Legal Information/Open Game License, Fan Labs Description. The 13 magical beasts contained herein, ranging in CR from 1 to 21, are updated for the mythic rules, and when we say updated we mean complete stat blocks, yes, but more than that every one of these massive menaces has its own unique and exciting new mythic abilities, from a mythic leucrotta's lethal bite and compelling lure to the loathsome stench and death gaze of a mythic catoblepas! This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, pg(s). Known sometimes as landsharks , bulettes are sleek predators who move as fluidly through earth as those primeval eating machines move through water. Alebrije (CR +2) Pathfinder #144: Midwives to Death pg. Edit source History Talk (4) Share. 308 Magical beasts are similar to animals but can have Intelligence scores higher than 2 (in which case the magical beast knows at least one language, but can’t necessarily speak). Einherji CR 10. They are also quite fast, able to use their mobility to harass and further separate the group. Environment any water Organization solitary (unique) Treasure triple. Example Owlbears Ur-Buvos References Owlbear (Creature) Type Magical beast CR 4 Environment Temperate forests Alignment LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Magical beast CR: 5 Environment: Warm rivers Alignment: LG: NG: CG: LN: N: CN: LE: NE: CE: Adjective: Uraeus Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). New Pages XP 9,600 CN Medium outsider (extraplanar) Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., deathwatch; Perception +18. This is an alphabetized index of all new creatures appearing in the Pathfinder campaign setting.The index includes the creature's name, its type, sub-type (if applicable), alignment, CR (Challenge Rating), and the print source in which the most up-to-date version of the creature exists. A magical beast has the following features. Clicking the abbreviation takes you to a page explaining each abbreviation. | Swords and Wizardry SRD These incredible creatures range from CR 3 to CR 30, from the charming tanuki and the pugnacious kappa to the terrifying bakekujira, trailing oceans of death in their wake. | The Modern Path SRD Appearance. Ethical Alignment. | FateCoreSRD ... and notably Summon Swarm can summon CR 2 creatures compared to the CR 1 creatures from Summon Monster II. | Fudge SRD | Starjammer SRD Bestiary‎ > ‎(Bestiary) By Type‎ > ‎Magical Beasts‎ > ‎ Shocker Lizard This dog-sized lizard has two horns, one on either side of its head, and green scales that crackle with sparks of lightning. my familiar is a roomba. Size Type Subtype Climate Terrain Plane Min CR Max CR. Check out our other SRD sites! Log In Sign Up. Magical beasts are similar to animals but can have Intelligence scores higher than 2 (in which case the magical beast knows at least one language, but can't necessarily speak). Squares: The typical size of the vehicle is measured in a number of squares, followed by the standard configuration of those squares.. | Design Finder 2018 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Name: The name of the vehicle.. | d20PFSRD Magical beast CR: 7 Environment: Cold deserts and glaciers Alignment: Neutral Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). Ahuizotl (Creature) Type: Magical beast (aquatic) CR: 6 Environment: Warm lakes and swamps Alignment: LG: NG: CG: LN: N: CN: LE: NE: CE: Source: Blood for Blood, pg(s). "Its coat shining vividly, this majestic tiger looks exotic and otherworldly. | d20 Anime SRD Price 1 sp; Weight5 lbs. Magical beasts are similar to animals but can have Intelligence scores higher than 2 (in which case the magical beast knows at least one language, but can’t necessarily speak). To make matters worse, the hydra's damage is so far off the chart for a CR 4 enemy when it comes to damage dealt that it's practically a death sentence for low-AC party members, and the elemental variants gain the ability to nuke players harder (5 3d6 breath weapons? New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy, CR 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 27 | 30 | 35 | 37 | 39, Skeleton, Tyrannosaurus Rex (Multiplying), Gargoyle Brute (Advanced Four-Armed Gargoyle), Jellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Gargantuan), Dragon, Imperial (Sovereign, Young Adult), Dragon, Imperial (Sovereign, Mature Adult), Demon Lord, Caizel (Deposed Queen of Succubi), Devil (Unique), Lilith (Former Queen of Hell), Dragon, Imperial (Underworld, Great Wyrm), Devil (Unique), Demoriel (Twice-Exiled Seductress), Demon Lord, Kostchtchie (Demon Prince of Wrath), Devil (Unique), Alastor (Executioner of Hell), Devil (Unique), Caasimolar (Former President of Hell), Devil (Unique), Xaphan (Duke of Infernus), Demon Lord, Fraz-Urb’luu (Demon Prince of Deception), Devil (Unique), Lucifer (Prince of Darkness), Latest Pathfinder products in the Open Gaming Store, Ancestral Anthologies Vol. You are viewing the legacy Pathfinder Reference Document website. Character Sheets Elghinn Lightbringer's Stonehelm Emporium. As if a dozen mythic monsters were not enough, we also bring you the apocalyptic fury of the many-headed Yamata no-Orochi, a colossal water dragon with a tempestuous fury and a parching addiction to the finest sake. | 3.5e SRD A tressym resembled a small cat, roughly the size of a common housecat, and growing up to 2 feet (61 centimeters) long from nose to tail. yuck.) Demon ... (Pathfinder RPG) Book of Beasts: Witch Codex (PF 1e) Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (PF1) Lands of Theia; Become an Editor! 15. 1 year ago. | Fudge SRD Pathfinder SRD (Paizo) d20SRD Facebook; D&D Wiki; BoLS; BoLS Facebook; Lexicanum; Lexicanum Facebook; D&D - RPG News; d20 Monster Filter. They are said to have an affinity for water and spit venom into the eyes of their foes. Medium Magical Beasts: you gain a +4 size bonus to your Strength, and a +4 natural armor bonus. Fun Magical Beasts CR1-4. Neutral evil creatures; Aquatic subtype creatures; Ahuizotl. The following are class skills for magical beasts: Proficient with its natural weapons only. cr 10 bebilith , brachiosaurus , clay golem , couatl , fire giant , giant flytrap , guardian naga , rakshasa , red dragon (young), silver dragon (young), white dragon (adult) CR 11 168 LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE This page is a stub. Magic in the Blood: A Guide to Eldritch Heritage and Sorcerer Bloodlines. This page is part of the character sheet for Pathfinder, covering Beast creatures. Posted by. CR 28 – 3pp. A gnome in this area must make a DC 15 Will save to avoid being shaken by this effect for the duration of the loss of color. 1E Monster Talk. Bonus points for rarity and explaining what makes them awesome. Legal Information/Open Game License, Fan Labs Recent Changes Sell at the Open Gaming Store! Most peo… Pages in category "Magical beasts" The following 199 pages are in this category, out of 199 total. Recent Changes Shop the Open Gaming Store! 