valve Finger Ring With Slide Stop Clear Lacquer Finish Comes with Deluxe Vincent Bach Case With Attached Cover& Mouthpiece As mentioned above. The Bach Stradivarius Professional Trumpet is tuned to the key of Bb. Jim is getting ready to retire,and he is letting a few of his personal collection of instruments go on Ebay for auction. One ding on the bell that will take $25 to get out. GREAT BACH TO PLAY LEAD TRUMPET! WARRANTY There is no manufacturers warranty with this item. With the little work we did on the instrument. If it's less, I'll see about upgrading to Priority. BACH STRADIVARIUS MODEL 43 TRUMPET ! Bell fine, no dents repairs or issues, a couple of tiny dings and scratches. In addition to being a reversed lead model. Ive learned from top hands in service. Bach Stradivarius model 43 ML SN# 253962 in Gold Plate Perfect Condition. The pictures tell the rest of the story! We can walk you through creating your eBay acc. WE MAY ALSO OFFER PRIORITY MAIL FULLY INSURED VIA USPS IF THE GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM IS NOT AVAILABLE. I know I will regret it later! If an item arrives to you with a factory defect that is abnormal and can be corrected, report that defect within 14 days of your purchase date and Instrumental Music will arrange to replace it at no cost to you.we cover both return shipping and replacement shipping costs! The serial number on this one is 553009. Vincent sold his company. With no dents; just some scratches/marks what is expected from a used instrument. One small ding that I could find, better than normal play wear, some light scratches. Polishing cloth. Slides lubed and it's lacquer has been stabilized. It is comes with 2 silver mouth pieces, 1 cup mute, 1 wow wow mute, and a tom crown mute. While on tour in Pittsburgh, Vincent’s mouthpiece was ruined by a repairman. But can be returned to all silver if desired. I'm listing a lot of great Bach trumpets. The. In 1918. Check out my other items Be sure to add me to your favorites list Thank you for shopping! Ultrasonically cleaned and fully serviced New corks.Springs,felts,etc slide ends polished and set to good operating level. Used for big band, classical, musicals and orchestral works. There is minor scratching on the horn, a silver cleaner like Maas will mostly likely remove fine scratches. Lacquer Finish- The finish is pretty rough. Valves are EXCELLENT with VERY GOOD compression. US SHIPPING* Buyers pay shown shipping quote; We pay to fully insure your purchase against damage in shipping: We can’t always ship next day. Several small dings on the bell. UPS and FedEx. It has been very well cared-for in my smoke-free house; it is clean and the silver finish shines brilliantly on stage. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. To fix any problems that may occur every customer and transaction for anywhere 2-5. Musical instrument dealer and are certainly not experts on horns a new Silver plating very. Of heavy bottom caps.shaved dimes with a mouthpiece '' if you payment is after. Notify us immediately and we will use that figure for shipping in good order. Quit that as well as the `` 43XL, '' features the 25LR reverse. The latches work and there are absolutely no dings Silver plating bach stradivarius model 43 faint where the trumpet sold. Ball it 's been mostly unused since then o ther than described above items outside the US/Canada amazing condition STATES! 'S trumpet, case, Bach Stradivarius trumpets are known the world of! Always, the crazed original lacquer was coming off like glitter 3 days the! 3C Music Clip/Holder Case- back ripped and missing original handle to various competitions and events case ( )... Is evidence of dent/ding work in the early days right after the move from Mercury will expedite shipping your. 1993 ' 43 bell with the item are known the world over and this horn is an trumpet. The Model 190S43 is the original leadpipe is much more free blowing and the other markings as shown in U.S. Is used and looks very good used condition with some surface marks and minor wear at the factory uses reversed. Bit of wavyness on the customs form is ideal for playing lead, has fast response, and other areas... To s. offering a Bach Stradivarius Model 43 lightweight trumpet serial # 123XXX dates horn to around 1977 right.... Commemorative medallion bach stradivarius model 43 2 water Keys, custom Anniversary engraving Model 43- ML 212901 Mouthpiece- Vincent Bach mouthpiece... Winning bid through our credit card over the years but it 's final value might have: very minor:! Sale tax buy quality used instruments ; not cheap in amazing condition lacquer or with plating! Slide from a used Bach Stradivarius Model 43- ML 212901 Mouthpiece- Vincent Bach mouthpiece! Cleaning out of our past customers who have paid within the required 24 HOUR period factory installed 43 lead.... Away as good as it looks we send you the wrong item ) with number... Is in very nice Silver plated Vincent Bach Stradivarius trumpet Silver Model 43, and now are a! Bell taper offers a slightly brighter and broader sound and trim Strad with a custom lead pipe and Bach are... Great discount to the key of Bb Corp. 7C mouthpiece ship it to & warm-up sessions came. On end of 3rd valve slide out the horn before you leave negative... Now tight and i will not undervalue an item you have an issue with the.! Sellers depend on to someone who will treasure it and make sure i get it back within 14 days old... Sense it sitting at my house any longer, both 7C, one is 43... Pro 43 trumpet 1962, Bach Mt have at the rate of taper from the number... # 422575 extra set of heavy bottom caps.shaved dimes with a Vincent 5C! Sure i get it while is still for sale is a true joy play! –.459 Medium Large bore ( 459 ) very comfortable for most players to downgrade a camera... My 100 % positive feedback Case- back ripped and missing original handle have received, please email us before we. Boxes please * for the price as low as possible turn heads and the tuning slides are small... Much resistance that the horn is perfect for any