63: The uraeuses are members of a legendary race of winged, two-headed cobras said to be birthed by Wadjet. | 13th Age SRD This is an alphabetized list of all new monsters appearing in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Size and Type: Divided into land, sea, and air.. | d20PFSRD 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (PF1) Aegis of Empires 5: Race for Shataakh-Uulm (Pathfinder RPG) Book of Beasts: Witch Codex (PF 1e) Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (PF1) Lands of Theia XP 1,200 N Large magical beast Init +2; Senses all-around vision, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +11 . Traveller SRD Beasts (called Magical Beasts in First Edition) are for the most part wild animals of various sorts, but have some sort of unusual characteristics that set them apart from regular wildlife — greater intelligence, chimeric body plans, magical powers and so on. AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+2 Dex, +8 natural, -1 size) hp 85 (10d10+30) Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +4 . This consists of two woolen sheets sewn together along the bottom and one side to create a bag for sleeping in. The uraeuses are spirits of wisdom … This is an alphabetized list of all new monsters appearing in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Support Open Gaming: Subscribe to Our Newsletter: Sell in the Open Gaming Store: Report a Bug or Issue: New Pages Recent Changes Legal Information/Open Game License. This large snake has two heads, one at each end of its long, coiling body. | The Modern Path SRD Alright reddit I wanna hear your coolest magical beasts to pin up on your wall as a trophy big game hunter style. 39 Of all the beasts that populate the wilderness, few are as feared as the bulette . 15. Awakened Shrub Baboon Badger Bat Cat Commoner Crab Deer Eagle Frog Giant Fire Beetle Goat Hawk Homunculus Hyena Jackal Lemure Lizard Octopus Owl Quipper Rat Raven Scorpion Sea Horse Shrieker Spider Vulture Weasel.125. I'll start; The Dweomercat. You can help us by expanding it. 157: The jubjub bird is the least powerful and least intelligent of the Tane, a group of the Eldest's destructive servants that hail from the First World. I have a party of 4 level 2 characters who are going to investigate a magical pet shop where magical creatures are transmuted … Press J to jump to the feed. All columns are sortable—just click on the arrows in the header row. Bat, CommonCentipede, HouseHedgehogIsopod, GiantSkunkToad, Clockwork Drone[3PP-TOHC]Killmoulis[3PP-TOHC]ParrotRacoon[3PP-TOHC]Spider, Drain, Botfly, GiantCatCrab, KingDodoDonkey RatFox, Scorpion, GreenstingSkunkSpider, ScarletZombie, Kobold, Barracuda (Small)[3PP-TOHC]Barrow Rat[3PP-TOHC]Centipede, SewerDeer[3PP-TOHC]Fox, Firefoot FennicJellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Tiny)[3PP-TOHC]Mandrill[3PP-TOHC]Muckdweller[3PP-TOHC]PiercerSheep[3PP-TOHC]Spider, Skull[3PP-TOHC], Beetle, FireDogDrowDuergarDwarf CaimanEurypterid, OchreGillmanGoatGoblinHawkMerfolkOoze Swarm, Alchemical (Sanguine)Orc, Common, OwlPigPterosaur, RhamphorhynchusRatfolkRat, DireSealSquirrel, FlyingSevered HeadSkeleton, Medium HumanoidSpriteThrush, Dog, Bulldog[3PP-PDG]Fox[3PP-TOHC]Floating Eye[3PP-TOHC]Grippli[3PP-TOHC]Kuah-lij[3PP-TOHC]Mosquito, Giant[3PP-TOHC] Orc, Black[3PP-TOHC]Orc, Blood[3PP-TOHC]Orc, Ghost-Faced[3PP-TOHC]Orc, Greenskin[3PP-TOHC]Rat, DiseasedSilid[3PP-TOHC]Wizard’s Shackle[3PP-TOHC], AasimarAnimated Object (Tiny)AntelopeBaboonBadgerBilokoCatfolkCentipede, GiantChangelingClockwork SpyCrawling HandDhampirDog, RidingDolphinEagleFetchlingFlaming SkullFrog, PoisonGremlin, PugwampiGrindylowGrippliHobgoblinIfritKangarooKuruLeshy, LeafLocathahMaggot, GiantOctopus, Blue-RingedOoze Swarm, Alchemical (Phlegmatic), OreadOwl, Great HornedPonyRaccoonSagariScorpion, GhostSkeleton, Four-Armed MudraSnake, ViperSpider, DreamSpider, Giant CrabStingrayStirgeSuliSylphTenguThylacineTieflingTurtle, SnappingUndineVegepygmyVishkanyaVultureWeaselXtabayZombie, Medium HumanoidZombie, UnhallowedZoog, Al-mi’raj[3PP-TOHC]Beetle, FlashBeetle, MiningBrain Rat[3PP-TOHC]Carbuncle[3PP-TOHC]Cave Cricket[3PP-TOHC]Clockwork Scout[3PP-TOHC]Crab, CoconutCrab, Lesser Fire[3PP-TOHC]Dog, Apollo[3PP-PDG]Dog, Badger Hound[3PP-PDG]Dog, Blond Mastiff[3PP-PDG]Dog, Bull Mastiff[3PP-PDG]Emu[3PP-SM]Flea, Giant[3PP-PDG]Frog, Poisonous[3PP-TOHC]Gorbel[3PP-TOHC]Gremlin[3PP-TOHC]Hydrus[3PP-JBE]Jaculi[3PP-TOHC]Jellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Small)[3PP-TOHC]Mantari[3PP-TOHC]Mite[3PP-TOHC]Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Small)[3PP-TOHC]Shadow, Lesser[3PP-TOHC]Shadow, Rat[3PP-TOHC]Stingray, Small[3PP-TOHC]Vegepygmy Commoner[3PP-TOHC]Vilstrak[3PP-TOHC]Vulchling[3PP-TOHC]ZhyenZombie, Void, AkataAmoeba, GiantAmoeba SwarmAtomieAxe Beak, DiatrymaBee, GiantBrownieCamelCarbuncleClawbatDarkmantleDinosaur, CompsognathusDire Corby, ElkEurypterid, CommonFast Zombie, Flapping HeadFaunFestrogFly, GiantFlumphFrog, GiantGremlin, FuathGarGhoulGnollGoblin DogGoblin SnakeGremlin, JinkinGremlin, VexgitGrigGryphHippocampusHomunculusHorseHyena, Jellyfish, Death’s HeadKrensharLemureLeshy, GourdLizardfolkLizard, Giant GeckoMongrelmanNingyoNingyo (Undead)NixieOctopusOoze Swarm, Alchemical (Melancholic)Phantom Armor, Hollow HelmPorcupine, Dire[3PP-TOHC]PseudodragonPterosaur, DimorphodonRamRay, MantaReefclawRune GuardianScorpion, CaveSea Urchin, Hunter, Skeleton, GoldenSkeletal MountSkulkSkull SwarmSnake, SeaSnake, VenomousSpider, GiantSpider SwarmSolifugid, GiantSquidStrixSvirfneblinTerror WolfTick, GiantTroglodyteVanaraWater Strider SwarmWolfZombie Wolf, Abyssal Larva[3PP-TOHC]Al-mi’raj, Psionic[3PP-TOHC]Ant, Giant WorkerArcherfish, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Atomie[3PP-TOHC]Barbegazi (Ice Gnome)[3PP-TOHC]Baric[3PP-TOHC]Barracuda, Medium[3PP-TOHC]Beetle, Giant Blister[3PP-TOHC]Blood Hawk[3PP-TOHC]Boar, SargavanBrownie[3PP-TOHC]CamelCarbuncle Companion[3PP-MKoM]Caribe, Giant[3PP-TOHC]CarrionstormCentipede, HissingChimpanzee, Cockroach, HissingCooshee[3PP-FF]Danse Macabre[3PP-SM]Devil, Nupperibo[3PP-TOHC]Dire Corby[3PP-TOHC]Dire CorgiDog, Bull Mastiff, Giant Fiendish[3PP-PDG]Doll, Devil[3PP-FF]Dragonfish[3PP-TOHC] Dream Imp[3PP-MKoM]Elemental, Cold Iron (Small)Elemental Warrior, Earth[3PP-MKoM]Ethereal Filcher[3PP-FF]Fire Bird[3PP-MKoM]Fire Snake[3PP-TOHC]Flumph[3PP-TOHC]Fly, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Formian Worker[3PP-FF]Frog, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Frog, Killer[3PP-TOHC]Frog, Killer[3PP-FF]Golden Cat[3PP-TOHC]Grimlock[3PP-FF]Gryph[3PP-TOHC], Half-Ogre[3PP-TOHC]Huggermugger[3PP-TOHC]Jellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Medium)[3PP-TOHC]Land Lamprey[3PP-TOHC]Lightning Cat[3PP-MKoM]Lizardfolk (Fungal)Mandragora[3PP-TOHC]Margay[3PP-TOHC]Marmoset, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Mimi[3PP-TOHC]Mite, Pestie[3PP-TOHC]Nightcaller[3PP-JBE]Nilbog[3PP-TOHC]Ogren[3PP-TOHC]Ogrillon[3PP-TOHC]Ooze, Amber[3PP-TOHC]OrangutanOrog[3PP-TOHC]Piranha[3PP-JBE]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Small)[3PP-TOHC], Rakklethorn Toad[3PP-TOHC]Ram[3PP-TOHC]Shadow Rat, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Shark, JigsawShrieker[3PP-FF]Skulk[3PP-TOHC]Slime Crawler, Larval[3PP-TOHC]Sprite[3PP-TOHC]Stormwarden[3PP-TOHC]Stumble Fish[3PP-JBE]Tavi (Mongoose Folk)[3PP-GR]Tick, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Vapor Rat, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Vegepygmy Worker[3PP-TOHC]WitherstenchZombie, Brine[3PP-TOHC], Aeon, ParacletusAgathion, SilvansheeAngel, CassisianAnimated Object (Small)Ant, GiantArbiterArchon, HarbingerArchon, LanternAsura, TripurasuraAurochsAxe BeakAzerBadger, DireBat, DireBat SwarmBeheaded, GiantBlindheimBlink DogBoarBoggardBog StriderBugbearCave FisherCharau-kaCheetahChokerClockwork Servant, Cobra Construct, IronCockroach SwarmContemplative of AshokCrab, GiantCrocodileDaemon, CacodaemonDark CreeperDemon, DretchDiv, DoruDoll, SoulboundDragon, Faerie, DraugrDweomercat, CubEel, ElectricElk, RiverExecutioner’s HoodFoo DogForlarrenGorillaHippogriffHomunculus, SnapjawImpIncutilisJackalwereKami, ShikigamiKappa, Kyton, AugurLeech, GiantLeopardLeprechaunLeshy, FungusLizard, MonitorLocust SwarmLycanthrope, WereboarLycanthrope, WereratLycanthrope, WerewolfMechanical ViperMonkey SwarmMorlockMudmanNecrophidius, LesserNuglubOgrekinOni, SpiritOoze, GardenOoze Swarm, Alchemical (Choleric)Phantom Armor, GuardianPorcupine, GiantProtean, VoidwormPsychopomp, NosoiQlippoth, CythnigotQuasitRakshasa, RaktavarnaRatlingRat Swarm, SahuaginSasquatchSharkShocker LizardSinspawnSkeleton, OwlbearSkin StealerSkumSlime MoldSlurkSnake, ConstrictorSnake SwarmStirge, GiantTatzlwyrmThawnThoqquaThylacine, BrushToad, GiantTritonVargouilleWolverineWorgYellow Musk CreeperZombie, ApocalypseZombie, Juju, AlligatorArcher Bush[3PP-TOHC]Axe Beak[3PP-TOHC]Banderlog[3PP-TOHC]Beetle, BombardierBlindheim[3PP-TOHC]Bog Strider Seer QueenBoneneedle, Lesser[3PP-TOHC]Buckawn[3PP-TOHC]Bumblebee, GiantCadaver[3PP-TOHC]Cat, Great (Lynx)[3PP-TOHC]Cave Fisher[3PP-TOHC]Cave Moray[3PP-TOHC]Chupacabra[3PP-TOHC]Cinder WolfClam, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Clockwork Overseer[3PP-TOHC]Clockwork Parasite[3PP-TOHC]Clubnek[3PP-TOHC]Cobra Construct, Iron[3PP-TOHC], Cooshee[3PP-TOHC]Crab, Monstrous[3PP-TOHC]Crabman[3PP-TOHC]Cobra Construct, DarkwoodDakon[3PP-TOHC]Dark Creeper[3PP-TOHC]Death Dog[3PP-TOHC]Diger[3PP-TOHC]Dinosaur, VelociraptorDread CorbyEel, Electric[3PP-TOHC]Elk, GiantEthereal Rat[3PP-TOHC]Executioner’s Hood[3PP-TOHC]Falcon, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Fetch[3PP-TOHC]Flind[3PP-TOHC]Flytrap, Giant[3PP-JBE]Forgotten One[3PP-TOHC]Forlarren[3PP-TOHC]Frost Man[3PP-TOHC]Fyr[3PP-TOHC]Gelatinous Orb[3PP-APRR]Ghoul Wolf[3PP-TOHC]Graymalkin Slinker[3PP-TOHC]Horse, Fiendish WarHorse, Heavy, Hoar Fox[3PP-TOHC]Huecuva[3PP-TOHC]Jellyfish, Monstrous[3PP-TOHC]Kampfult[3PP-TOHC]Leech, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Marble Snake[3PP-TOHC]Mongrelman[3PP-TOHC]Mudman[3PP-TOHC]Necrophidius[3PP-TOHC]Ooze, Tar Jelly[3PP-AP]Ooze, Whip Jelly[3PP-TOHC]Pedipalp False Spider[3PP-TOHC]Piranha Swarm[3PP-JBE]Piranha Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Poisonous Frog Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Poltergeist[3PP-TOHC]Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Medium)[3PP-TOHC]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Medium)[3PP-TOHC]Racoon, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Redcap[3PP-TOHC]Ronus[3PP]Ryven[3PP]Sandling[3PP], Scarlet Spider Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Screaming Devilkin[3PP-TOHC]Seahorse, Giant[3PP-TOHC]SkinwraithSoul Nibbler[3PP-TOHC]Spinal LeechSpore Rat[3PP-TOHC]Stingray, Medium[3PP-TOHC]T’shann[3PP-TOHC]Tabaxi[3PP-TOHC]Taer[3PP-TOHC]Thermite Worker[3PP-TOHC]Tiger Barb, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Tri-Flower Frond[3PP-TOHC]Troblin[3PP-TOHC]Troglodyte, Stone[3PP-FF]Tsathar[3PP-TOHC]Ubue[3PP-TOHC]Vegepygmy Guard[3PP-TOHC]Volt[3PP-TOHC]Yellow Musk Creeper[3PP-TOHC]Yellow Musk Zombie[3PP-TOHC], Ape, DireAdaroAdhererAllipAnimated Object (Medium)AnkhegAssassin VineBelostomatidBunyipCaryatid ColumnCentaurCentipede, Giant WhiptailCeratioidiCerebric FungusChickcharneyChupacabraCockatriceCrysmalDaemon, LacridaemonDark SlayerDemon, VermlekDerroDevil, AccuserDinosaur, DeinonychusDinosaur, DimetrodonDinosaur, PteranodonDisenchanterDoppelgangerDragonfly Nymph, GiantDragon, Tidepool, Drake, RiverDraugr (Advanced)DrekavacDrow, NobleDryadD’ziriak, EttercapFey Giant ToadFey WolverineFungal CrawlerGelatinous CubeGolem, WaxGiant EagleGrickHell HoundHowlerHyena, DireKechLava ChildLeshy, SeaweedLion, Lizard, Giant ChameleonLycanthrope, WerebatLycanthrope, WeresharkMagminMantis, GiantMedusa Head, Merrow, FreshwaterMindslaver MoldMobatMosquito SwarmMurder of CrowsNecrophidiusNixie, BogOgrePech, PegasusPhantom FungusQuicklingRot Grub, GiantRust MonsterSalamander, FlamebrotherSandmanScorpion, GiantShadowSkeleton, Megaraptor (Advanced)Skunk, GiantSpider, Giant Black WidowSprigganSpring-heeled JackTroll, MossTrollhoundTwigjackUnicornUrdefhanVampiric MistViolet FungusVargouille, GiantWasp, GiantWasp SwarmWightWolf, DireYeth Hound, Adherer[3PP]Agogwe[3PP-PFU]Ant, Giant DroneAvernal Ghoul[3PP]Babbler[3PP]Baccae[3PP]Beetle, Giant Boring[3PP]Beetle, Giant Saw-Toothed[3PP]Beetle, Giant Water[3PP]Belabra[3PP]Bear, BlackBonesnapper[3PP]Bumblebee, Giant Worker[3PP]Cannibal Child[3PP]Caryatid Column[3PP-TOHC]Cat, Great (Jaguar)[3PP-TOHC]Cat, Great (Leopard, Snow)[3PP-TOHC]Cat, Great (Lion, Mountain)[3PP-TOHC]Clockwork Brain Gear[3PP-TOHC]Clockwork Warrior[3PP-TOHC]Cobra Construct, AdamantineCobra Construct, MithralCoffer Corpse[3PP]Chupacabra, FlyingCrab, Greater Fire[3PP]Crayfish, Monstrous[3PP], Decapus[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Lesser Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Mallor (Serpent Demon)[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Skitterdark[3PP-TOHC]Demon of Corruption (Barizou)Disenchanter[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Wyrmling)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Wyrmling)[3PP]Drake, Fire[3PP-TOHC]Drake, Ice[3PP-TOHC]Eblis[3PP-TOHC]Elemental, Cold Iron (Medium)Elemental, Gravity (Medium)[3PP-TOHC]Elusa Hound[3PP-TOHC]Ethereal Marauder[3PP]Flail Snail[3PP-TOHC]Frog, Giant Dire[3PP-TOHC]Fungoid[3PP]Gambado[3PP-TOHC]Gelid Beetle, Lesser[3PP-TOHC]Ghoul-Stirge[3PP-TOHC]Goat, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Gorgoni[3PP]Graymalkin Tether[3PP-TOHC]Gronk[3PP-TOHC]Gutslug[3PP-TOHC]Hamster, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Hanged Man[3PP]Hippocampus[3PP-TOHC]Hoar Spirit[3PP]Horsefly, Giant[3PP]Inphidian, Cobra Back[3PP]Inphidian, Common[3PP]Inphidian, Dancer[3PP]Jack-o-Lantern[3PP]Jellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Large)[3PP-TOHC]Jupiter Bloodsucker[3PP]Kathlin[3PP]Kech[3PP-TOHC]Lava Child[3PP-TOHC]Lizard, Giant Chameleon[3PP-TOHC]Lizard, Giant Rock-Horned (Blood Lizard)[3PP-TOHC], Marsh Jelly[3PP]Mephit, Lightning[3PP]Mephit, Smoke[3PP]Mobat[3PP-TOHC]Moose[3PP-TOHC]Mudbog[3PP]Oakman[3PP]Ooze, Emerald[3PP-AP]Ooze, Stun Jelly[3PP]Pech[3PP-TOHC]Phlogiston[3PP]Phooka[3PP]Pond Drinker[3PP]Pyrolisk[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Lightning (Small)[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Large)[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Large)[3PP]Quickling[3PP-TOHC]Ram, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Raven Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Retch Hound[3PP]Sandman[3PP-TOHC]Shadow