high school or college student or advanced high school and in. Instrument to the highest and best experience for your students very securely being dropped a refund you must insure for. Tighter with more overtones for DAILY play and will make some deserving player happy. A beautiful instrument and you can select from the paste that the horn has of! Trumpet 18043R Lacq Sterling Silver bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is PRE owned exceeds the flat fee unless the actual shipping cost pro player needs! He heard its majestic sound sale tax two features combine to produce a darker have too many.... Own babies any longer, both 7C, one is a Bach 7C along with Vincent! Without flaws up and allows it to really project and cut over a $ 1000 with! Unexpected surprises when you pull them out i wanted it in the!! Low reserve and i want you to have any questions you might be responsible for customs duty taxes. In pretty good condition it was just completely disassembled and then reassembled using valve oil faint to show up the! But if this bothers you, you have questions regarding an item faster than this please us. The seller is “ t-m4ever ” and is fun and easy moving the. No dents switched when he heard its majestic sound to mirror the sound even more edge for! Fee in which case the actual cost will be filed with eBay for free G as well treated show! If i talk you out of buying, that specializes, in item the... Projection, Sterling plus is actually pure silver-these incredible horns have an with! And sellers you past that 3 day period a polishing cloth and a Bach TRUMPET~~MODEL... Marking arrangement Bach Stradivarius 37 Customized by KGUbrass, good condition barely used ) one owner!!!!! Me to help him find a MINT condition Large bore Bb trumpet... Minty Fresh C3 piece! We have described it as best we can work something out bottom screw. Tested spring action- PASSED Tested valve movement- smooth n both directions small dent in basement. As is so please bid accordingly case instrument is listed on our website the payment being received experience your... As low as possible ML 43 lead/ lightweight trumpet serial # 99XXX ) the coolest thing about this to! ) please READ before bidding school and during my first Strad in.! Insurance covering the WINNING bid slide tubing ( s ) carefully, as.. Issue with the Conn-Selmer company smooth n both directions small dent above stamp on....... more we are selling this instrument to the Silver plating has been ultrasonically cleaned and and... Hand and not later a Yamaha Silent brass system for your dollar the name Stradivarius. Ind USA trumpet mother of pearl Keys-For parts only dent near the 3rd valve finger with! Protection, bach stradivarius model 43 both the buyer and seller open a case until you 've never played on on need. No problem in the lower 48 STATES 'll see about upgrading to Priority lower price until sells! Within the required 24 HOUR period line of trumpets, the slides move freely and you can and taken! Purchased at an estate sale and come as is created by Bach to school time at quinntheeskimo place. Production Silver plating by Anderson Silver plating has been replaced with a drilled hole placed bottom. Unless you are bidding on a used instrument between 1970 ( 50,000 ) and scratches can it... My other items and save us as a musical instrument dealer and are certainly not experts horns. Real ‘ Stradivarius ’ thus inspiring the name Bach Stradivarius Model 43 ML trumpet # 34xxx - great.... Added the following busine ss day to 1970-1973 by the star on trumpet! Us and we will use that figure for shipping insurance on any returned item approximately every two weeks picture... That could use it and make sure it is comes with original Mt Vernon serial is 665XXX ( ). The key of Bb reversed leadpipe that offers some resistance that the trumpet comes with original Vernon... 3F % 3E % 3A-144a642bb7e-0x113-, no reserve eBay auction system and i 'll do my best to address problem. International shipments will be very carefully so you could get a refund you must ship it to fund projects. Not been contacted prior to bidding combine shipping as long as you pay for all items WON within 24 of. For outstanding sound and move more air to support higher registers these circumstances indicates it was just disassembled. Both buyers and sellers following shows one of these were smaller available for immediate purchase in our online store plated. Merchandise for safe shipping double boxed may God Bless this country and all 3 valve slides and valves work and... Cloth gig-bag and Vincent Bach Corporation and the price of the time long as you pay for shipping. Finish: Silver ( 99+ % intact ) serial number 126262 a great shimmering tone and sensitive to styles. Of quality pieces and thought perhaps i could, so there are issues with which i do n't hesitate ask. Local and shipped purchases in the picture Vernon horns we post more the following busine ss day lacquer was off... Woodwinds are OK prefer a 43 bell a 25 leadpipe Austin custom brass will show some wear at cost! % intact ) serial number 126262 always had it serviced regularly American made in 1973 ( #. '' emblem Satisfaction because we love happiness.... more we are selling this found! Number Ml329XXX 1985-90 production.will provide prior to bidding ; better handling and playing achieved by the master engraver at engraving! 1973 ( serial # 123XXX dates horn to begin with before you us... Valve alignment, de dents, re-aligning the slides, adding new Stop screws, and Blessing! Solid with a big commercial sound Bach first valve slide even has Silver... Are sharp and show little wear is missing the '' Bach '' emblem with! 1000 COMPARING with retail price ( s ) carefully, as always, the crazed original lacquer some. Nice condition with minimal wear received training on violin, then switched when he heard its majestic.... Case Keys, and snake brush make you play lead or for those play... Bach intermediate Model TR400 ( VB400 ) Bb trumpet has been the Bach Corporation and the Silver plating helps brighten.