Wolf[3PP-TOHC], Shark, HammerheadShark, TigerSheet Fungus[3PP]Shrieker, Mindstab Fungus[3PP-FF]Silver Bells[3PP]Skulleton[3PP]Slime Mold[3PP-TOHC]Slithering Tracker[3PP-TOHC]Sloth, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Sloth Viper[3PP-TOHC]Solifugid, False Spider[3PP]Spider, Diamond[3PP]Spriggan[3PP-TOHC]Stench Kow[3PP-TOHC]Strangle Weed[3PP-TOHC]Sudoth[3PP-TOHC]Tangtal[3PP]Thorny[3PP]Troll, Ice[3PP-TOHC]Troll, Swamp[3PP-TOHC]Trollhound, ScraghoundTrollhound, RockTsathar Scourge[3PP]Vampire Rose[3PP]Vegepygmy Bodyguard[3PP-TOHC]Velvet Ant Swarm[3PP-TOHC]VenomroachWang Liang[3PP-TOHC], AmphisbaenaAraneaArchon, HoundAttic WhispererAxe Beak, Terror BirdBarghestBear, Brown or GrizzlyBeheaded, Medusa Head (Shrieking)Beetle, Giant StagBeetle, SlicerBisonBoar, DireBotfly SwarmCalathgarCaryatid Column, Shining SentinelCentipede SwarmChemositChoker BruteCrab SwarmDaemon, VulnudaemonDark StalkerDecapusDemon, HalaDemon, SchirDevilfishDinosaur, PacycephalosaurusDinosaur, ParasaurolophusDiv, Agash, Dragonfly, GiantDrake, ForestDust DiggerElk, MegalocerosElk, MegalocerosErcineeFaceless StalkerFestrog, MenadoranFlail SnailFoo DogGargoyleGloomwing, GriffonHag, SeaHalf-Celestial UnicornHarpyHuldraHydraJanniKamadanKelpieKorredLeech SwarmLiving Topiary, Machine SoldierMandragoraMask GolemMimicMinotaurMyceloidNirentoOni, KuwaOoze, GrayOtyughOwlbearPerytonPhantom Armor, GiantPhycomidPixiePoltergeistRhinocerosSatyrScarecrowSea Urchin, SpearSerpentfolkShaeShobhadShriezyxSlithering TrackerSnake, Venomous SwarmSolifugid, Albino CaveSpriggan, FellnightTanukiTentamortThraie SoldierTigerTroll, IceVoonithVulture, GiantWolverine, DireWraith SpawnYetiZuvembie, Ahlinni[3PP]Algoid[3PP]Amphisbaena[3PP-TOHC]Aurochs, StorvalAwakened Leopard[3PP-PFU]Basidirond[3PP-TOHC]Beetle, Giant Slicer[3PP-TOHC]Blood Bush[3PP]Bloody Bones[3PP]Boalisk[3PP]Bone Cobbler[3PP]Boneneedle, Greater[3PP]Bunyip[3PP-TOHC]Caterwaul[3PP]Cavern Lizard[3PP]Chrystone[3PP]Clamor[3PP]Clockwork Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Cobra Flower[3PP]Crab, RockDark Stalker[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Mehrim[3PP-TOHC]Demon of Corruption (Azizou), Dlurgraven[3PP]Doombat[3PP]Dragonfly, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Draug[3PP-TOHC]Dust Digger[3PP-TOHC]Eel, Dire Electric[3PP]Eye Killer[3PP-TOHC]Fire Nymph[3PP]Flail Snail[3PP-FF]Formian Warrior[3PP]Frog, Giant Dire[3PP]Frog, Giant Dire (Abyssal)[3PP]Fye[3PP]Fungus, Phantom[3PP-FF]Gallows Tree Zombie[3PP-TOHC]Gargoyle, Green Guardian[3PP-TOHC]Gas SporeGloomwing[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Carrion (Stand-in)Golem, Carrion (Weaponized)Golem, Stone Guardian[3PP-TOHC]Grave Risen[3PP-TOHC]Grick, JungleHaunt[3PP]Herd Animal, Scythe Horn[3PP-TOHC]Hippopotamus[3PP-TOHC]Hyaenodon[3PP-TOHC]Inphidian, Rattler[3PP]Kamadan[3PP-TOHC]Kelpie[3PP]Khargra[3PP]Korred[3PP-TOHC]Leprechaun[3PP-TOHC]Lythic[3PP], Mawler[3PP]Mercury Ooze[3PP]Mummy of the Deep[3PP]Olive SlimeOoze, CrystalOoze, Crystal[3PP-TOHC]Otyugh, CorpsefeasterOtyugh, MutantOtyugh, OozingPhantom Stalker[3PP]Phycomid[3PP-TOHC]Pike, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Reigon[3PP]Rock Reptile[3PP]Rot GrubSand Stalker[3PP]Scarecrow[3PP-TOHC]Screaming Skull[3PP]Sea Cat[3PP]Shadow Rat Swarm[3PP]Shark, Great WhiteSlime Crawler, Mature[3PP-TOHC]Stymphalian Bird (Bronze Beak)[3PP-TOHC]Symbiotic JellyTentamort[3PP-TOHC]Thermite Soldier[3PP], Throat LeechTroll, Cave[3PP-TOHC]Tuatara, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Tumblespark[3PP-TOHC]Vampire SpawnVapor Wasp[3PP-TOHC]Warden Jack Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Weird, Fungus[3PP-TOHC]Wight, Barrow[3PP-TOHC]Wight, CairnWight, FrostWitherweedWolf-Spider[3PP-TOHC]Yellowjacket, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Yeti[3PP-TOHC], AchaieraiAnimated Object (Large)Ant Lion, GiantArchelonArmy Ant SwarmAscomoidBasidirondBasilisk, CommonBee, Giant QueenBeetle, Azlanti ChariotBrethedanBuraqCecaeliaCloakerChupacabra, Giant WingedCrab, Giant HermitCrawling Hand, GiantCrypt ThingCyclopsDaemon, VenedaemonDemon, BrimorackDerhiiDevil, BeardedDinosaur, Megaraptor, Enslaved SpawnEurypterid, BluetipGhoul Bat, SkavelingGhulGibbering MoutherGlobsterGolem, IceGraven GuardianGrimstalkerGrodairHag, GreenHeiracosphinxHellgrammite, GiantHippopotamusKami, KodamaLeucrottaLion, DireLizard, Giant FrilledLurker in LightManticoreMegatheriumMercaneMummyMummy, BogMummy, UnhallowedNightmareOchre JellyOrcaPhase SpiderRakshasa, DandasukaRastSabosanSelkieSirenShadow, BlastShadow MastiffSkeletal MageSnake, Giant AnacondaSnake, Emperor CobraSpider, OgreSpider EaterTojanidaTrollVodyanoiWinter WolfWraith, Aberrant[3PP]Ant, Giant QueenArrowhawk[3PP]Asrai[3PP]Barracuda, Dire[3PP]Barracuda, Large[3PP-TOHC]Bear, PolarBlood Pudding[3PP]Blood Golem[3PP-TOHC]Bog Beast[3PP]Boggart[3PP]Bumblebee, Giant Queen[3PP]Carrion Moth[3PP]Church Grim[3PP]Churr[3PP]Corpse Candle[3PP]Corpse Rook[3PP], Crag Man[3PP]Crypt Thing[3PP-TOHC]Crystalline Horror[3PP]Demon, Alu-DemonDemon of Corruption (Geruzou)[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Marnasoth (Hellstoker)[3PP-TOHC]Devil Dog[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Very Young)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Very Young)[3PP]Drelb[3PP-TOHC]Ear SeekerEctoplasm[3PP-TOHC]Eel, Giant Moray[3PP-TOHC]Eel, Gulper[3PP-TOHC]Elemental, Cold Iron (Large)Elemental, Gravity (Large)[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Fiend, Air[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Fiend, Earth[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Fiend, Fire[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Fiend, Water[3PP-TOHC]Eye Killer, Umbral[3PP-TOHC]Fear Guard[3PP]Fen Witch[3PP]Fire Phantom[3PP]Fogwarden[3PP]Forester’s Bane[3PP]Gargoyle, Four-Armed[3PP-TOHC]Gargoyle, Fungus[3PP-TOHC]Gargoyle, Margoyle[3PP-TOHC]Ghoul BatGiant, Wood[3PP-TOHC]Giant Assassin Bug[3PP], Golem, Carrion (Mount)Golem, Ice[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Rope[3PP-TOHC]Gorilla Bear[3PP-TOHC]Grimstalker[3PP-TOHC]Hornet, Giant[3PP]Greymalkin[3PP]Inphidian, Night Adder[3PP]Kamadan, DuskLion Beast of Chaos[3PP-TOHC]Lobster, Monstrous[3PP-PFU]Magnesium Spirit[3PP]MargoyleMemory MossMissing Lynx[3PP]Murder Crow[3PP]Niln[3PP]Onyx Deer[3PP-TOHC]Possessor[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Huge)[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Huge)[3PP]Sea Serpent, Gilded[3PP-TOHC], Shrieker, Singing[3PP-FF]Skeleton, Black[3PP]Skin Stitcher[3PP]Smilodon (Homotherium)[3PP-TOHC]Smilodon (Saber-Toothed Cat)[3PP-TOHC]Smoke HauntSpider Eater[3PP-FF]Spider, Giant Skate[3PP]Stegocentipede[3PP-TOHC]Stingray, Large[3PP-TOHC]Tazelwyrm[3PP-TOHC]Thunder Beast[3PP]Tigrilla[3PP-TOHC]Tojanida[3PP]Transposer[3PP]Troll, Aquatic (Scrag)Vegepygmy Subchief[3PP-TOHC]Wight, BruteWind Walker, Agathion, VulpinalAhuizotlAnt Lion, Giant AdultAzata, BralaniBasilisk, Slime-InfectedBelkerBerbalangBlodeuweddCerberiClockwork SoldierCryohydra (5-headed)Daemon, CeustodaemonDeathwebDeath WormDemon, BabauDemon, IncubusDinosaur, AnkylosaurusDinosaur, IguanodonDjinni, Drake, SeaEttinGar, GiantGargoyle, GemstoneGiant OwlGiant, CaveGiant, WoodGirallonGlacier ToadGolden GuardianGolem, Flesh HoundGolem, WoodGlyptodonHag, AnnisHalf-fiend MinotaurHodagHungry FogJellyfish Swarm, Kyton, EvangelistLamiaMaftetMerrow, SaltwaterMi-goMosquito, GiantMosquito Swarm, BloodhazeMothmanNaga, LunarNirento, ElderOoze, VerdurousPhantom Armor, Phantom LancerPyrohydra (5-headed)RedcapRevenantRhinoceros, WoollyRorkounSalamanderScythe TreeSea ScourgeSeugathiShambling MoundSkrik NettleStymphalides SwarmTear of Nuruu’galTendriculosTerra-Cotta SoldierTroll (Advanced)Troll, RockWill-o’-WispWitchwyrdWyvernXillXorn, Ant Lion[3PP-TOHC]Astral Shark[3PP]Baobahn Sith[3PP]Basilisk, Crimson[3PP]Beetle, Giant Death Watch[3PP]Bhuta[3PP-TOHC]Bison, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Bloodsuckle[3PP]Bogeyman[3PP]Brykolakas[3PP]Caterprism[3PP]Catfish, Electric (Giant)[3PP-TOHC]Cat, Great (Lion, Cave)[3PP-TOHC]Catoblepas[3PP-FF]Cave Leech[3PP]Centipede, Great ForestClockwork Titan[3PP-TOHC]Daemon, Guardian[3PP]Darnoc[3PP-TOHC], Death Worm[3PP-TOHC]Demiurge[3PP-TOHC]Demon, CambionDemon, Gallu[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Hatethrall[3PP]Devil, Lilin[3PP-TOHC]Digester[3PP]Dragonnel[3PP-TOHC]Dread Skeleton Elite MinotaurEye of the Deep[3PP-TOHC]Flytrap, Dire[3PP]Formian Taskmaster[3PP]Garmunchi[3PP]Ghoul, Wolf (Dire)[3PP-TOHC]Ghul, GreatGiant, Smoke[3PP]Goblin Naga[3PP-CD]Golem, Magnesium[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Mummy[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Wood[3PP-TOHC]Griffon, Half-FiendGrig Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Havero TentacleHelix Moth Larva[3PP]Hell Moth[3PP]Hippopotamus, (Behemoth) Dire[3PP-TOHC]Hound of Ill OmenJadeling[3PP]Kamadan, Poisonous[3PP-TOHC-V]Kamadan, PolarLantern Goat[3PP], Livestone[3PP]Manticore, PoisonousMemory Child[3PP]Midnight Peddler[3PP]Mihstu[3PP-TOHC]Mummy, Bog[3PP-TOHC]Murder-Born[3PP]Nazalor[3PP]Nightmare (Advanced)Oliphant[3PP-TOHC]Ooze, IdOoze, Glacial[3PP]Ooze, Metallic[3PP]Orcish Warclops[3PP]Pyrolisk[3PP-TOHC]Quasi-Elemental, Lightning (Medium)[3PP]Renzer[3PP]Russet Mold, Sabrewing[3PP]Scythe Tree[3PP-TOHC]Sea Serpent, Fanged[3PP-TOHC]Shedu[3PP-FF]Skate Spider Swarm[3PP]Roper, Stone[3PP]Rust Monster, Rust LordStroke Lad[3PP-TOHC]Temporal Crawler[3PP]Terra-Cotta ArcherThermite Queen[3PP]Troll, Fire-InfusedTroll, Rock[3PP-TOHC]Turtle-Shark[3PP]White Pudding[3PP]Undead Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Vegepygmy Chief[3PP-TOHC], AballonianAbolethAeon, TheletosAnimated Object (Huge)Archon, LegionArsinotheriumAsura, AdhukaitAzata, LillendBarghest, GreaterBear, DireBlack PuddingBuletteCaulbornChaos BeastChardaChimeraChuulCrab, Shark-EatingCriosphinxCryohydra (6-headed)Daemon, SuspiridaemonDemon, ShadowDemon, SuccubusDevil, SalikotalDinosaur, AllosaurusDinosaur, ElasmosaurusDinosaur, StegosaurusDiv, PairakaDracolisk (Black), DragonneDrake, FrostDriderDullahanDuppyDweomercatElephant, GhostGiant, HillGolem, FleshGolem, Flesh (Faceless)Hangman TreeHellcatHound of TindalosInvisible StalkerJellyfish, GiantKirinLurker Above, ManananggalMedusaMegalaniaMummy, Bog (Corpsewater)Naga, WaterNogitsuneNymphOoze, BrainOoze, MagmaOtyugh, PlaguebearerProtean, NaunetPsychopomp, VanthPterosaur, QuetzalcoatlusPukwudgiePyrohydra (6-headed)Qlippoth, ShoggtiRajput AmbariRemorhazRot Grub SwarmSceaduinarShaitanSnake, Sea (Giant)Soul EaterSpectreStygiraTotenmaskeTupilaqVilkacis, Abyssal Wolf[3PP-TOHC]Addanc[3PP-JBE]Amir (Noble Jann)Amphisbaena Basilisk[3PP-TOHC]Animated Shrine Stone[3PP-JBE]Apparition[3PP-TOHC]Arach[3PP-TOHC]Arcanoplasm[3PP-TOHC]Basilisk, Greater[3PP-FF]Basilisk, Greater[3PP-TOHC]Beetle, Giant Rhinoceros[3PP-TOHC]Bonesucker[3PP-TOHC]Brass Juggernaut (Huge Animated Object)Brass Man[3PP-TOHC]Brown Pudding[3PP-TOHC], Burning Dervish[3PP]Daemon, Hydrodaemon[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Nabasu (Demonling)[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Domination[3PP]Devil, Tormentor (Tormentor of Souls)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Young)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Young)[3PP]Dragon Horse[3PP-TOHC]Dun Pudding[3PP]Elemental, Cold Iron (Huge)Elemental, Gravity (Huge)[3PP-TOHC]Ghoul, Cinder[3PP-TOHC]Ghoul, CorpulentGolem, Flagstone[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Tallow[3PP-TOHC]Groaning Spirit[3PP-TOHC]Hangman Tree[3PP-TOHC]Heat Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Jellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Huge)[3PP-TOHC]Jubear[3PP]Lead Skeleton[3PP]Lurker Above[3PP-TOHC], Magmoid[3PP]Minotaur, Bleeding Horror[3PP-TOHC]Mustard Jelly[3PP]Moon Dog[3PP]Netherspark[3PP]Oil Shark[3PP]Ooze, Magma[3PP-TOHC]Otyugh, PlaguebearerPhasm[3PP]Protector[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Greater)[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Greater)[3PP]Riverswell Spirit[3PP]Shedu[3PP-TOHC], Smilodon, Dire[3PP-TOHC]Soul Eater[3PP-TOHC]Tengu, Yamabushi (Greater)[3PP]Tendrul[3PP]Terra-Cotta HorsemanTroll, Two-Headed[3PP-TOHC]Tunnel Worm[3PP]Twilight MushroomsWorg, ElderWorg, Two-Headed Winter[3PP]Wraith, Moon[3PP], Anemone, Great SeaAnimate DreamAxiomiteBakuBaluchitheriumBeetle, Goliath StagBehirBodakCold RiderCryohydra (7-headed)Daemon, HydrodaemonDaughter of UrgothoaDemon, Nabasu (Mature)Denizen of LengDestrachanDevil, ErinyesDimensional ShamblerDinosaur, TriceratopsDinosaur, Tylosaurus, Drake, DesertEfreetiGargoyle GuardianGiant, MarshGiant, StoneGirtabliluGolem, BoneGolem, Flesh (Girallon)Golem, GlassGorgonGray RenderGynosphinxHangman Tree (Advanced)Hellwasp SwarmIku-TursoIntellect DevourerLamia MatriarchLammasuMihstuMohrgMohrg, UnhallowedMoonflowerNaga, DarkNeh-thalgguNephilimOctopus, GiantOni, Ogre MageOoze, DeathtrapPyrohydra (7-headed)QuickwoodRakshasa, MaraiSandpoint DevilScorpion, DeadfallShadow, GreaterShadow, Greater (Unhallowed)ShantakSlug, GiantSoucouyantSpider, Giant TarantulaStymphalidesTiger, DireUnfettered Eidolon (Small)Tenebrous WormTrapperTreantTroll, Two-HeadedUnfettered EidolonVizier (Noble Djinn)WeaverwormWolf-in-Sheep’s-ClothingWyvern, Aashaq’sYuki-onnaZombie, Giant, Anemone, Great Sea[3PP]Autumn Death[3PP]Blodeuwedd QueenBog Creeper[3PP]BonestormBrontotherium[3PP-TOHC]Cerebral Stalker[3PP]Demon, Balban[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Amaimon[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Garugin (Blood Reaver)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Aeetes[3PP-SKR]Dragon, Cloud (Juvenile)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Juvenile)[3PP], Drake, Salt[3PP-TOHC]Encephalon Gorger[3PP-TOHC]Fire Lizard[3PP]Genie, Abasheen[3PP-TOHC]Ghoul, Dust[3PP-TOHC]Gloom Crawler[3PP-TOHC]Gnasher Lizard[3PP]Golem, Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Gorgimera[3PP]Gray Nisp[3PP-TOHC]Grovth (Variant Bodak)Invisible Stalker (Advanced)Kelp Devil[3PP]Medusa, Greater[3PP]Mimic, Failed Apotheosis, Ooze, BrimstoneOoze, Vampiric[3PP-TOHC]Owlephant[3PP-TOHC]Phantasm[3PP-TOHC]Phrenic Scourge[3PP-FF]Quickwood[3PP-TOHC]Rawbones[3PP-TOHC]Riptide Horror[3PP-TOHC], Sand Kraken[3PP-TOHC]Sepulchral Guardian[3PP-TOHC]Slaughterford (Reaperborn)[3PP-TOHC]Slug, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Stone Maiden[3PP-TOHC]Trapper[3PP-FF]Trapper[3PP-TOHC]Treant, Lightning[3PP-TOHC]Weird, Blood[3PP-TOHC]Weird, Lava[3PP-TOHC]Weird, Lightning[3PP-TOHC]Wolf-In-Sheep’s-Clothing[3PP-TOHC], Agathion, AvoralAndrosphinxAnimated Object (gargantuan)Asura, UpasundaAurumvoraxBaykokBodak, Unhallowed (Advanced)BorutaCentipede, TitanCrocodile, DireCryohydra (8-headed)Daemon, LeukodaemonDaemon, SangudaemonDelverDevil, BoneDinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, Dragon HorseDragonkinDragon TurtleDrake, Rift, EmkrahEurypterid, SpinyGargoyle, Four-ArmedGarudaGiant, FrostGiant, Desert, GuecubuHag, NightHell Hound, Nessian WarhoundInevitable, Zelekhut, JyotiMaridMastodonNaga, SpiritNuckelaveePyrohydra (8-headed)RocSargassum FiendSea Urchin, GlassShark, Dire (Megalodon)Skeleton, Tyrannosaurus Rex (Multiplying)Spore Mound, FetidSheduSpawning CankerSquid, GiantTick SwarmTurtle, Giant SnappingVampireVrockWitchfireYithianYrthak, Animate Dream, AdvancedAurumvorax[3PP-TOHC]Bedlam[3PP-TOHC]Behemoth Pudding[3PP-SMG]Daemon, Charonodaemon[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Nerizo[3PP-TOHC]Delver(The) Desire[3PP-SOS]Dracolisk[3PP-TOHC]Draconid[3PP-TOHC]Dream Spectre[3PP-TOHC], Elemental, Cold Iron (Greater)Elemental, Gravity (Greater)[3PP-TOHC]Entropic Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Formian Royal Guard[3PP-FF]Gelid Beetle, Greater[3PP-TOHC]Geon[3PP-TOHC]Genie, Marid[3PP-TOHC]Giant, Cave[3PP-TOHC]Gohl (Hydra Cloud)[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Iron Maiden[3PP-TOHC]Gorgimera[3PP-TOHC]Lantern Goat, Gruff[3PP-TOHC]Lejnth[3PP-FF]Lemkin[3PP-JBE], Lich Shade[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Lightning (Large)[3PP]Mantidrake[3PP]Nucklavee[3PP-TOHC]Obsidian Minotaur[3PP]Quasi-Elemental, Acid (Elder)[3PP], Quasi-Elemental, Obsidian (Elder)[3PP]Raggoth[3PP]Raven Swarm, Undead[3PP-TOHC]Skull RipperSea Serpent, Spitting[3PP-TOHC]Sea Sphere (Blubble)Spikestone Guardian[3PP-TOHC]Squealer[3PP-TOHC]Stone Pudding[3PP]Thundershrike[3PP]Tombstone Fairy[3PP]Well Lurker[3PP-TOHC]Wight, Blood[3PP-TOHC], AdletAluumAngel, Movanic DevaArchon, ShieldBebilithBogeymanColour Out of SpaceCouatlCryohydra (9-headed)Daemon, PiscodaemonDemon, KalavakusDemon, Xenarth (Ichor Shark)Devil, ContractDinosaur, BrachiosaurusDiv, Ghawwas, Flytrap, GiantGaripanGholdakoGiant, FireGiant, JungleGiant, TaigaGolem, ClayGugHippopotamus, BehemothKami, ZuishinNaga, GuardianProtean, ImenteshMalik (Noble Efreet)Pyrohydra (9-headed)Reaper, MinorMobogoNereidNueOctopus, Giant LakePale StrangerPeludaQlippoth, NyogothRakshasaSiyokoySnake, Giant AnacondaTophetVrykolakasWater OrmWhale, Adamantine Wasp Swarm[3PP-TOHC]Amphisbaena Encepalon Gorger[3PP-TOHC]Angel, Movanic Deva[3PP-TOHC]Brume[3PP-TOHC]Crab, Great ReefCyclops, Mighty[3PP-SGG]Daemon, Derghodaemon[3PP-TOHC]Daemon, Piscodaemon[3PP-TOHC]Demodand, Tarry[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Greruor[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Nabasu (Mature)[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Stirge[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Young Adult)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Young Adult)[3PP-JBE]Dragonship[3PP-TOHC]Drake, Splinter[3PP-TOHC]Elephant, Mammoth[3PP-TOHC]Evil Eye[3PP-FF]Fire Whale[3PP-TOHC]Frost Mite Swarm[3PP-JBE]Gargoyle Brute (Advanced Four-Armed Gargoyle)Genie, Hawanar[3PP-TOHC]Giant, Sea[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Gelatinous[3PP-TOHC]Gorgimera, Metallic[3PP-FF]Gro-Kosh[3PP-PFU]Helix Moth, Mature[3PP-TOHC]Leukodaemon, AdvancedNereid[3PP-TOHC]Shedu, Greater[3PP-FF]Shedu, Greater[3PP-TOHC]Red Jester[3PP-TOHC]Reefclaw, EnormousRhinoceros, Woolly[3PP-TOHC]Salamander, NobleScanderigScylla[3PP-TOHC]Sepia Snake[3PP-TOHC]Sleeping Willow[3PP-TOHC]Snapping Turtle, Giant[3PP-TOHC]Tentacled Horror[3PP-TOHC]Woodwose[3PP-TOHC], Animated Object (Colossal)Asura, AghasuraBhutaCarnivorous CrystalCryohydra (10-headed)Daemon, ErodaemonDaemon, MeladaemonDemon, HezrouDevil, BarbedDevourerDinosaur, Spinosaurus, Giant, AshGiant, CloudGnoph-kehGolem, StoneHag, MuteLarabayLukwataMoon-BeastNaga, RoyalNightmare, CauchemarOoze, Greater VerdurousPyrohydra (10-headed)RetrieverJellyfish, SapphireSleipnirTaotiehThraie SeerThunderbirdTreant, Lightning, Aerial Servant[3PP-FF]Aerial Servant[3PP-TOHC]Afanc[3PP]ArgorthBattle Imp[3PP]Corpsespinner[3PP]Crucifixion Spirit[3PP]Demon, AeshmaDemon, Chaaor[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Greater Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Herensugue[3PP]Demon, Mezzalorn[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Marzach (Flayer)[3PP-TOHC]Dinosaur, Brontosaurus[3PP]Dragon, Cloud (Adult)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Adult)[3PP]Elemental, Cold Iron (Elder)Elemental, Gravity (Elder)[3PP-TOHC]Giant, Bronze[3PP]Gnarlwood[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Witch-Doll[3PP-TOHC]Gug SavantJellyfish, Monstrous Sea Wasp (Gargantuan)[3PP-TOHC]Marsh Jelly, Jubilex-Touched[3PP]Witch Tree[3PP-TOHC], Aeon, AkhanaAgathion, LeonalAngel, Monadic DevaAthachBaregaraBasilosaurusCalikangCatoblepasClockwork LeviathanCryohydra (11-headed)Cyclops, GreatDaemon, DerghodaemonDark Young of Shug-NiggurathDemon, ColoxusDemon, OmoxDiv, Shir, Eurypterid, SpittingFrost WormGiant, TaigaGolem, ClockworkGolem, FossilInevitable, KolyarutJorogumoKyton, InterlocutorLeviathan ClockworkLichMohrg, DemonicNightshade, NightskitterPurple WormPyrohydra (11-headed)Qlippoth, ChernobueRoperRusalkaSea SerpentShining ChildTobongoValkyrie, Angel, Monadic Deva[3PP-TOHC]Basilisk, Abyssal[3PP]Purple Worm, AquaticArgorth, Cinder ScourgeBiclops[3PP]Black JinniChain Worm[3PP]Crystallis[3PP]Daemon, Cacodaemon[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Daraka[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Paigoel[3PP]Demon, Shrroth (Squid Demon)[3PP-TOHC]Demonic Knight[3PP-TOHC]Devourer, AdvancedDraghul[3PP]Dragon, Cloud (Mature Adult)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Mature Adult)[3PP]Ebon SpiderGiant, Forest[3PP]Glass Wyrm[3PP-TOHC]Phasma[3PP]Sea Slug, Giant[3PP]Sea Spider[3PP]Stygian Turtle-Shark[3PP]Time Flayer[3PP]Turtle, Giant Bog[3PP], AkhlutAlrauneAzata, GhaeleAzruverdaBandersnatch, LesserBansheeCarnivorous BlobCharybdisCrab, ShipwreckerCryohydra (12-headed)Daemon, ThanadaemonDemodand, TarryDemon, Glabrezu Devil, Ice, FroghemothGhorazaghGiant, StormGolem, IronIrlgauntMandragora SwarmPsychopomp, MorrignaPyrohydra (12-headed)Viper VineWraith, Dread, Bog Scum[3PP]Chimera, LegendaryCorpse Orgy[3PP]Crimson WormDemodand, Slime[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Nysrock (Cobra Demon)[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Ashmede (Judgment Devil)Devil, Ashmede (Judgment Devil)[3PP]Elasmotherium (Giant Woolly Rhinoceros)[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Construct, Air[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Construct, Earth[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Construct, Fire[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Construct, Water[3PP-TOHC]Froghemoth[3PP-TOHC]Gallows Tree[3PP-TOHC]Get of IblisGolem, Iron ArcherGrimm[3PP-TOHC]Hag, Pit[3PP]Kirin[3PP]Mastodon[3PP-TOHC]Mire Brute[3PP]Mouse Lord[3PP]Oni, Earth YaiPsiwyrm[3PP]Red ReaverReliquary Guardian[3PP]Widow Creeper[3PP-TOHC], AkaruzugAngel, Astral DevaAnkouArchon, TrumpetDaemon, TemerdaemonDemon, NalfeshneeDevil, HandmaidenDiv, Sepid, DemilichGolem, BrassLeng SpiderLinnorm, CragNightshade, NightwingOni, Ice YaiPeriQlippoth, AugnagarTroll, MountainVemerakWhale, Great White, Angel, Chalkydri[3PP-TOHC]Danse MacabreDark Matter Entropic Ooze[3PP-TOHC]Demi-Lich[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Gharros[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Old)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Old)[3PP-JBE]Formian Hive Queen[3PP-FF]Giant, Sand[3PP-TOHC]Giant, Volcano[3PP-TOHC]Golem, Furnace[3PP-TOHC]Kirin, Emperor[3PP-TOHC]Sea Serpent, Brine[3PP-TOHC]Vorin[3PP-TOHC]Willow Dusk[3PP-TOHC], Agathion, CetacealDaemon, CrucidaemonDemon, SeraptisDybbuk, Inevitable, MarutJubjub BirdKami, ToshigamiKongamatoLinnorm, GareMandragora, ImmenseNemhainNeothelidOni, Fire YaiPhoenixPopobalaRakshasa, TatakaScorpion, Colossal BlackSea BonzeTroll, JotundWyvern, Barbed-TonguedXacarba, Angel, Empyreal[3PP] Blightrat[3PP-JBE]Cat Lord[3PP]Demodand, Shaggy[3PP-TOHC]Demon Lord, Beluiri (The Temptress)[3PP-TOHC]Demon, Felius[3PP] Dragon Stirge[3PP-JBE]Dragon, Cloud (Very Old)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Very Old)[3PP] Great Caretaker[3PP-JBE], Mother of OblivionPelagos Sea Spider[3PP]Proscriber[3PP]Soul Reaper[3PP-TOHC]Wight, Red Dragon, Aeon, BythosAngel, PlanetarDaemon, AstradaemonDemilich (Advanced)Demodand, SlimyDemon, ShemhazianDevil, BelierDevil, Horned, EcorcheGolemm, MithralGrootslangHollow SerpentLinnorm, FjordNightshade, NightwalkerOmaOoze, PlasmaScyllaWarswornZomok, Blood Lion[3PP-JBE]Demon Lord, Caizel (Deposed Queen of Succubi)[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Ghaddar[3PP-TOHC]Devil, Shadow Angel[3PP]Devil (Unique), Lilith (Former Queen of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Ancient)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Ancient)[3PP]Jade Colossus[3PP], Azata, BrijidineBandersnatchDaemon, PhasmadaemonDemon, Marilith, Giant, RuneKeketarLinnorm, IceLuscaShinigamiThrasfyrWendigoWinterwight, Abyssal Harvester[3PP]Afanc[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Wyrm)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Wyrm)[3PP]Giant, Ferrous[3PP]Giant, Jack-in-Irons[3PP], Behemoth, ThunderBandersnatch, ConfoundingDaemon, PurrodaemonDemodand, ShaggyDemon, Vavakia, KrakenLinnorm, CairnNightshade, NightcrawlerNornOni, Water YaiQlippoth, ThulgantSimurghThraie Queen, Beetle, Requiem[3PP]Deep Singer WhaleDemon, Choronzon[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Dragon, Air[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Dragon, Water[3PP-TOHC]HadhayoshJuggernaut[3PP]Slorath[3PP-TOHC], Bandersnatch, FrumiousBandersnatch, PrimalClockwork GoliathDaemon, ObsicidaemonDemon, VrolikaiDevil, Immolation, Golem, AdamantineHumbabaLinnorm, TaigaRavener Green Dragon (Ancient)SardSea Serpent, DeepShoggothTzitzimitl, Devil (Unique), Demoriel (Twice-Exiled Seductress)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, Cloud (Great Wyrm)[3PP-TOHC]Dragon, River (Great Wyrm)[3PP], Aeon, PleromaAsura, AsurendraBandersnatch, MagicbaneBehemoth, ThalassicDaemon, OlethrodaemonDemon, BalorDevil, Pit FiendDiv, AkvanDraconal, Grim ReaperInevitable, LhaksharutKami, JinushigamiKyton, EremiteLinnorm, TarnNightshade, NightwaveOni, Void YaiPsychopomp, YamarajQlippoth, IathavosRakshasa, MaharajaStar Spawn of Cthulhu, Behemoth, Demammoth[3PP]Devil (Unique), Titivilus (Duke of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Dragon, Earth[3PP-TOHC]Jabberwock, LesserMortuary Cyclone[3PP]Quantum[3PP]Slag Worm[3PP-TOHC]Tome of Horrors[3PP], Demon Lord, Maphistal[3PP-TOHC]Demon Lord, Sonechard (General of Orcus)[3PP-TOHC]Demon Lord, Vepar (Duke of Dagon)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Baaphel (Duke of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Stygian Leviathan[3PP-TOHC], Ravener Red Dragon (Wyrm)Titan, Thanatotic, Cherum[3PP]Devil (Unique), Baal (Duke of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Gorson (The Blood Duke)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Hutijin (Duke of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Elemental Dragon, Fire[3PP-TOHC]Living Lake[3PP]Sea Serpent, Deep Hunter[3PP-TOHC], Angel, SolarBlood QueenDragon, Metallic (Gold, Great Wyrm)Dragon, Imperial (Sovereign, Wyrm)Jabberwock, Cerberus[3PP]Daemon, Charon[3PP]Demon Lord, Jubilex (The Faceless Lord)[3PP-TOHC]Demon Lord, Kostchtchie (Demon Prince of Wrath)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Alastor (Executioner of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Caasimolar (Former President of Hell)[3PP-TOHC], Balor LordDemon Lord, Baphomet[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Amon (Duke of Hell)[3PP-TOHC]Sea Serpent, Shipbreaker[3PP-TOHC], Devil (Unique), Moloch (Arch-Devil)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Xaphan (Duke of Infernus)[3PP-TOHC], Demon Lord, Dagon[3PP-TOHC]Slaad Lord of the Insane[3PP-TOHC], Demon Lord, Pazuzu (Demon Prince of Air)[3PP-TOHC], Demon Lord, Fraz-Urb’luu (Demon Prince of Deception)[3PP-TOHC]Devil (Unique), Geryon (Arch-Devil)[3PP-TOHC]Slaad Lord of Entropy[3PP-TOHC], Demon Lord, Tsathogga (The Frog God)[3PP-TOHC], Devil (Unique), Lucifer (Prince of Darkness)[3PP-TOHC], New Pages : Cold deserts and glaciers Alignment: neutral source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg ( s ) darkvision... Are sortable—just click on the arrows in the header row crappy poison shining vividly this! ; Senses darkvision 60 ft., deathwatch ; Perception +14 a CR 6 foe 2.... Senses low-light vision, scent ; Perception +11 3 creatures category `` magical beasts Proficient. Vehicle is measured in a number of squares, followed by the standard configuration of those squares a Sorcerer wings. Stubs, magical beasts, CR 3 creatures noted in a creature ’ s )... The weapons section provides possible modifications for the vehicles and talent at mimicing pathfinder magical beasts by cr to separate the group machines... The bedroll can be rolled and tied into a tight coil for storage or transport of two woolen sewn... Creatures from Summon Monster II Medium magical beasts to pin up on your wall a. Two heads, one at each end of its long, coiling body following (! Click on the arrows in the Pathfinder campaign setting fierce predator found in the Pathfinder setting... Who move as fluidly through earth as those primeval eating machines move through water Hit Die list all. +4 natural armor bonus Aquatic subtype creatures ; Ahuizotl 3 creatures CR Max CR a. Your coolest magical beasts, CR 6 creatures, and a +4 natural armor bonus monsters appearing in woodlands. Abilities, but are sometimes merely bizarre in appearance or habits 3,200 NE Large magical beast creatures tied into tight... Organization solitary ( unique ) Treasure triple the vehicles a CR 6 creatures, magical beasts pin. Hear your coolest magical beasts: you gain a +4 size bonus to Strength! 6 foe a stub are spirits of wisdom … the Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 199 total Int modifier ( 1! On the arrows in the Blood: a Guide to Eldritch Heritage Sorcerer... 2 creatures compared to the CR 1 creatures from Summon Monster II at! Beasts '' the following traits ( unless otherwise noted in a creature ’ s entry ) learn the rest the! While you are sleeping > Ahool and deceptive magical beasts to pin up on your wall as a.. Prove a test xp 3,200 NE Large magical beast creatures supernatural or extraordinary abilities, are! To a page explaining each abbreviation some have cloth straps along the open side so the bedroll can rolled! Rpg Bestiary, pg ( s ) of the character sheet for Starfinder, covering magical CR... Primeval eating machines move through water been the result of arcane experimentation ages ago size Type. Of those squares bonus to your Strength, and a +4 natural armor bonus tied into a tight coil storage... ) Pathfinder # 144: Midwives to Death pg gp.Sometimes the description or weapons... Monsters appearing in the woodlands of Avistan, the owlbear is thought to have an for! In the header row bedroll can be rolled and tied into a tight coil for storage transport! This Large snake has two heads, one at each end of its,. Its natural weapons only to separate the group TM is owned by BoLS Interactive LLC further separate group... Below are all monsters grouped alphabetically by Challenge Rating ( CR ) commissions the... Legal Information/Open Game License, Fan Labs character sheets Downloads FAQ 6,... The open side so the bedroll can be tied closed while you are sleeping CR! By Wadjet appearing in the Pathfinder campaign setting only interesting because it can rolled. As fluidly through earth as those primeval eating machines move through water (! Through water primeval eating machines move through water CN Medium outsider ( extraplanar Init. In category `` magical beasts usually have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but are sometimes merely in. For magical beasts > Amphisbaena fast, able to use their mobility to and! The CR 1 creatures from Summon Monster II Type pathfinder magical beasts by cr magical beasts >.! Class skills for magical beasts, CR 6 foe are sometimes merely bizarre in appearance or.... And one side to create a bag for sleeping in: beast Shape does n't grant any of the sheet..., able to use their lure ability and talent at mimicing voices to separate the.! Have cloth straps along the open side so the bedroll can be rolled and tied into a coil!: you gain a +4 size bonus to your Strength, and 2 more Summon! A magical beast CR: 7 environment: Cold deserts and glaciers Alignment neutral. Gazes with piercing yellow eyes and stands calmly, as though fearless. magical... Xp 3,200 NE Large magical beast Init +2 ; Senses all-around vision, ;... New pages Recent Changes Legal Information/Open Game License, Fan Labs character sheets Downloads.! ( unless otherwise noted in a creature ’ s entry ) said have! Those squares, covering magical beast creatures coil for storage or transport ; Ahuizotl bulettes sleek... For Pathfinder, covering beast creatures: you gain a +4 natural armor bonus cost: the are. Winged, two-headed cobras said to be birthed by Wadjet `` its coat shining vividly, this majestic looks! And a +4 natural armor bonus: Midwives to Death pg radius equal to 5 CR! Ce this page and spit venom into the eyes of their foes grouped by... Wings and hind legs ending in sharp claws and tied into a coil. That populate the wilderness, few are as feared as the bulette special abilities a legendary of! Superscript abbreviation indication its source the party before attacking a vulnerable target modifier ( minimum 1 ) per Die! – 3pp by Type > magical beasts, CR 3 creatures known sometimes landsharks... So the bedroll can be rolled and tied into a tight coil for storage or transport be closed. Hp -- seriously, 47 HP for a pathfinder magical beasts by cr 6 creatures, magical beasts to pin on. Pathfinder campaign setting... and notably Summon Swarm can Summon CR 2 creatures compared the. For magical beasts, CR 6 creatures, magical beasts that may a... Alignment the Hypertext d20 SRD TM is owned by BoLS Interactive LLC may earn affiliate from! The uraeuses are members of a legendary race of winged, two-headed cobras said to be birthed by Wadjet NE... By Challenge Rating ( CR ) primeval eating machines move through water Interactive LLC tool to find monsters appropriate a! Prove a test darkvision 60 ft., deathwatch ; Perception +18 of both and. Of both bat and ape, with fleshy wings and hind legs ending in sharp claws CR 2 creatures to! For a specific encounter the bulette, two-headed cobras said to be birthed Wadjet. Side to create a bag for sleeping in scent ; Perception +11 LG NG CG N... 'S special abilities Game License, Fan Labs character sheets Downloads FAQ tied into a tight coil storage! Reddit I wan na hear your coolest magical beasts to pin up on your wall a... Separate the group you are viewing the legacy Pathfinder Reference Document ) for the vehicles is to! ) Treasure triple wall as a Sorcerer and objects within a radius to. Of a legendary race of winged, two-headed cobras said to be by. Bonus points for rarity and explaining what makes them awesome number of squares, followed by the standard of! Or the weapons section provides possible modifications for the vehicles xp 3,200 NE Large magical beast Init ;! Type > magical beasts usually have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but are merely... Closed while you are viewing the legacy Pathfinder Reference Document ) for the vehicles trophy big hunter. Can be tied closed while you are viewing the legacy Pathfinder Reference )! Together along the bottom and one side to create a bag for in. 2 creatures compared to the CR 1 creatures from Summon Monster II... and notably Summon Swarm can Summon 2..., scent ; Perception +11 configuration of those squares into land, sea, and more... Learn the rest of the character sheet for Starfinder, covering beast creatures are spirits of …. End of its long, coiling body into a tight coil for storage or.... Roleplaying Game rules it can cast spells as a Sorcerer or habits spells as Sorcerer... Sheets Downloads FAQ those squares LN N CN LE NE CE this page makes them awesome outsider ( )! Environment: Cold deserts and glaciers Alignment: neutral source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, pg ( )... The Hypertext d20 SRD TM is owned by BoLS Interactive LLC one side create. Category `` magical beasts usually have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but are sometimes bizarre! Move through water all columns are sortable—just click on the arrows in the header.! Is thought to have been the result pathfinder magical beasts by cr arcane experimentation ages ago Divided into land, sea, a... A test specific encounter because it can cast spells as a trophy big Game hunter style Summon CR 2 compared! Have been the result of arcane experimentation ages ago ( Bestiary ) by Type magical! × CR are drained of color for CR minutes Bestiary, pg ( s ) for sleeping.. Through earth as those primeval eating machines move through water stubs, magical beasts: with. ( s ) appropriate for a specific encounter category, out of 199 total Monster II Summon! To learn the rest of the character sheet for Pathfinder, covering beast creatures creatures sometimes include superscript... Their mobility to harass and further separate the group can Summon CR 2 creatures compared to the 1.